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  1. ATi Radeon 9800 PRO and ATi Mobility Radeon 9700.. Singleplayer works, gtaT works... but MTA is black
  2. Same problem, after the logo's the game is black... And stays black. After deleting a dll file (The DX one) still nothing. Here is the CEGUI log:
  3. Np man, i'm looking forward to it.. Btw, another small thingy... sometimes you can't do !fine because "blah blah" is not owned by you.. For example, i bought the Ammunation, and i'm at the Malibu, i can't fine anyone inside the Ammunation... Of it was me.. Btw, is it known that the admin name isn't saved sometimes? Maybe you can add some kind of Multiple Admin function, or integrate it more with the "normal" admin system. I have 3 admins, including myself, and i'd like to give them some RPG powers as well
  4. Ok gave it some testing with my clanmates: Some things that were pretty annoying: But i liked it, for the rest of the aspects.. Don't take this message as a flame, only a critical opinion
  5. Cool, i'll test it when i come home! In the V1.0 it always sent the message "Sunshine autos has been robbed" even when the script was unloaded :\ Second, the !sell thing is kinda strange, if you sell a Stinger you can't sell a single stinger again (or until the ini file is changed) Also the same problem with rig... Doesn't MTA assign an unique ID to the car? (If not, this might be an idea for the MTA 0.5.1 )
  6. No Aeron's is 4 player.. Find something like "<= 3" and change that to "<= 2" if you want 3 players
  7. Well that depends on the addon you install... First you'll need MTA:mA by Aeron, that's a mIRC script.. Read the readme and find out how to load. If that works you load MTA:mA:GRS (via MTA:mA) After that you load the desired script.. There are scripts like: manhunt (hunt down a player), vigilante, stubbywar and much more... Check out this sub-forum and you'll find scripts other users posted here... Note: Some of them work, some of them work partly and some of them don't work with the newest... So you gotto give it a try If you stumble upon problems, let us know and we'll help you.
  8. How on earth can you get rid of that HUD (Life, Health, Minimap etc) without using replay-mode?
  9. You'll need 4 players, but with a little bit of changing you can change that to every figure you want. But the default settings are there for a purpose: playing MH with 2 can be boring
  10. @FischKind: Oli & Me have resolved the problem You have to enter the command though the "MTA:VC 0.4 Remote Server Admin" then it'll work
  11. Ok, I've unset the variables, unloaded GRS and reloaded it.. Loaded it with PSL but still no effect Unloaded all the other scripts, Same problem
  12. Hey Fischkind, I've got the same problem as you do. It seems that some scripts aren't working (properly) under GRS. I tried all the "game-mode" scripts and some others and none of the game-modes worked, and only a few of the other did. I don't know if this is a problem with the script, MTA:mA or GRS... Loading under MTA:mA itself doesn't solve the problem, does it?
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