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  1. I'am on a router and I would like to know how to forward ports so I can start up servers in MTA. please help.
  2. eAi, I heard you made a spawning tool, can you redirect me to the site where its located?
  3. Hello, all just wanted to tell you guys that VC-MP 0.1a is released! head over to http://www.sa-mp.com to downlaod it now. There are a few minor glitches, but everything else is perfect. This mod has definetly urged me to play VC online once again
  4. Yeah, The MTA Team's number 1 quote!
  5. This mod looks very facinating, and I'am looking forward to playing the first version. off topic: njr1489, I love your sig! nice work!
  6. I was cleaning my computer, and I came upon a copy of UT. I completly forgot that I had this game, so I fired it up and started to play it. But when I started to search for servers, there were a bunch of them but there were NO players at all? What happened to UT?
  7. Could you give me the code for that? I;am a beginner for VB 6.0
  8. Hawk_Boy

    Website Links

    Quick question, Hw do you make website links in VB 6.0? For instance, when you click on a button it takes you to a specific website.
  9. Your point eagle? My point is, leave little things alone. Ok, he hasn't played GTA2, that doesnt mean he can't ask someone else to try it.
  10. I just laughed my ass off when I read that. Correct me if I'am wrong, but didn't Lance ask if someone can try GTA2 GAME HUNTER, not GTA2Gamer?
  11. We were patient Derek, for 2 years. I understand you guys work very hard, and once again I say, I respect that. It's just that after 2 years of waiting patiently, some people cannot take it anymore. I'am a patient person, because I hardly play computer games at all. I usually spend my time, trying to learn VB 6.0 or C++, or I just communicate with my peers. So I understand that you guys cannot succeed at making some BLUE Media at this moment, So I'll just stop asking and leave you guys alone. Lock Request
  12. Exactly, I was talking to I2ebel
  13. Please move this to the Support forum
  14. Well now, why would you lie to your community? I understand it takes alot of work, and I understand how hard it can be, But ok, if you are not ready to release media for Blue, can you release media for 0.5.5? Just to see how things are shaping up. I totally respect you guys, and I admire what you do, but please release a VIDEO, Please.
  15. Some of use are not patient anymore. we are starting to beileve that Blue is a hoax, because we do not see any type of progress, and especially no media. If MTA Team could release one type of trailer that is close to 3 minutes long, then we will regain faith in Blue, but the MTA Team cannot find an hour in their lives to create a little trailer Not trying to be rude or anything, I love what you guys have done with the previous versions, but can we see some progress? not by changing the progress bar by 5% every 5 months, but a little video, or more screenies
  16. I have McAfee, and no this never happened. What could have happened Berbe is you could have caught a virus from a website or something, and that virus spread itself onto your computer files, thus infecting MTAClient.exe
  17. Great. another quote that's bound to be used repeatedly in the future
  18. We have waited for MTA Blue for almost 2 years. 2 YEARS. 2 years and no media except a couple of screenshots, and a tiny webspace. I know you guys make MTA on your own free time, but would it kill you to make a trailer? we want to see how MTA Blue is shaping up, and how the process is going. Don't start flaming this thread saying " Blue is a big project for us " and my all time favourite " just wait for BLUE "
  19. All I can say is wow!! This is truly amazing work! keep it up!
  20. Hawk_Boy

    Hello to all!

    welcome, Mattcyn, nice to meet you! Don't worry after a couple of months you'll get used to MTA, and you'll love it, just like some of us in the community
  21. "Wait for Blue" That's the MTA Team's answer for every single question
  22. Hawk_Boy


    I kept this question in my head for a long time, and now I'am going to release it. How do you syncronize animations in for example, MTA?
  23. Ok I have fixed my problem with GTA-VC and know I seem to have a problem with MTA. Whenever I start up the Client, an error pops up and says " MTAClient has generated errors and windows will shut it down. please Restart the Program. an error log is being created."
  24. ok basically I got it... This probably means I don't have user32.dll in my system32 directory, but the problem is, I do have it!
  25. ok if this helps,Before asking this question, I reformated my compter (deleted everything, and made it fast again) and installed Vice City but I can't play it. Do I need to Install some software to make my computer play VC? P.S. and yes I do have user32.dll in my system32 directory
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