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  1. Oh yeah Vicer? Consider me on the team. I always wanted to kick some yankee's ass.
  2. As most of us know already, The San Andreas Multiplayer team has made a Vice City Multiplayer. It is alot less laggier than MTA 05 but the pings are huge. Also I heard that they are making a GTA3: Multiplayer. If this keeps up, then MTA will die and noone will play it anymore. So come on MTA Team! Make a new version of MTA and release it!
  3. Hi all, I just got VC yesterday and I decided to play MTA. I did all the installation and then I pressed on start game. It all went fine until the part where I press on start game > Start Multi Theft Auto and then it looked as if it was loading but when the bar got full, the game just randomly closed. I tried again, and it closed and the next time it also closed then. I have played VC single player and reinstalled MTA but this still wont let me go ingame. PLEASE HELP ME!
  4. But that not always works,
  5. GTA:SA is a really big step up from Vice City but I think there could be a few more improvements in the next GTA if there is one.
  6. A chinook helicopter would be the best for MTA:Blue.
  7. Hi guys I was thinking about the vehicles in GTA3 and I realised that a chinook helicopter mod would be the best! If anyone has a chinook helicopter mod or knows who has one please give me the details of the website. Thankyou
  8. Hi every1 i was looking through and i saw something about mta 0.4.x and i was just wondering if any1 knew anything about this or knows when it will be released. If u do please write it down
  9. Brendan


    Any idea when this 0.4.5 is coming out?
  10. Maybe MTA BLUE should have no set game. Players that have GTA3, Vice City and SA (when it comes out on PC) on PC can play altogether. So that there will be no trouble in having the right game or not.
  11. there should be ejector seats for the dodo in gta3 and also missiles and parachutes. Is mta blue coming out for GTA3?
  12. Brendan

    GTA3 patch 1.2?

    The only problem, when i have 1.1 the game gets laggy and all jumpy.
  13. Should I try right clicking on the desktop and changing the appearance settings?
  14. Brendan

    GTA3 patch 1.2?

    HI guys I was playing GTA3:MTA right, and this dude said something about a GTA3 Patch 1.2! Does anybody know where this gta3 patch 1.2 is for download and if u know please say the website. Thankyou