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  1. i've send them an e-mail, so they will now, no repsonse yet, but that will come i hope
  2. u got cookies enabled? i don't have a prob with it
  3. How manny spare pc's do you have? And if you want to use your software on another pc, you'll have to reinstall it. You can't just put a harddrive in another pc and think everything will work
  4. Don't ask hear about upcoming versions, how long it will take and so one, we will post all info we have here. Don't ask about it, just read what you can find. All important information is set as sticky or anouncement
  5. if you come across a runtim error, don't forget to post the number and de description of it
  7. i was refering to your first line in the quote
  8. i've already noticed that some of the users think there is a competition of who has the most post, now read this: those who make a competition of it will find there number of post to be reseted to 0 every day
  9. Watch it mousepad, no spamming. This isn't a contest
  10. delay will be minimized. The mod is build by a team, not by 1 man
  11. they told you wrong, no one knows when it comes out, not even the team because we are still working on it. When will you people learn : IT IS DONE WHEN IT IS DONE and read the two topics on top of the list!
  12. There is a difference between ping and lag guys, when are you gonna learn. It's not because you have a high ping that you have lag. Ping is the time it takes for a packet of data to be sent from your pc to the server and back. Lag happens when your PC doesn't get enough information. Then it doesn't know what to do and freezes for a moment untill it knows where you are in the game again.
  13. IJsVogel blew up his shuttle PC. He hopes it's only the power supply, but spare parts for a shuttle aren't that easy to find. 0.3 willl prolly be delayed. Do not ask us for how long. We will work as hard as we can with the rest of the team but don't be angry when we don't release next week
  14. For the moment we have CTC : Capter The Care: 2 Teams start on 1 Island and have to get to the other side of GTA3 to pick up a Mr. Whoopie and drive it back to there base
  15. i'm good to go: AMD XP 2600+ / 333MHz 2*512MBDDR333 in dual channel HDD 80GB with 8MB buffer GF4Ti4600 nForce2 powerd mobo
  16. Uploading of avatars is disabled, you'll have to upload it to a webspace. We have disabled uploading to save webspace. If you can't find any place to upload it, mail it to blokker@multitheftauto.com, don't forget to mention you nickname
  17. The current version uses a lot of bandwith
  18. he isn't gone yet guys, he's gonna finish (read his post again). It is his right to stop programming for free. If it was possible i would do the same.
  19. The next release of MTA is scheduled for next week (week 12 of 2003) and will include following features: *choice for 2, 10 or 30 players *A wide variety of vehicles to choose from *All Seeing Eye server browser *Chat with your gang using our ingame chat system *Walking It MAY support following gametypes: *Capture The Car *Deathmatch *Team Deathmatch *Liberty City Survivor (last man standing) *Freeze Tag (name could be changing) CTC screenie:
  20. i have just discovered a mistake in the config of the forum. If you hjave received a mail from the forum with a link in it to the forum, the link was wrong. It should be corrected now.
  21. The only one i can use: 1280*1024. When you use a TFT screen your options are limited
  22. i'm really sooy about it, i tought IJsVogel had mailed you guys about it? We couldn't tell you guys in advance because yesterday @ around 17.00 we started to build the forum and at around 19.00 it was up. We wanted to keep the old one up but closed because of all the information that is still there. Today i'm gonna read trough most of it especially the bugs to create a new section of the faq., i hope
  23. we actually hope that we don't need moderators, but just in case we're gonna pick some out i think
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