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  1. Capture The (insert something here) Teams have their own area, prolly an island. They must protect (something) from the other teams. Racing (cars and boats) Setup some courses around the city, award winners with weapons, money, etc...[/b]
  2. So funny, these cheats are causing the game to crash and people are still using them.
  3. how about you specify the path to GTA:VC executable and when the client connects to a server, it automatically launches the game? i know it's not a lot of work to click on a link after connecting to a server, but it should be done automatically and it won't take long to code. just an idea.
  4. Damn, I'm having this issue as well. SUCKS!
  5. welcome to online gaming. cheating isn't going anywhere. just adapt.
  6. LOL! I've never touched the directory flags, yet the /data folder was read-only. Strange, but it works now. Thanks!
  7. I have WindowsXP and I can't get the installer to work properly. I execute MTAInstall.exe, choose the destination folder, then I select my GTA:VC folder, but when it goes to install I get an install error. Check it out below. Here I am selecting my GTA:VC folder, which is NOT the default: This is what happens 2 dialogs later, after selecting program group: The other files extract fine into the MTA program folder, but the GTA:VC files do not extract properly. Any clue as to what is wrong?
  8. i sorta/kinda reacted with 1 player. just some car bashing, nothing really got done.
  9. i'm having most of the same problems as everyone else: zombie players, lag issues, wall sticking, and generally out-of-sync gameplay. however, for some reason, every once in a while, i'll teleport back to the heli-pad where the gang selection is. not sure why this happens, but it happens often. any ideas?
  10. yeah, i've experienced the same thing. players are there, but they don't move. but, when they DO move, it's very awkward and NOT smooth at all.
  11. If they don't release within 7 days, then they should've never said anything about releasing it in the first place.
  12. how many times do you have to be told. the way the character performs in GTA3 is nothing to do with the engine. its all scripted you idiot. jumping out of a car is down to a series of coded events that take place when the key to exit the car is pressed. the script exectues and the graphics engine renders it. the same script in GTA3 would render the exact same thing. you really cannot grasp this fact can you. I know it's the same graphics engine. Never said it wasn't. But, the in-game features have improved over GTA3. To me, it's like GTA3 was ironed out and out came GTA:VC. And, because of
  13. Ahhh, someone that's not talking out of their ass. THANK YOU!!! Ohh, and BTW, trying jumping out of a car or motorcycle in GTA3 while it's moving. Ohh yeah, THAT'S RIGHT, YOU CAN'T!!!
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