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  1. If they get in trouble it isnt are fault well maybe cause we said how but o well.
  2. sounds good so far keep up the good work and i will be waiting for it.
  3. i have tried without sucess too. i think u migh be right cause if u watch he would fall off at those stunts (starts the fall thing were he waves is arms around) and i believe he hits enter really fast to get him back on.
  4. is there any special thing to doing that dismount remount trick or just hit like enter to get off and hit enter really fast again to get on?
  5. Well hell i stoped playing for sometime and i can back u just cant let go of the good killing sprees u had or the mad hell that broke lose. Formally know as Ryu.
  6. Are you going to do it with Machinima. With it i believe you can change alot of stuff up. Just look what the guys from Red Vs Blue did http://www.redvsblue.com/home.php
  7. Ghoststriker


    Well he fixed his own problem. I dont understand why people cant wait for alittle bit longer and get it.
  8. Well if u just had one big island it would be like the one show gillgans island (not sure if it spelled right) and that show wasnt the greatest. Also if u had one island it gets boring because all u do is see each thing over and over sort of like the beginning untell the gate opens to starfish island i think. With more then one you can explore and have a chance to have more missions.
  9. In CS tho when u have a alltalk on everyone sees it and if u playing a bomb map the Counter-terriosts that are dead can easily tell the alive CT's where the enemies are the position of bomb. It would be nice to have alltalk but there are to many of those stupid asses that have to wreck it for the rest that want to enjoy.
  10. Well in one of my EGM mags it said something about this just a short article in the back of it. i went right after it. Sounded awesome and it was true but a small picture and 4 sentences about it wont help much. My idea is i think we should chip in and get a advertisment somewhere. What does everyone thing??
  11. i dont know how old this topic is but i have no idea if u can do this but it would be so cool. Have a jump wherever and have it be like a turbo jump. Then u wouldnt have to have as much ppl speed hax or maybe there still will be the same but i tought that might be a awesome idea.
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