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  1. For some odd enough reason, It sometimes displays a character before the server name, still working on this issue.
  2. This is for all the people who want to display the stats of their favorite server or their server if they dont have root access or what not, I ran accross this site that gives free PHP hosting. Here is the link, http://www.nextdesigns.net/hosting.html. Enjoy
  3. I would try and do kills like that, I know I could in PHP if the server outputted it, if not maybe one of the MTAmA people could make it output then you could display it with php and even log it into SQL, I am very new to the whole GTA: MTA scene so I am not too fond of the server and such yet.
  4. What OS are you running and do you have PHP installed?
  5. Could I request you pull my email addy out of the config.php scripts you posted? I don't want any spam bots
  6. 404


    You said you are using Windows XP right? Well do a driver/system roll back. That should fix it.
  7. Downloaed pretty fast for me, 130kbps. But back to the topic, I liked it for a first vid, maybe when you post a movie you should be prepared for the comments. Also, when you stunt try to spread them out though the video, you had the same stunts back to back. When you make videos ofcorse you should like them but if you want to put them on the web it no longer goes into just what you like, if you want a successful one you also have to put what other people like. Lastly, you cannot make a movie in 1 day. Some stunters take months making movies, seems like you just did a few halfass stunts and the
  8. Yeah I noticed last night that it was a little off, I will have to work on that.
  9. I am new to the GTA PC world, I got the game about 2 weeks ago and started playing it then started moding it and found MTA and was like, "oh cool". So I played it for a few days then I started to browse the forums and got an idea to make a php script to fetch server stats. As I was browsing the forum I noticed that someone made on a while back and I saw another topic that said he didn't update it anymore. So that brings me to this, my first post and a php script to fetch stats. I am pretty much done with the coding part (I used the existing code and modified it pretty good). Though as I start
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