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  1. If it becomes a ghost section, we'll simply demote it to the archive ...
  2. nothing we can do to fix. phpbb wants us to assign a domain to it's cookies and that is set to . Why it does not set the domain by itself is a mysterie to me. I hope our future unified login system will solve this problem for us.
  3. why not disable the ones that cause problems?
  4. please remove all cookies related to
  5. Not the first time. Some malware scanners flag MTA as malware, this is considered by us a false positive, but unfortunatly a bit inconvenient for our users. Whenever we notice something like this we try to sort it out with the company that flagged it. Sometimes it works, but not always. What program is giving out this warning? If the installer is digitally signed, then it is safe to use. Right click on the exe, select properties and open up the tab Digital Signatures. You should see that it is signed by Hans Roes. If anyone tries to edit the file before redistributing it, the signature will fail and Windows should give you a big warning instead.
  6. of je begint met het bestuderen van eenvoudige voorbeelden waarbij je dan onduidelijkheden gaat opzoeken op de wiki.
  7. it's just a wildcard domain saying that anything before has to go to a specific page unless it is explicitly listed. I'll check if it's a dns error or a webserver misconfiguration and have it corrected.
  8. OK, not fair I know. That screenshot comes from a system that I tested out last year for a blogposting to see if it was possible to run Windows 7 on a 10 year old computer. And yes, you can do it (if you have enough RAM). No I don't work on it on a day-by-day basis. The board is tucked away somewhere, waiting for the day i need it again or i throw it away.
  9. so euhm, how did he cheat?
  10. There is no other way unfortunatly. As explained before, MTA only works with GTASA 1.0, this isn't our choice but a technical limitation by the process we use to make this entire thing possible without making any change to the game itself. Unfortunatly if you want to use the original file from rockstar you require the DVD, since you do not have it, the only way to make this work is by getting a 1.0 no-cd patch. And yes, 1.0 is compatible with all the other files that make up GTA:SA. So basicly you have to options: - keep everything as it is and enjoy single player SA like many of us have - download a 1.0 NO-CD crack and join us in some multiplayer fun and Remi-X, from a legal point of view that is not correct, technically you are already violating copyright by making changes to the exe. However, no one will pursuit someone who simply downloads a no-cd crack. Hell, prisons would be crowded if they did.
  11. bug reports, that's what the bugtracker is for.
  12. In essence he should simply expand that section to include his work since he is also using wine, just not the usual linux version.
  13. I have to add a small warning. Basicly what you do by issueing that command is disabling a small safety feature that Ubuntu (badly?) implemented. It makes it possible for one process to manipulate the memory of another process (basicly what MTA does and probably why it crashes). From what I understand Ubuntu, with this setting, wants to prevent one process from fidling with another if they are unrelated but somehow it gets messed up.
  14. It is a bug in Ubuntu 12.04 or it's version of wine (1.4). See ... bug/978678 You can work around it by issueing the following command on the console: echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope Please note that this is a temporary workaround and that the Ubuntu dev team needs to come up with a real fix.
  15. It is a bug in Ubuntu 12.04 or it's version of wine (1.4). See ... bug/978678 You can work around it by issueing the following command on the console: echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope Please note that this is a temporary workaround and that the Ubuntu dev team needs to come up with a real fix.
  16. If we cared about making money we wouldn't have hosted the site for 9 years without ads. If we cared more about ads you would see them everywhere instead of a single banner on community. You would have multiple banners on every page you visit.We have been able to cover our expenses for 9 years running, some of us have invested a lot of money in this project (thousands of dollars/euros over the years) and you dare to complain over a single banner? I should freakin ban you just for saying that ... Me and ijsf decided we would stop putting money into this project after 9 years, that does not mean the costs go away magically. Since I am still hosting current community the ads are to cover that expense. If the new community is ever finished, and it is proven to be more secure than the current one it will probably come over to the same server hosting the rest of MTA and the ads will more than likely be gone again.
  17. I guess you should read up on our license (you know, it's one of those screens in the installer, or read it online). GPL is verry specific with how you should handle GPLed code, unlike BSD license for example you are required to release your own code where GPLed code is included also under GPL.Anyone can make an MTA clone with our code but has to respect the license and rerelease the code under GPL. Kye had his reasons to leave, and yes in a way we like the competition, keeps us going in a way. Competition == inovation. Hell, i could write a book about that guy by now. Full of colored truth (hard to call yourself objective when you are part of one fo two sides) but would be an interesting read. Almost 10 years of history.
  18. Would be better to link at SAMP forums. Nope, would be removed before anyone would see it. Kalcor is verry strict about saying anything that would put him in a negative light. And let's not forget that he created *-MP out of hatred for MTA so defending this mods on his board really is a no-go.
  19. Best laugh i had in a while ... Let's get this straight. Back in the good old days when Kalcor/Kye was still part of this team we had some informal contacts with R* North. When we got stuck, we asked them and they returned code snippets to the team if it was possible. We never got any official backing from R* nor had they any hand in the development of the mod. Hot Coffee ended everything unfortunatly. The good men and women from R* became more carefull. Kye/Kalcor also had access to all this information and even though he splitted off before SA-MP was released he also uses the knowledge of everything he learned while part of the team. And back when we were developing blue for VC we didn't receive VC code snippets but SA code snippets because R* was already working on SA. He always complain that we are bullying him, but who always throws the first punch?
  20. The problem was with the openID extension and the modifications we made to it to work on our previous box that runs freebsd instead of linux. I patched it back up as good as i could, if you run in any more errors, please let me know.
  21. getCursorPosition" class="kw4">getCursorPosition()
  22. makes you wonder why he did it ... And to put it simple, bans are never permanent, they can always be reversed. But don't be a dick by evading them, appeal to admins, can't contact them directly, let someone else try. But don't go making new accounts, chang IP adresses or use proxys just to bypass a ban and piss off the admins ...
  23. Noddy, i'm sorry, but if ccw and x86 had known what he was planning, they wouldn't have helped him. Furthermore, it should have been obvious from the start for him that somethign like that would have not been popular with the dev team. If first you get banned on #mta and start ban evading, then you get banned on the entire irc network and you immidiatly start thinking about ban evading and then you go and do something as stupid as creating a server with fake usercount, don't you think you deserve to be kicked out? We are an open and tolerant community, but that does not mean we should tollerate everything. He went against fairplay and now has to live with the consequences.