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  1. Better to setup a reall test server this RPG Servers are sh.. Oh and i had lags but i think its the server.
  2. OK found the fix download: ftp.suse.com/pub/people/kukuk/sles9/gcc34/sles9-i386/libstdc++34-3.4.3_16-0.1.i586.rpm And then tip in the console: rpm -Uvh ./libstdc++34-3.4.3_16-0.1.i586.rpm Bit THX for the help (cfx) in the IRC channel mta
  3. If i want to start the server i get thes error: ./mta_server: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  4. MMM i can find infos about my Problem in the support section
  5. HI If i start the Server i get thes: But i can see the Server at game-monitor.com
  6. Ok now it wokes but i must run thes command line with the same Account like i run the MTA Server And i must run thes command line always if i start the mta server new. An how many RAM and CPU needs a 32 Slot MTA Server ?
  7. HI I have installed the xerces-c and all files are also in the folder: /usr/local/lib/ But i get always thes Error:
  8. Server Down at: and ?????????? mmmmmmmm. If Groups or Clans want a TS Channel thes Server is for the Public IP is: It is better to save thes IP in your Addressbook: isc-zone.org If you join you can make a Unregisted channel. But if you want a registered channel you can ask a Channel Admin in the public channels If you have problems with your channel you can also ask a Channel Admin in the public channels. ( you can speak to the Channel Admin in the Languages: English, German, French, Lux) INFO: You must register yourself at the server, so you can give yourself AV (AutoVoice). Otherwise nobody will hear you in the Moderated Channels (M) And it is also better you disable the Quit and Join Sound in Your Teamspeak Program Have fun
  9. lol yes 10% of the GTA Users If i want a race game then i play NFS and i hate race games because you can do nothing ther only driving grrr that is lame If i have see that GTA Blue cams out I have said to me yah f_u_c_k yah ower 1 Jaher and now it cams out and then i read first release only race mod then i was frustrated If it takes one Jahr for a .... race mod how lo it tacks for the real version Sorry for me Englisch
  10. I have installing it in the \mIRC dir i have also reinstalling my mIRC but i have the same Problem
  11. I get a mIRC error if i load the Script v3.06 I have mIRC v6.16