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  1. nothing but its done with. winners are: slackwareman and {VCD}Rob haven't contacted rob yet but here is slackwareman's free server: SkitzoMania[sTUNT] cheers!
  2. I am raffling off 2 USA Vice City 16 person servers, and hosting for as long as i can host them(most likely years.) If you wish to enter this raffle, send an email to 'me@vap3r.com' with "server" as it's subject line. Proof? I got 2 servers up with the names Registered Felons - Deathmatch, Registered Felons - Stunt, and 30 test servers up with [RF] prefixes. Test servers are on following IPs: - Registered Felons - Deathmatch - Registered Felons - Stunt - [RF]VC Stunt 01-15 - [RF]VC Deathmatch 01-15 Server raf
  3. tried that vikers, didnt work for me
  4. mike, its a memory leak and more players in server, larger the memory grows, and it will keep growing until you reach an unstable size, or you run out of memory. What you can do until this server fix releases is have your server reboot every hour, set up a chron job in linux to do it... my server is windows so i set up a task with this command and in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, taskkill /fi "IMAGENAME eq MTAServer.exe" /F need taskkill program from windows 2k3 resource kit to execute this command though.... you will need a loop script or have the server set up as a service for it to auto-reboot th
  5. im ready to test, i've PMed IJs in IRC but no response yet... anyway my server is currently 17/26 people and usually always has people in it.. Registered Felons - Stunt applied. u can contact me on IRC, in your channel.. or email = me@vap3r.com msn = me@vap3r.com aim = solo gamer
  6. I am renting out 26 person GTA/Vice City servers for only $26.00USD/Month. These servers are located in Texas, USA. Some sample servers are: Registered Felons - Deathmatch Port 2003 Registered Felons - Stunt Port 2003 The server's include whatever script's you want installed with it... contact me at vap3r@hotmail.com on MSN or you can email me at: me@vap3r.com PS: I don't know the demand for the servers for this game, but thought I would post this anyway
  7. vap3r


    maybe you could help me out with that OBC... got MSN?
  8. vap3r


    you dont need material to role player, you just need an imagination.... if u guys want me to make a permanent role playing server i will, here in the USA, i got plenty of connection to spare.... your all probably out of my country but ping doesnt matter much for role playing
  9. flame me a little more why dont ya.... its a fact it was hacked almost 12 times a day but nothing real top secret was released from there... hackers would basically do it to say that they did. If you want i could spend a half hour looking for the news article on it... That is basically what I am saying, they have their own intranet i'm sure. probably a group of 200 network administrators watching every move on the network for every second of the day... PS: remove whatever is up your ass, thanks. i appreciate it.
  10. unless the pentagon changed, they are connected to the internet. Which they probably did change. They were hacked 12 times a day.
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