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  1. I runned a private server (server with password and playing with friend online) for uhm..., half year, and since yesterday my friends cant join anymore very strange becouse i never had problems with it, the ports are open and i have tried deleting the whole server folder and instal the server again but nothing helps please help
  2. uh yea i AM logged in and CAN open admin pannel but i cant do what i siad earlyer
  3. please help me... i cant kick or ban in my own server and thats very uncool
  4. pleaaaaase help meeeeee i want to kick peaple and ban peaple and start my resources with it and add new admins and change the server settings with it
  5. NVM i started the admin resource BUT i have another problem now... i can do anything but i cant kick/ban or start resources from it
  6. I have a nice server online but where can i download an adminpanel for mta 1.0? I realy need it
  7. Yea hannus server had moving and rotating things, you needed to scroll al the left corner and then you can make rotated things but i can find the resource
  8. No i mean a script to make objects move and rotating, a resource for the map editor itself
  9. Hey i saw someone making moving and rotating objects online, he said a resource called "special-objects" or smtng but i cant find it i realy want to have it in my server
  10. Oke i think this can be locked i server works
  11. All 3 port open but still nobody can join (also checked with port checker all 3 are open)
  12. Please show me where i dont wanna screw up PS:
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