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  1. That's Awesome! I want to see more videos like this
  2. Sorry for "Gravedigging" this thread but this is such a useless thread....
  3. The site is down....
  4. 1) That statement is very obviously bullshit. 2) The guide is there to help people. It answers their question, which is why I link to it. They should actually have read it (or other equivalent documentation,) before they bother people here with questions that are answered IN said guide. 3) I don't see you helping anyone at all in your massive 14 posts, only being snippy, passive-aggressive and hypocritical; why not just stop your whining? 1) Obviously not because 20% of the posts I see you post arerelated to your website in someway or another... 2) I love your guide all the same <3
  5. TA|Fatality


    Pointless thread, Probably deleted them by accident by yourself and want to put the blame on someone else, Like DemonSeed said "Your gang speaks for what you are, that is impossible."
  6. Seriously, You need a better browser than IE (It's a pile of crap)
  7. Add My MSN, We will talk about your application there.
  8. Total Assassins Our Website: Leaders: Fatality We Used to be a big clan running on MTA SA 1.1.1 but people started getting inactive and after just 9 Months the clan was closed down, I am Now Looking to rebuild My Clan and establish a server and a steady Community, I am currently setting up a website for the clan and I need loyal members who can participate in clan activities. If you would like to join ( I sure hope you do! ) Please Fill in an application form like below, Or feel free to Contact me through msn, Totalassassins@live.co.uk Application Form Name In-Game: Real Name: Age:
  9. Nice Video, The Song is amazing "We built this city on rock and rollllll" Aww nice work mate And LMFAO @ the End!
  10. Again, I'm entirely against it, but I imagine "the point" would be that IV's built-in multiplayer sucks ass. It Sure does
  11. If im correct (Please correct me if im wrong) They are custom classes
  12. Ahha Love it, Mabey you could make some more ? Mabey Take a screeny of a race after every 10 secs? It could be a flip book ;D
  13. TA|Fatality


    Wrong Forum....... And No you can't, Its extremely Pathetic And its called Copywright
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