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  1. or they should make that server where every one can change the weather or they !vote for the weather they want.
  2. so can you unban me i dont have nothing to do.....really no kidding i only play americas army ( my life is sooo boring) thank you camaro
  3. Hi i know people had gotten this same prob as me. Sometimes my MTA confuses other programs and some websites as trainers and i get timed out for suspected trainer usage wich is no big deal because i can easily come back in the server. But today i was using my p2p program (shareaza) and I was logged into partyserver under the name ***** (alias) and next thing i know i got banned from there it said (MTA Chat bot) first i thought it was only suspected trainer usage but i tried to go back in partyserver i was banned,so i looked at my mta log and thats when i found out i was banned. i dont have NO hacks in my computer whatsoever. can someone explain this bug to me? or has anyone gotten the same? thank you
  4. LMAO i live in L.A who in la is going to be interested in MTA ??? Except R.T.B . He lives here
  6. I play like MTA 5 hours daily i have other things to do Counter strike:source , Half life 2 :deathmatch , SWAT 4 , America's Army, Learn photo shop , Learn scm , go to school , post in forums , use the internet Yeah And M4f1a Stop PostinG Like This Ok Thank You. That Is Really Annoying And It Doesnt Look Proffessional ,If Thats What Your Trying To Do Look How Me And Other Posters Post. And dont make new threads that arent necessary . Here are some tips of posting : http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php
  7. can some1 copy and paste their mta cfg file here? Its because I need the key binds especially for the specating mode like spectate next -> so i wont have to type /next thank you
  8. R.T.B what was yur name in 0.4 were you even playing mta in that moment?
  9. i dont care... wtf can a hacker do? 1.) i got no private stuff in my pc 2.) i can easily re-install my windows 3.) i have back up for ALL my software 4.) i have money for a better pc !!!!! 5.) i think i got a firewall built in my router
  10. No please kung i gave you that ip to unban me from forums. i dont care what r33d does but im just saying its too hard to kill him. most of the times i kill him its luck ok ill stay out of this argument to avoid conflict with [KFC] and other MTA people. (but can you unban me from the forums?!?!? i been banned for like 6 months wtf i had to use slow proxies and post from school ) thank you id really appreciate it if anyone does
  11. Hmmmm can i try out for =AA= my current clan [NS] is falling apart and i dont know what to do.I wish we could do the same as {VCS}.But i want in on =AA= any room for me? im pretty good Kooner?
  12. no im not joking cmon wtf does GL mean?
  13. whats gl mean is it a new LOL LMAO ROFL STFU kind of words? tell me tell me!!!
  14. 1.) maybe the disc is upside down 2.) maybe the disc is scratched 3.)maybe the wrong disc is in the drive 4.)_______________________
  15. as i said it cant be lag nika, not even people with 200-400 ping are as hard to kill as r33d. and r33dh4m's ping stays in the 50's. all i need is a good explanation. i can sense something suspicious going on with him ever since he joined kfc
  16. As MTA Team has clearly said MODDING MTA is CHEATING, there is no difference and your statement is invalid. o yeah so i think i was meaning that cheating and hacking is a big difference. hacking is like spawning cars & blow up all cars and those stuff... cheating is when u mod files and not playing fairly am i right?
  17. Theres a BIG difference between CHEATING and MODDING i think r33d MODS!!! NOT CHEATS!!!! because u can clearly see that his health goes down. yeah he might be modding that file from where his health goes down.
  18. yeah i heard lots about r33d about his glitchy and laggy self i get annoyed because its soo hard to kill him most of the time with STUBBY!!!!! He glitches + lags @ the same time. if i can just hack into his pc and see exactly what he is doing with his mta,that will be so cooool i always wondering that when he pwns me with his uber glitches. i dont accuse him of cheating tho because he does die sometimes and look at his stat but i do kinda think he might be modding his gta vice city to take less health.But remember mta vc players : you cant call no one a cheater unless u r 100% sure that he is cheating or modding. and no i am not accusing r33d of cheating or modding. i do accuse him of lag but thats impossible look at his ping (37) and i doubt he has a crappy pc. and BTW look at the screen i took of him look at his kills on the player list:
  19. actually whatever hapened to UT...... heres my hypothesis: Real gamers prefer half life 2 Deathmatch and cs:s look @ the game-monitor servers filled up 24/7 !!!! for me , unreal tournament games is like a wanna-be version of half life 1 & 2 thats my opinion you dont have to agree.some people like different things
  20. Wow nice idea i hate using that msn messenger. . . . . and its for mta players!!!!!
  21. EL Noobie


    Well i pwn 2 pc's one is a gateway dont know what model 64 mb ram 4 mb video card 15" monitor cd burner the other 1 hooah!!!!! sony vaio PCV-rs100 1 gig ram 256mb nvidia (something) video card 16 X dvd burner 19 inch LCD screen Custom vaio logo wish i had a camera to put it in here
  22. Hello i am going to share with you guys where i host some of my files. 1.) http://www.uploadhut.com - 50 mb free 1 year unlimited bandwith storage 2.) http://rapidshare.de/ - 30 mb not much i know bout it but please dont use them too much that you'll make them go out of storage space ad please share yours with me and other people.
  23. NO U NOOBS I KNOW LOTS OF PLACES WHERE THE GIVE YOU 50 MB FREE AND 30 MB FREE 1.) http://www.uploadhut.com - free 50 mb 2.) http://rapidshare.de/ - free 30 mb ok say thank you
  24. happy birthday ull have ur birthday party on partyserver yeeeeaaaaa!!!
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