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  1. last i checked, thats exactly what single player is..
  2. donno, but im not going to be use'n that forum anymore... we got our own now..
  3. the_hat


    nicknames are allready in work... should be in 0.3 ....
  4. yes, we will be use'n "All Seeing Eye" to list servers in 0.3, it will tell you more then if the game is full... it will tell you scores and player names, ping "Lag" and acouple more things...
  5. ill see what i can do. not any promisses or anything, but im sure i could get something. see we didnt host the last forums, but now we own this host so, im not sure what all we can do on this host.
  6. right now, i dont beleave we will be working on that... we are going to get this into stronger stages first... then we could worry about something like that... i mean from most people who have this game, have finished the game about 20 times... so even that wouldnt be that fun... but thats just how i see it.
  7. lol, yours works fine, but mine is fucked up... :! i dont care. ill leave it
  8. the_hat

    New Forum

    what, you dont like blue? you a satan worshiper and only like black??? its called keeping the flow for the site... if we had it about 50 different colors it would look like shit. lol, yeah its alittle blue, but i like it.
  9. i think we will be currently stick'n with quakenet, services are ok, not to many netsplits... better then most networks...
  10. the_hat

    New Forum

    not to bad... . nice to have our own forums now.
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