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  1. huh? I know the GTAT and SA MP group were working together at one point, but I thought SA MP was dead, and what remained of it became GTAT'? which IMO- is a very very buggy, crash infested, hardly synched at all multiplayer mod. I am glad it exsits, only to show us why we need MTA lol. So, keyman and his team, after having quit a long time ago, came back to resume where they left off?........ Ah forget it. I am not gona bother getting excited until there is an actual release, and it actually rocks. That team broke my dreams once, and I ain't getting suckered again easily. Competition is goo
  2. good to hear Once we have respawning, mappers will be able to make some sick minded, totally twisted races, as it won't be soo bad anymore if racers die =) At the moment races have to be very passive in jumps or stunts they do contain, as it is very easy to kill a racer.
  3. Considered....... lol servers that would not run respawning (if it were an option) would be empty servers. Consider that, before thinking respawning would somehow be a bad idea. Or don't add it, I don't really care anymore as I am falling into that catagory of (I got bored of it after a few hours), yet that is not what I originally voted for..... I am already ready for the DM mode, yet I know it is a looooong ways away yet. Really though, are some of you guys starting to get bored like me? There is not enough new maps out there and the few I did play, really sucked. BLUE lived up to
  4. OK, all interesting comments....... eAi - I understand some of the gameplay problems that may occur with respawning, but at the very least players should be able to respawn from the start if they die. They can just crash around or try to catch up, either way it is a lot more fun the waiting for some slow sunday drivers to complete the LONG WAY AROUND race! No respawning at all was a bad idea and it only leads to one thing---- VOTING!!! Races rarely finish, because after half the players die, someone is likely to start a vote to change or restart the race, and since those dead players wou
  5. First off, in all the servers I have tried, non of them were running any custom maps. Will players need to download these maps before playing on a server that is running them? I kept up with front page news only, and admittedly, I did not know the race mode would not allow players to respawn. I DON'T CARE if that is something planned, or if it is something I should have known... The bottom line is WHY would they release this without the respawn option???!!?? Just lame in my opinion, and guarenteed to scare away a lot of players. Just a minor problem??? There are sooo many maps in which I en
  6. First of all, big congrats to the MTA team on finally getting this beast out. I know it had to have been a massive undertaking to bring us what we have today....... Having said that, I am a little dissapointed with what we do have here. First off, there is no real ROAM mode. Now I was not expecting to wonder around on foot, or have guns, but I was at least expecting to be able to drive freely across the world, in about any vehicle, die, and respawn.... All this with 32 other players doing likewise. That type of freedom would encourage players to come up with thier own races, and use any vehi
  7. Wow, thats a choice idea! Big Mutha Truckers was a cool game Hell yeah! And driving those rigs up the mountain in the redneck section of SA with an attachment is my second most favorite thing to do.. My first is driving them down Now if only I could spawn a train up there and drive it off the edge.... hmmm By the way, doom 3 was a very scary game, and I died many times while playing through it. I feel just aweful after completing it, and the MTA team can make ME feel better by releasing MTA SA sometime in the next 48 hours. COMON!! I need my fix! I want MTA SA soo bad that when I am a
  8. LOL! MTA SA, sounds great! I am dieing for stability here, and it is already wednesday! The time for releasing MTA SA at a convienient time for me is over. I shall now suffer knowing that I will never again have such a perfect moment as I did today, ooooooohh the wasted hours...... Now when it is released I will only have 8 hours max at any one time to devote to it It is just not fair. See yesterday I could have played for 10! Instead I had to play doom 3 all day, waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I'll forgive the MTA team for not releasing MTA SA for me yesterday, but ONLY if in the first releas
  9. ignore question #2, I found the answer already, sorry for asking.
  10. Hello everyone, been a long time.... I have been playing GTAT (SA multiplayer mod) but quit after a server crash deleted files that were needed to play (sooooo unstable in it's alpha state) I am ready for something a bit more........ Ready.... And looking at the latest MTA SA videos, I feel that this mod is about ready! Good job to the MTA team , I have to admit that MTA SA is shaping up to be the dominate SA multiplayer mod, all thanks to the excellent blue core. 1-- I know I could do a search blah blah blah, but spare me the time of searching for outdated news..... What is the current
  11. Ok, so we just sit here now....... Checking every day..... With nothing new to say...... Bored silly.... Now I really appreciate the MTA team, you guys are legends. So I won't bother you with more release questions. And you did say PLEASE, so I guess I can't be offended but IMO, it does suck that we have no idea, no hope, no guess even as to when we MIGHT be playing SA online. I hate delays as much as everyone else, but there is this feeling looming over this place.... IT feels like nothing is going on.... ya know what I mean? Out of thin air? BAH! Who hasn't heard of MTA by now? And wh
  12. I would certainly hope not! And eAi, if you refuse to answer the initial question, could you answer this? When do you guys "HOPE" to release MTA for San Andreas? I know things often don't go as planned, but what is the general time frame? End of summer? Fall? Winter? 2006? Can you at least give us that much? I just hope you fellows realize that the entire GTA PC community is looking to YOU, in hopes they will play SA online this year. You will be hearing that questing a lot, AND WHEN IGN PC, or GAMESPOT, or PC GAMER ect, asks you that same question are you just going to say== PLEASE DON'
  13. Also irrelevant but entertaining, is the idea of having power EJECTION seats in SA...... So if you get angry at one of your team members riding in yer car, you could eject him out at high speeds and watch him splat into a building or something
  14. fav GTA 3 car--- Banshee fav VC car------- Ice Cream truck fav SA car------- Semi Truck with attached trailor!!! My fav plane of the 3 games is the WW2 fighter in san andreas..... The harrier fighter jet is awesome, but ya just can't beat a classic WW2 plane The semi truck in SA can have a few different trailor attachments. My fav attach would be the huge cylinder tank. Trying to race with them will be awesome online, cause if you turn too sharp you will loose your attachment (good physics). The jolly ice cream truck totally dominated everyone in the bloodring demo derbys we used to pla
  15. NO! There is always 2..... A master..... And an apprentice....... Never more..... Never less....... So which one is he? Personally my fav non glitch is that one where you run forward, and tap sidestep left, then right, then left, then right, ect...... And do this quickly! oh man, it is soo awesome.... Your guy does like,,,,, some sort of ret#arded dance ur something. Everyone get into the game and try this with me NOW!
  16. hahahahaha This is soo AWESOME and funny! Vets arguing amungst each other. I have been saying this for a long time- " People are bored of this same old experience. New hot games are out. " Yet so many dissagreed with me, the stubby players talked as though VC\GTA3 would live forever Again I say, what is so fun about stubby wars day in and day out? Gamers who do this ARE hugely responsible for ruining the fun for many noobs who get owned, then quit. If they could HIT other players like they would in counter strike, then the stubby players would get owned. BECAUSE, there is such a synch pr
  17. WONDERFUL! That is basically what I have been saying all along- THE FUTURE IS COMMING! And it is MTA SA. Now how many ppl here dissagreed with me again? Or were not very enthused about the idea? I told you guys how important this was and I meant it! SA will bring a legion of new players in here EXPECTING mta sa. Get ready to hear this a lot---- " WHEN WILL MTA SA COME OUT? " That is my next prediction. And don't get mad when you hear it, because even the developers of GTA SA will be wondering this very same thing. I'd bet they can't wait to play their own game online. MTA team-, the
  18. You make some valid points lance. When I first started playing GTA, I did not care about bugs either. I was just thrilled to at least play GTA online! Just like SA online now, I don't care if it is buggy at first, just gimme something to play with while a better thing is made. We all new MTA would get better, we just did not know it would take this long. I am dissapointed, just as we all seem to be dissapointed by how long this has taken. I think most everyone here understands and respects this team we just wish it would have happened quicker. I know I know, heard it a million times,,,, "t
  19. I have heard EAI (or is that EIA or AIE or IEA) say that he does not play MTA very often. It was said on this forum. I think that is the case that is being refered to.
  20. yes, I will play again when blue is released. All my friends say the same thing. If it plays as well as the team says it will, there is no doubt word will spread far and wide. Just as modders start exploring the vast possibilities of this core, SA will already start with beta's and that will drive far more people in here then has ever been seen before. Even if blue sucks, we will see far more players here with the release of SA, then we have ever seen.
  21. yeah. The word will spread far and wide if blue works as promised. If not, the new life of SA will bring em all back and legions of new ones yet to discover this. When I first got VC for the PC, I wondered.... Hmmmm... Is there a way to play this online? So I searched on google for= " GRAND THEFT AUTO MULTIPLAYER " Loan behold to my amazement, the MTA site showed up, and I found the promised land. And for over 1 year did I throughly enjoy this game. This is the past. I am now bored of this core, and am ready for blue. More importantly, I am ready for SA. I have full confidence that th
  22. The other GTA multiplayers are just web pages and promises And I agree with you about this KungFu. I am sooooo tired of these guys claiming to have this awesome online code for GTA, yet years pass with NOTHING to show for it. MTA is not perfect. I understand. I have enjoyed it this far. The player counts have plummeted, and it is not the gamers fault. I think it is because we are all sick of this core and it's problems. While this core is awesome to do what it does, and has been a great run. IT IS TIME FOR THE NEXT BIG THING. blue! We are ready for it now. Not 1 year from here, but NO
  23. Well slothman, I am not whineing about the glitching, I am just saying it is boring. You few guys that have enjoyed it (about 1000) are few in number compared to the bulk of gamers who have come through here and left for the same reasons I don't like MTA (combat). In a stubby fight, what is so fun about having to randomly shoot around hoping to hit your target while struggling not to get somehow hit yourself? This is boring. I understand plenty of you faithful players know this to be your MTA. But the bulk of future players will not. Get used to it. We will not, nor shall not get used to YOU
  24. And I prefer to NOT play MTA DM at all, untill blue is released because I don't like having to glitch to play. It is boring to play the way the so called MTA pros do. Looking at the player counts these days, I'd say everyone is tired of playing this way. The sad truth is, untill we have blue MTA will be the kind of game, most will not want to compete in. I never understood KFC or the other clans... HOW! HOW! HOW! Can you guys stand to play this way? HOW!????!!!?? It is sooooooo boring to stubby all day, sheesh don't you guys have better things to do? Ok, so when I am not getting pwned by
  25. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! This thread has crashed off the road, and into the north point mall! Allow me to bring it back on topic. The future of MTA is simple.... IT IS WHAT THE MTA TEAM MAKES IT. I proclaim that SA will be the next big thing, but this will never be true unless the MTA team achieves it. If they don't build it. Someone else will (or try to). The past transgressions of the team are irrelevant and void at this point. What they have with blue will be all we shall require from them now and forever (untill a new GTA game is foolishly released without a multiplayer mode). Now
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