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  1. Alright is there readme anywhere. Because i don't know how to use these maps on 1.0
  2. Hello, I want to use Big Bear Crack Place as interior. But it's crowded with objects, any way I can remove some?
  3. 48 objects in total. Located in Fort Carson, Bone County 88 objects in total. This map includes - Two Single wards - One double ward - One single cell - One double cell - Doctor's office - Gym/Cafeteria/Library - Store/Kitchen - Guard room - Visitor Room 31 object in total - Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO) office - Security post - Staff room - WC - 20 traders stands - 3 food vendors
  4. Now I did resolution even worse...Maybe someone could send me a full rar/zip of MTA 1.0 Nightly, so I could just overwrite the file, and get everything working. My sype is vytelas311 or upload the file somewhere, and post a link
  5. Hello, I'm able to see main menu. But I can't see bottom menu- Elements (Vehicles, objects, pickups) icons. I don't know what's wrong, I installed everything correctly. Please help me, thanks! Using MTA Map Editor v1.0