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  1. we (Majestic Twelve public) have installed the patch, and it seems to be working very good now..
  2. Im owner of the Majestic Twelve Public 100mbit server.. Our server keeps crashing... (? it goes off for some reason) Mostly this hapens when 26 players are on the server.. [edit]I can't modif it now.. FTP is fuxed up..
  3. - pretty strange that you now can walk with a stubby - Nitro is quite overkill speedboost.. (rc cars are launced in the air when using it) - Great new spawnscreens with that camera. Looks pretty cool that you already can see people @ the spawn places.
  4. There is a strange bug when someone parts the server.. Everyone in game crashed.. It was on a stunt server.
  5. Is it correct i can walk while shootign with the stubby?
  6. alexs-

    MTAMA Scripting

    remove the ) for the +.. (replace it with a space) you can use /inc instead.
  7. alexs-

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    im dieing waiting here..
  8. alexs-

    First 0.5 Screenshots!

    /me wants whole blue to leak.
  9. he haves a dyn ip, i know him.. Saw him on our server too.
  10. This is like shit swarm agianst a wall. of uhmmm When christmas and easter are on the same day.
  11. Hostage kinda thing? team red and team blue, both teams got a hostage from the other team, and the hostage can't walk till someone of his team comes to free him.. Sounds pretty fun.
  12. fixed in 3.18 is false chatbot kick also fixed when its turned on?
  13. After seeing the footage, im sure, this cant be a glitch.. Guy is just cheating or modded his game.
  14. Majestic Twelve public server [] 22:09:25 Motion Reason: bot usage 22:15:08 ESCOBAR Reason: modder 22:43:16 [0i]Nilis Reason: helinoob 23:03:40 ******** Reason: cheats 23:23:01 Platek Reason: uberspeedhack op idaho 00:20:19 pino Reason: PunkCatcher (MTA Exploit Panel) 00:31:20 Lollosone Reason: PunkCatcher (MTA Exploit Panel) 00:31:20 Himan Reason: PunkCatcher (MTA Exploit Panel
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