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  1. WIKI Yesterday I added my first wiki page. Which is not necessary something you call 'news'. But it was a lot of fun figuring out how the interface actually works. It is to be honest not very beginner friendly, even though there is a lot of documentation added. documentation The page/function which I added to the useful functions list: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CheckPassiveTimer This useful function allows you to use passive timers in your conditions. For example you want to prevent players repeatedly using a command. I named the function 'checkPassiv
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  2. Hey people, how is prison? In 2015 I released a beta version of a resource that created driving trains. But unfortunately I never finished it. So that is why I am making a final update for it, including rewriting and cleaning the old code. The this version will be uncompiled, so you can adjust it like you want. It will take some more days to finish it, so be patient. I can send you a pre-version, if you like to try it out before the release. No requirements for a pre-version, just a little bit feedback would be nice. To receive the pre-version, send me a per
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  3. Hi there, what are you looking at? Ah this, I have uploaded V1.0.2 of the draw distance resource. This resource helps with displaying objects that are normally streamed out. Your maps (even if you are not a mapper) will become a lot more beautiful! Enjoy the resource as well as your well deserved WEEKEND!!!!
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  4. Hey people, that some how get once again another super annoying pop-up... I just wanted you to know that I kept my promise, project trains V2.0.0 is out with open source. It took a little bit longer to clean up the old code, so `soon` was unfortunately not so soon. If you want to edit it, I have to apologies that I didn't clean up all the inconsistency within the code style. But never the less it has tabs and comments ! I wish you the best of luck in these crazy times!
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  6. era para ser mensagem privada uahausdhuahsda, desculpa (se puder apagar eu acho que aprendi como funciona o exemplo que você me deu agradecido irmão)
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  10. شف شف النوب دمار , يفكرني زارف كود الكرة Viewing Topic: math for moving ball (carball)
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  11. Habbash#7998 راسلني هنا ^
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  14. Join our forum at https://forum.redcountyrp.net/ also join our teamspeak IP:
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