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  1. meh i had this - i just reinstalled VC and MTA loads of times, downloaded loads of different 0.5 downloads, reinstalled VC again, and reinstalled MTA again. and it worked.
  2. i looked - i havent seen any. i dont think there will be but im not 100%. I just bought a PCI-E mobo aswell - AGP is still around tho, and will be for a while i reckon.
  3. i agree with twig - crazy ur the dumbass change "version" to "person" and you've got a whole new meaning to that sentence also what is "orginal"? - vaginal? change those two words and you've got someone who peaks far too soon. anyway back to my point - 2 steps back indeed! i can't play MTA any more because of the "improvements" they have made with 0.5 - 0.4.1 was fine but now i cant play. i dont mean i "won't" play - the game has become unplayable due to the increased bandwidth usage. ah well. the devs don't seem that bothered that people can't play any more. I know i'm not the only on
  4. well i can play enemy territory with no lag complaints - and use teamspeak at the same time on 64k. i cant even play MTA. dont think i will be again tbh, there is no point.
  5. My CPU is fine - its a P4 2.52 Ghz - i realise that i only have 64k ISDN - but when that is fine for any other game it's slightly annoying, to say the least, that this game is unplayable.
  6. ahh, i see. so basically you see it as an improvement, and it happens to be unfortunate for those without broadband or a not good enough CPU. Is this likely to be improved? i have just come out of our server where i was attempting to train, frequent time-outs, mta client random closes, crashes, packet loss and lag made the once-enjoyable game unbearable. if it isnt going to be fixed my mta boots may be hung up.
  7. actually tho - virgin 64k ISDN is pretty poo pants aswell. but yea, can a dev post about what is happening about the bandwidth usage and whether it will be sorted so that us non-broadband users can still play MTA.
  8. but AOL sucks big fat hairy donkey dick
  9. thats it... rub it in you bastard
  10. soon being key, as i really can't participate in any matches or training. It was bad enough before - not being able to hear people on TS, but now i cant even see what people say in the chat box. please please please sort it out in the next release and soon
  11. that could be the solution as i dont have it, im in the process of building a new pc and that will have it, cant be arsed to do it to this one. my new pc should be built by now but overclockers.co.uk have ballsed up and not delivered my RAM, even tho the money is out my bank. and i cant get through to the sales line cos its always busy. and the comedians have their email address as please@phone.us
  12. i have found that 64k is fine on any other game i played, and i was worried at first about it bein ok for MTA. i was suitably impressed that they were doing a good job at making it an accessible game for everyone, regardless of internet connection. i have played other games,such as AA and RTCW:ET, and i have no issues with ping i realise that MTA is a beta, but surely with the improvements it is supposed to be getting better. at this rate ADSL users will be the only people who can play MTA. which is silly.
  13. hi there folks, im on 64k ISDN. yup its shit i know that. please dont respond with "get broadband" cos that is out of the question. anyway - in 0.4 i had a ping of around 100, sometimes less and often slightly more - and on a full server i was likely to get a ping of 200. i didnt play on full servers. now in 0.5 i get a ping of 200+ all the time. nothing else has changed - my pc is the same as it was before. nothing has been installed or changed in any way. this is true in UK servers that aren't very full, where in 0.4 i would have had an acceptable ping in order to play. I wouldnt mind tha
  14. oh dear. im going to stop posting for the sake of posting after this. i don't take kindly to being called a mother fuc ker (unless it is true). but im not going to respond with some witty comment because i doubt you'd understand. btw i have a pretty impressive "will". but i doubt you meant that. can i suggest that you try and use punctuation in your excessively long sentences as they make for a very hard and unintelligible read when you have no punctuation and your english is as bad as it is i really like punctuation as you may have noticed.
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