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  1. local test = "hello" for i=1, #test do outputChatBox(test:sub(i, 1)) end
  2. I made it few monts ago. Anyway, I don't use it 1. Add this at beginning of racevoting_server.lua in race resource local timesMapPlayed = 0 local lastMapPlayed = 0 2. REPLACE this if currentMap then table.insert(poll, {"Play again", 'nextMapVoteResult', getRootElement(), currentMap}) end WITH this if currentMap ~= lastMapPlayed then timesMapPlayed = 1 lastMapPlayed = currentMap end if currentMap and timesMapPlayed <= 2 then -- map could be played max. 3 times in row timesMapPlayed = timesMapPlayed + 1 table.inse
  3. Hm, thanks... But I think there must be something "easier" anyway... because thoose things u use to get Unix time are originaly calculated from Unix time, it must got it from some alternative func to os.time...
  4. No. I want to get something like "1305239697"
  5. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxGetFontHeight u must give it the requested variables
  6. Hello... I am looking for an func which gives me actual unix time... but I can't find any... os.time() doesnt work and MTA function getRealTime() is able to return timestamp only in MTA 1.1+ Is there any other way than getting {second, minute, day, month, year} from getRealTime() and calculate it by me own? Thanks
  7. hh... thanx chris it should be mentioned on wiki
  8. Hello, I can't found out why this code doesn't work (clientside). It doesn't write any errors. Where should be the problem? function onPlayerDiesFunc ( ) outputChatBox ( 'player died' ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientPedWasted", getRootElement ( ), onPlayerDiesFunc ) Thanx
  9. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Set ... rtyEnabled
  10. Wojak: thanx for your help. I hoped there is another way than creating dummy elements... It will be used when onElementDataChange so I don't want to call my function 100times per second, but only for players. So i will do it with dummy..
  11. Hello, sorry if it was sad anywhere on forum or on wiki, but I was looking for it and hadn't found anything. I want to trigger function but only when the "source" is an player. how to do it via addEventHandler? addEventHandler ( "onElementDataChange", -playersElement-, myFunction ) on Wiki isn't anything about how to trigger events for specified group of elements (I dont want to create dummy element and check each few second if players don't changed) Thanx for help
  12. drifterCZE

    Serious Help

    hello, sorry for bad question, but how to do it, when i need Change-car icon in Deathmatch mode? has it any id? thanx a lot
  13. drifterCZE

    Low performance.

    and what about your CPU?
  14. and the rail bug? its not only that it wants to stop you in curves, the second problem is, that when you enter the train and hold W key, train is veeery slowly speeding up. and after about 10second it start to be really fast and goes about 300km/h, then you are derailed. I think it isnt problem in my computer. MTA team please answer
  15. hello, its possible to attach vagons to train so it could look like in SinglePlayer? and second question: why are in new verzions of MTA bugged train raylways? and in curves it almost stops your train... why? Thanx
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