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  1. lol u are fag if u thinking that i typed this becoz i thought its funny.
  2. junki stfu u fucking twat glitcher and u hommer little fag u are both spammers with ur fucking noob clan. btw bio and crack knows that i am only joking u nerds.
  3. who u calling homo fag?
  4. rofl noone ever liked
  5. GaRRoTTe

    [FC]- Fight Club

    baparaparaga gd luck with ya gang
  6. can i be honarory of this l337 gang?
  7. and turn on all hax u have so u will be realy like zirc j/k
  8. motnt is fucking cheater wtf with u uk ? cheating is worse then glitching. Uk is trying to remove atention from fact that motnt cheat . uk u are fucking glitchers too so stfu
  9. yeah this proof is good enuf dunno now uk atleast should kick teh motnt out that cheater.
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