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  1. I did and it appears to be down.. that's why i posted this here duh..
  2. http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php? ... er=players Sorry if this has been posted before, just tryin to help
  3. OMGWTFBBQSANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111oeneonee i have the same fukin thing!!1
  4. Well the guy speedhacking i saw in the server wasn't spoiling our game lmao it was great fun we got in a car and speedhacked over some ramp and we were flying all across the map lol.
  5. I saw someone stunting yesterday with a speedhack and OMG it pwnz!1111 we were flying all around the map wowowowow just wondering.. is this legal? if so can i get a link to it? Don't ban me for this plz it's just a question ok?
  6. need a program for what? something like fraps?
  7. My ping never goes lower than 100 either DAMN..........
  8. I didn't make it.. someone posted it on the steampowered.com forums and i felt like posting it here, i already did some of the stunts i love the wallriding
  9. Well for me it's unplayable.. like i said, i cant see people WALK i see them "teleporting" very fast. weird.. i know it's stupid to ask but how far is blue? how long have you been working on it and is it already playable? cuz i'm lookin forward to it O_O
  10. You have no idea lol... my desync is really extreme.. everything client sided goes really smooth but the rest just sucks Yesterday i threw a nade at someone who was sitting in a car, the car blew up with him in it.. 4 seconds later he was driving towards me (he never blew up) all because of the lagg i get, i managed to kill him when he got out of the car so he wasnt cheating for sure.
  11. http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~giitpc/vistunt.wmv A M A z I N G !
  12. I've had it on multiple servers already.. someone even accused me of cheating because they couldn't hit me
  13. http://home.comcast.net/~rocky1288/GTASAMP.wmv http://home.comcast.net/~rocky1288/GTASAMP2.wmv Someone recorded it.
  14. Sorry for that title.. but it's almost UNplayable (for me) do you people get this lagg feeling to? auto's dont drive smooth but they shake, people dont walk but they "teleport" laggy I'm on a 1mb connection and i played on a server wich was located in y country and still got this.. Question is, do you people get the same thing? if not, is there a fix? is it a bug? thnx in advance. edit: System specs: Windows XP PRO - service pack 2 AMD64 3200+ Radeon 9800 PRO 512mb ram.
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