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  1. Yeah well this is pretty much it: I go into my MTA map editor and save my map. I go to open it again and it's not there to open up. Thanks in advance.
  2. If there is nothing soon I'll start working on one to release for the public. It would be based on "The Godfather" script used by most RP servers in SAMP.
  3. I'm sure he could Kevin but it'd take one hell of a long time to code and would cost you quite a bit. ( PS. Valhalla has a scripting team of like 10 people working on different bits and peices, if your gonna make a RP server like that I recommend you hire more than 1 guy.)
  4. I've searched through a lot of help tutorials etc, but I can't find how I teleport to an interior ( I have the coordinates and the ID of it ) so that I can add objects and make it solid. Thanks in advance.
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