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  1. XcR

    Missing the old days... :(

    wow..... it's been like, yonks since I've posted on these boards. good to see a lot of old faces still around - and new ones at that. hope everybody is getting on ok, - RIP Wheelman XcR
  2. ...lol good luck with your 43rd clan
  3. XcR


    Have you been living under a rock for the past year?
  4. because nothing has been released?
  5. well, no point me taking any credit for it, i didn't do any coding.. i just helped test
  6. can you stop spamming/talking crap everywhere through this forum?
  7. you need to get mta:vice city here and then the server patch which you can get from this link: server patch 1 to set up the server you can use the config tool included in the mta:vc installation. and no, there are no pedestrians.
  8. i'm good mates with [bSB] Jay, although i haven't seen him in a while + i've played on your css server a few times too..
  9. XcR

    Skins n radar :S

    don't use the v1.1 patch
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