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  1. Every server can have it to set for different keyboard keys. Try "X", "M" and so on until under the chat you see Global instead of Local.
  2. Falenone

    MTA runs like crap.

    Go to nvidia settings. Set MTA SA and GTA_SA and GTASA_Proxy (If there is) run by Nvidia GPU. I had that same bug on my 525M and Optimus system. Even if the Nvidia GPU is set to be used by default. Force set it to GTA and MTA exe(s).
  3. Falenone

    Join flood error

    mtasa:// Edit// I know that server admin. So if it's server side I can contact him. Basically it happened when I got admin status
  4. Falenone

    Join flood error

    How to fix that annoying join flood error? Never had this before. Comes up on one server.
  5. In what file there are those IDE ID's and categories listed? Like [Furniture] ID's here [Alpha Channels] ID's here I need to modify some of those. Or is there a IDE list on the web with categories?
  6. My friend, who's scripter heard that MTA San Andreas game mode's can be "stolen" somehow from the server without even having FTP or direct access to files. Of course I said that is false and not true but he wants to be 100% sure. Can any administrator, top of the line scripter or someone please reply here and say that this thing he heard is not true and confirm it to him. I told him already.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQqJLr6pPa4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH7WVawkvas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e59kTb77ff4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EEXoZzr7vI Following video is old and showing only screenshots but still. Proudly made with MTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7atFxZQZeW4 Some more can be found here (non video ones, downloadable, in Estonian) Hope it's not the worst you've seen around here.
  8. I can't be only one. I create a map. No matter when I do it or do it with those new SAMP objects. I save-as my map. It's on the saved maps list. I close game. Open again Voilaa. My map is gone. Is there any way how to avoid it. This issue came with the new version for me. Never ever with earlier versions I haven't experienced this kind of bug. Should I downgrade or do what?
  9. Finally I saw that there is a new version out. It seems way better that old one
  10. Hospital Map Info Objects; ~400 Worktime; 4.7hr Location;High in Fort Carson Download; No , until I finish my website Gang Hangout Map Info Objects; ~300 Worktime; 5,9hr Location; Los santos - Las Colinas Download; No , until I finish my website Pictures , not sorted //forgot Hospital's generator room image _________________ My website for Mapping releases - 63% completed
  11. Hello there is a damn nasty stupid bug on mta 1.0.4 , when I'm on map editor and map something then every 30seconds i see sone freaking save window like I want to save my work every 30 seconds ... any "fixes" for this stupid bug ? Cant find better section for it because "bugs" button on top wont work
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