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  1. 1. i was bearly talking like u read all of that with ur grade 3 reading level 2.tell me what rule i broke thought so cant cause i didnt break a rule dumb ass nub thats why i betraied ur ass with ur gay ass pics
  2. nice admin abuse Connecting... Connected. Server Map: Liberty City : Shore Side Vale PM from Admin: This server has Nick-Server enabled. Register your nickname today! PM from Admin: For more information type "/msg help" Angin: nice Phoenix:VCK: hhey blaze Phoenix:VCK: blde [ACK]-VTEC: this how u get out Angin: good thing i'm not driving Angin: i'ma go grab anotha beer Phoenix:VCK: nice! Phoenix:VCK: hehe [ACK]-VTEC: angin i give u dodo ride in a minute Angin: cool! Phoenix:VCK: its invincible? [ACK]-VTEC: wtf RoratoNet killed David. (Uzi) [ACK]-VTEC: hahah Phoenix:VCK: lol
  3. oh I just noticed i always flame when people talk mess bout clan or my race or me
  4. man fuck that fku chaos he be talking to much and that mofo and his racist self got me banned
  5. ill be looking forward for a rematch
  6. and mexico is saying like are u ready and there killing me and angel when we wre fucking waiting for them to go
  7. shit only reson i called u a noob cause u fucked with me to fare doint fucking do that shit
  8. lol we cheat how do we jet pack we use helis to get on roofs so fuck u i think u dont know what ur talking bout
  9. yo was up fool remember [WTF]clan has yo back :
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