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  1. nothin different there
  2. BurnZ

    Join [COPS] Clan

    sounds great but omg change ur website
  3. yup, ill like to see the gangstaz in the game. and the swat dude better n spwarn with the police mabie
  4. ye3 i got black n white, nothin bad thoe
  5. no it needs more player skins different sprawn places and different guns.
  6. oh shut up kid, u get wot ur given
  7. shut up, its ur shitty pc. try reseting the f***ing thing then the game patches or buy a f***in better pc. peaple like you piss me off
  8. We have been working hard the past weeks. You know what time it is in germany and yet we are still up, looking for big problems after the public release. We worked hard and it is still beta. Errors still happen. And in general at this moment it looks like we don't have verry big problems.We have been working verry hard, you have a problem and you call it a piece of shit after 5 minutes, you don't even give us a chance to respond. Have you checked what other programs are running? MTA checks the name of every window that is open, of every running process on your system and if it finds something
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