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  1. all in all you're going to either be using uzi/pistol againsta uzi/pistol. or don't you spawn with $2000 and shotgun costs $1500 for 5 shells? its so easy to go thru 5 shells so basically uzi/pistol ...
  2. i like that idea, ransom. Good choices for spawns too.
  3. .... not funny kid. you just continue playin like you dont know what im sayin but i know, soon more people will realise that your a fake. gg no re
  4. lmfao sergio is an illeagal immagrant and doesn't know what he is doing....i am sure wheelman and rival do not want modders in our clan..thx have a good day.. how did you get in then?
  5. that sergio cracka but i had to easily say no. sorry.
  6. dont worry i wouldn't ask to join =AA=, i was already invited, i declined, nothing to worry about.
  7. thnx dan is that a nuf said or what? now chron, how about u stop lying and start telling the truth its not like u have to worry about getting kicked from kfc for using a cracked client laugh ur funny bud. no wait ur not my bud, thank fuck. anyways, i've said my side and thats that.
  8. wow, you're about as bright as a black crayon.... pay attention.
  9. yo dick, listen to me. i told you, i dont need your approval for anything. i told you the story, i could give a flying fuck whether you believe me or not.. its not "omg i gotta prove myself the faggotB" Peace.
  10. yea. i recently only had 0.5 installed, last nite I installed 0.4.1 again and hit up party server. and no SexyB, a friend did not send me nothing, i have nothing of the sort on my computer, except a gta3 trainer somewhere, but thats just for the garage editor in single play, anyhow, the client i was using was from the install so i dont know how it happened, and i dont, so what you want me to say? Im not gonna lie about it. I didn't have any idea it was cracked because there's still a crc check + weather + 10 second delay on disconnects. Here's what i dont get though, how do i get this sort of half-assed "cracked client" from the mta install that i've been using since i reformatted, and as far as i know i got the mta install straight off the mta site.
  11. ^ no i cant, like i told you, i JUST reinstalled the fuckin thing. and i saw it there. Look i aint gotta explain shit to you, your goal is to tear KFC apart anyways, well i took one of the members from =TR= and hes soon to be KFC, if i get kicked from KFC fer that shit im quittin mta all together cuz assholes like you and this drama aint worth shit. Jus lucky your nerd ass is sittin behind a computer far from me.
  12. nah this is straight from a 0.4.1 clean mta install ladies, thx though.
  13. I for one am not playing 0.5 until there is an update, and if there's no real difference then im either just gonna play 0.4.1 still or..... im disappointed in what they've done with the weapons, they could've changed weapon locations, spawn points+skins, cars types+locations, and i find it laggy like when 0.4 was first released before the 0.4.1 update. I'm sure they will make this update better, fix that memory leak, less lag, less crashing again, cars are still not synched fully but i would imagine thats not easy, when ppl are about to spawn you see their character not too far away from the spawn like an hologram and you waste ammo on them sometimes only to watch that disappear and spawn at the spawn point, random noobs dont even need to have skill and they can own me now, and i've heard that from a couple others... i could but shouldn't continue. I've said more than i planned to. ty.
  14. well we scripts before we can get anything...
  15. Wow, you're such an ungrateful bitch. Without them, you wouldnt even be able to play online more than likely, because IJs was the one who started the whole netplay crazy thing. I hate ungrateful people like you. Sure, it's a little buggy. But its 0.5, its BETA. Just wait for Blue if you hate the current versions so much. They can only go so far on the old core they're working on. The core in 0.5 has been used since the days of 0.2, so theyre limited. And I for one, believe that they have done a great job improving the mod considering the holdbacks of the core. I think what Braddock was trying to point out was 0.4.1 was better then 0.5 word. if they fixed the crashing and loading time in 0.4.1, and left the weapons alone then i'd be happy as shit.
  16. looks like your "trick" involves a memory editor. nice full nitrous meter.
  17. lmfao, change the version in client to the one u have (1.0 or 1.1) that fuckin reminds me, when i first installed mta 0.5 and started it up, it wouldn't let me play with it selected on 1.0 (even though i use a 1.0 no-cd) i switched it to 1.1 and it worked.... why is that? i dont even have a 1.1 no-cd on my computer
  18. ^ good question, anyone hosting servers enforcing these types of gameplay rules?
  19. «Makaveli»

    Pwnage pics

    i know, but this is 0.5 pwnage.
  20. yea sometimes in 0.4.1 the bike spawns on top of the gang burrito when they both spawn in the street outside robber spawn. (0.4.1 pwnz 0.5 DM)
  21. it just looks like you're walking with the stubby, or rather, it just looks like THEY'RE walking with the stubby. It's a glitch because you don't see them crouch afterw...nvm in any case, one thing that im sure ppl have noticed and I haven't checked in 0.5, but you spectate and then spawn as any other class and you have 44 health. i know its just a bug, but it sucks cuz you gotta run to health upon spawning.
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