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  1. I never come on the forums, I just check the mtablue.info and the mtavc.com page every week.
  2. It takes like 10 seconds to press PrintScreen and paste it into Paint. Why can't you just do that?
  3. That bitch Ydrool banned me after that.
  4. I like them both. The first one is good because it's smooth and easier to read, but the second one is good because it doesn't look as plain.
  5. Ah, alright. I just thought of it when I saw someone asking how to get the hunter without being shot, and I said you had to have the police uniform. So I thought, "it would be cool if you could be in the hunter and have an army uniform".
  6. We should be able to spawn as a soldier in the Army in that military base near the airport.
  7. Omfg, shut up. -I stop now.
  8. How do I actually download the video from that TGA site? This is the first time I've been to it. EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. It was on the top in blue writing, it blended into the google add.
  9. You could get more people into MTA if had pr0n in it.
  10. Can someone tell me all the spawn locations of the PCJ's and of the helicopters? Pictures would also help. I think I may already know all the locations for the PCJ's but I'm not sure. I know most of the heli locations except for the orange one I think.
  11. Sorry, my mistake. Well, In the topic it says "If your banned!". It should be "If you're banned!" So I kinda helped a bit, kinda.
  12. Ratez, you sound familier.
  13. Mr.Bill, I know this is a little mistake, but.. It should be "Off", not "Of". EDIT: And I don't wanto start any trouble around here, so don't go crazy at me.
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