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  1. Aw well guys, I rather just throw that whole fault thing beside me. Now there is one thing that I would like to consider, is that I myself and my team are all in the US besides Nexus, she resides in AU. Nor do people from the UK pick up good ping in my server. So I guess we would have no other choice but too have this war within another server. I'm not sure what Time Zone each one of you have individually but I would recommend it so that each and everyone of are prepared. Here are a few of those who were intrested: Birdys time will be: USA Texas GMT -6 Ghosts time will be: USA Tex
  2. Ah well, perhaps a reschedule would be nice what are you thinking of?
  3. You've decieved me, and thrown me in front of a crowd as a coward, speaking who of which was you. According to your members, Santa is the crew leader for the holidays and he never said one word, not one. And also Quig took out the full responsability to plan half of the war. I told him it would be in our server but obviously no one was told this. Nor do you have a part in word. I guess I can say we both f*ed up. By the way, who the hell are you and when did your biatch aRse become part of this. You coward, your like child, you enter party server with a differnt name and start commotion, also t
  4. [MC] = Mentally Challenged *Pot Heads
  5. Work has nothing to do with this at all. I just wanted to know if there was a program that specifically brought numerous programs into on bar such as. window 1, 2, 3 etc. Not hide everything.
  6. Just as in IRC, Lol. funny stuff. I never though of something so plain actually working within the mta client. ROFL
  7. Since I'm not much of a programmer I'd liek to ask a question. Wouldn't it be a great idea to have a program which will bring numerous programs within one menu, eliminating all the sperate tabs froms your taskbar?
  8. Yep i've noticed that as well. When you are shot down to the ground it will intially take you two times to get up prior from being shot. I would'nt say it was them modding but rather pausing. Have you ever notice between the two charaters they contanstly get up until they know they're clear from being shot?
  9. I myself personaly rather think differntly. First of of we should look at the draw backs from that idea. IT would be pretty fun but then everyone will battle between the cars and all the car noobs will just drive around everywhere.
  10. I'm not quite sure if this question has been asked before but aw well. Recently I asked within the general section of this forum if it was possible to make the display time on MTA's dedicated server a little longer. Most servers have long MOTD's and its kinda irritating to see it so shortly? What do you think?
  11. I'm going to be putting up the download section within our website that I built soon. But i strongly advice myself not to distribute the cracked client, considering how much people will use it to benifit their score. Over all this is just a game as i've tried to point out to some of the crew. It's good that you rather resolve this without comprimise rather then making it worst.
  12. Alright man, cool. I appreciate your maturity rather then urmommas
  13. Perhaps I should have read deeper before assume such things. Thanks for your corretion.
  14. I find it quite strange for you to say that redsocks because as I can recall you were in there when "THEY' were, perhaps your clan doesnt cheat.. cough cough but the fact of the matter is, if your story is true then dont let people sport your tag while you are in the server. As for URMOMMA he was on all day so theres no real excuse for that. - Spawn killing - Camping - Speed hacking - Accusing others to cheat. - And saying your owned by that doesnt prove crap
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