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  1. well done man. check out http://www.mtascripts.co.nr where it is hosted if you want to see screenshots.
  2. btw ecko if you are still looking for the newest version i have it up at http://www.mtascripts.co.nr
  3. many additions and changes happening at the site. We also just released MTA:CP by SmartiE. Come check it out, description here.
  4. [FMJ]Oli gave me hosting. everyone thank him . We now have forums too! if you ever have a new script you want us to put up really fast (save me the trouble of finding it on this forum) go post it there. if you need any help with a script or want to suggest a script for us to make post there too. alias mta.script
  5. i put up my own little brief descriptions. thanks for the idea. i'm also looking for some real hosting, could anybody help me out? i want to be able to put up a little forum. anyone?
  6. New address to make accessing the site much easier. Update your bookmarks . Forum coming soon. http://www.mtascripts.co.nr
  7. oli, script have been updated. also people feel free to give me scripts for the site . i plan on writing a tutorial today on how to load scripts, pictures and all. alias mta.script
  8. i made a website for scripts, check it out: http://www.mtascripts.co.nr thoughts, opinions?
  9. !writeini -n $+("djtindata.ini") pkamount pkamount $rand(0,30) ok i have it set to do that every 10 minutes using a timer. it works the first time, but every other time it returns the first number...is there a randomize command i have to use like in vb or what? thx in advanced
  10. !writeini -n $+(",%dir2,money.ini") balance $mta.name($1,$2) $calc($readini(%dir2 $+ money.ini,balance,$mta.name($1,$2))-$calc(($4)($+ $readini(%dir2 $+ painkillers.ini,main,painkillers) $+)))} it's supposed to take your balance (ie 100) and subtract a number a player enters (ie 5) multiplied by the price of something (ie 10 each) when i try it it works, but it doesnt multiply the price times the number purchased... sooo say my balance is 100, the cost of 1 is 5, and i buy 3... as a result it will only subtract 3 from my balance instead of 15... help
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