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    2 Major Issues

    LOL! I guess this confirms it!
  2. Steriot

    2 Major Issues

    Got it. The problem is that I didn't tick the GTA San Andreas Audio Files box during the game installation when I choosed 'Custom' option. Now 1 issue left: Random crashes/freezes.
  3. Steriot

    2 Major Issues

    Yes. that VS 2008 SP 1 thingy got installed during MTA: SA 1.0 insallation and I also updated my DirectX redistributables to March 2009 version.
  4. Lags, crashes and freezes. If anybody can help me, here are the details.
  5. Steriot

    2 Major Issues

    Hello. I'm from Estonia so I doubt I can speak English that good, but here we go: I installed GTA: SA 1.0, applied the NoCD/DVD crack and also installed MTA: SA 1.0. No MTA: RACE or MTA: DM DP 2.3. Also I don't have any mods or custom made stuff like resolutions and etc. My resolution is set to 1280*1024 pixels and 32-bit thingy. Well, everything is set on maximum. Now here are the funny things I have: 1) Random crashes and random freezes: I always play in the server called Valhalla Gaming RP. Sometimes I suddenly crash to desktop at any time or the game just freezes. I can't open Task Mana
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