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  1. Title pretty much sums it up, but there will be no multiplayer (online) in San Andreas for the PC. I read this fact on IGN's new preview for GTA:SA PC. I also happened to see their prediction that the MTA team will release Multiplayer for SA:PC! I just thought this was an interesting publicity scoop for the MTA team to be aware of. Their work does not go unnoticed! http://pc.ign.com/articles/605/605982p1.html
  2. rolla

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    kick ass i might get vice re-installed for a run with new mta
  3. rolla


    yah wtf its like boats and new menus and shiznit 1 question tho: whne is this revolution coming
  4. yah true crims blows liek theres no walk/run thing, your always running full speed, so it very difficult trying to get int oa car, or doing anything really. I hate true crimes with a passion
  5. http://pc.ign.com/articles/519/519510p2.html I agree. TC Multiplayer is horrible, i don't like it nearly as much as MTA. The only problem with MTA is the choppyness, and wit hthe mta .4's "smoothness" fix, MTA will be ultimate. I find it very neat that IGN would say this though, I thought it was worth posting.
  6. but why get dumped on some and not on others... hmmmmm...... what could be the factor that result in this.... i'mma play cs now and come back in the mornin for a solution to this prob, if there is one , but i have faith
  7. 1 windows XP home 2 no router 3 vice city directory" c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto vice city\ 4 c:\program files\mta\ 5 yes 6 no, i didn't uninstall MTAVC 0.2.2 prior to installing MTAVC 0.3, but i tried installing 0.2.2 and then uninstalling then installing 0.3, no luck 7. 1.0 8 every time I try 9 I used the installer, I did allow it to 'create folders and shortcuts', then un-installed and tried not, didn't work, re-installed w/ created folders and shortcuts, still no luck yeah i figure this has been mentioned but its not just the radar, but also the entire
  8. its in the download archive on http://www.mtavc.com and i tied it and it didn't work (for me at least). I remeber one of the first gta3 mta's, i had this problem kind of, w/e i can't remeber
  9. wheelman what is your problem? if you can't deal with your problems don't start more!
  10. pshh spelling of for the weak with time but for us rebles its aall about time and how we use it we can compress so many activities and do it all and havce a great time or spend all of our life goin back turnin around lookin in the apast its the present mo fucker and you need to reconize that!
  11. why make it one thing it can be both or more is the user who should decide the autor s are users too but like they should have deathmatch and rpg there are no lines between the two or five or w/e how many mods of game s you csan think of the more choices the more popular the game will be ofr the player to use and play and thoser poele who are saying cheating peosron or w/e they should just go cry somewhere else because they should be able to avoid the cheater of if they want a challenfge be able to kill the cheater someow or something its only a bad situation if oyu make it one but i can be f
  12. this is so stupid they can't catch binladen alothugh they did get saddam :D but ne wasy s they can't catch the real porblem so they pin it on something else something HARMLESS maybe if people wwere violent because of games it's because they are raised by whitetrash alchohaulics and were gonna be mass murderers anyways! why don't people think? oh i played VC i'm gonna goto the hatians and kill them! :D wow like thats ever gonna happen i dunno why i put smiles anyways yeah and i'm gonna goto cuba and kill cubans becasue i played it in a agame be sides the people who play these games until its a
  13. that was such a long time ago in like summer of 03 but its still 03 for liek a few more days or like 1 week i don't lie k calnders they scare me anyways yeah i liked killing peiope w/ my chopper it was fun too bad cheatsare hard 2 find for mta or i would still be doing it but i don't have the energy to remove all my mods i h8 that w/ the mod thing you should make a thing where when u play it automaticly swtiches the handeling.cfg and the mta.scm or w/e and so then when ur done it replaces the old so you can play w/ ur mod and when you have mod cars all the roads and struff don't load in mta bu
  14. uhh tanks it takes a lot of skill yeah i just searched my name cuz i dunno what was goin on i actually have no i dea why i did it and i found this and yeah i wnna see those screeneis cua they sound like masterpieces of art and its my art in a way so i wanna see it idiot
  15. i wanna see the screenie re-post it up somehow i want to see what i did
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