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  1. No, never tried it. Will this convert the missing rotations as well? I don't actually know if they're missing, but Race displays rotated objects fine, yet SA-MP doesn't for instance.
  2. So you're saying this can't be expanded? I wonder how MTA Race made it possible lol.
  3. viewtopic.php?f=104&t=40100&sid=641 That's the problem. I think MTA SA has GTA SA's limits, and certain maps get muddled up on the boundary. I don't think it's anything on the client side either, I've installed many times now whatever I was asked in the topic, and the result was always exactly the same.
  4. Hi there, I tried converting MTA Race maps to 1.3, and to SA-MP as well, but there's some issue I think with the saving in Race. I know you don't offer support for Race anymore, but it would be good if you could help me on this one occassion - I'm throwing months of work away here. What happens, is in MTA Race, the maps display as they should. However some rotations are empty in the file, and none of the converted objects are rotated. Something like this... <object name="object (542)"> <position>2653.808594 945.129089 6.356158</position> <rotation>0.
  5. Sorry to bump it after so long, but this is ridiculous, it still keeps happening. I believe this is caused by MTA's streamer rather than my computer. My friend has it too like I said, and it still didn't go away for him. It works fine on MTA Race, and there's no weird boundaries that mash up your objects about, but just as I convert it to 1.0, I get this. Please could this be looked into?
  6. Now it won't load any maps at all
  7. I changed it back, and now the Map Editor won't launch at all now. It says that a new version is available, and when I try to update it, it won't work and tells me to visit the mta site.
  8. CEGUI.log 15/02/2012 21:06:04 (InfL1) Substitute font set to: cgui/unifont-5.1.20080907.ttf 15/02/2012 21:06:04 (InfL1) Attempting to create Font 'default-normal' using the font file 'C:\Windows\fonts\tahoma.ttf' and a size of 9. 15/02/2012 21:06:04 (InfL1) Attempting to create Imageset 'default-normal_auto_glyph_images1' with texture only. 15/02/2012 21:06:04 (InfL1) Attempting to create Imageset 'default-normal_auto_glyph_images2' with texture only. 15/02/2012 21:06:04 (InfL1) Attempting to create Imageset 'default-normal_auto_glyph_images1' with texture only. 15/02/2012 21:06:04
  9. Cannot find it, I'm afraid. All I can see is core.dll, not a log obviously, and erm, logfile.txt if that helps?
  10. No. Just checked now second time round to make sure, there's no crashes.log file.
  11. Haven't got one I'm afraid, because I was quite lucky to have never had any crashes before
  12. My mate won't be coming back just yet, as he's having troubles returning. Weather and all that lot. Is there any solution to my issue then? Might it be the MTA problem itself, a bug that maybe looked into? Or more... PC based issue?
  13. Sure, he's on holiday right now, but is back on Wednesday so I'll ask him. And yeah, it still is not working. Btw, how his DxDiag will help if we've established that my computer on the newest drivers doesn't make it work? :L But I'll ask him.
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