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    About Us: Welcome to San Andreas United Gaming (SAUG) Server Information: Server Owner: Tando/FireWall/Nox Server Forum : saugrpg.com Server Discord : https://discord.gg/fwSTUhu Server Verison : 4.0 FB Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/141559259848558/ STAUTS : OPENED Server Record: Server Record : +35 Server Record gift : VIP / Money / events Server System: HUD: UCP: Inventory: HelpPanel: Phone: SkinShop: Ammunation: Jobs: Spawners: Lottery: Login: Bus: SAUG Updates: Regards SAUG Staff Team
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    Hello MTA:SA community, i release now all my Selfmade Gamemodes and Scripts. INFO: You have a error, warning or otherwise? Then write me a DM(Direct Message) or add me on Discord (DorteY#3099) and write a DM there. Hud (Script): https://github.com/DorteY/mtasa-selfmadehud Cops 'n' Robbers (Gamemode): https://github.com/DorteY/mtasa-copsNrobbers (Updated: 10.12.2019) Zombie Apocalypse (Gamemode) https://github.com/DorteY/mtasa-Apocalypse (Updated: 12.12.2019) Lakeside Reallife (German) (Gamemode) https://github.com/DorteY/mtasa-LakesideGER (Updated: 25.12.2019)
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    addEventHandler("O zonapvp = createColRectangle ( 5441.9, -1926.4, 119.5, 133 ) event_iniciado = 1 local spawns = { { 5460.70264, -1825.30945, 10.97057 }, { 5454.74805, -1884.13953, 10.29621 }, { 5537.57373, -1887.13306, 11.04092 }, { 5545.14746, -1829.44873, 10.29401 }, { 5501.95557, -1861.66174, 10.29621 } } function start_admin_event (player) if event_iniciado == 1 then local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( player ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Owner" ) ) then outputDebugString ("Evento Iniciado") event_iniciado = event_iniciado +1 i = 0 pvp_1 = createTeam("PVP-Red [use /pvp]", 255, 0, 0) pvp_2 = createTeam("PVP-Green [use /pvp]", 0, 255, 0) pvp_3 = createTeam("PVP-Blue [use /pvp]", 0, 0, 255) pvp_4 = createTeam("PVP-Yellow [use /pvp]", 255, 255, 0) addCommandHandler ( "pvp", tele ) end else outputChatBox("O evento ja esta ativado", player, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler ( "eventStart", start_admin_event ) function entrar_na_zona( thePlayer, matchingDimension ) if getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" then outputChatBox( "Working One" ) redirecionar_team (thePlayer ) end end addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", zonapvp, entrar_na_zona) function sair_da_zona( thePlayer, matchingDimension ) if getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" then outputChatBox( "Working Two" ) retirar_team (thePlayer ) end end addEventHandler("onColShapeLeave", zonapvp, sair_da_zona) function tele(player) local teles = math.random ( #spawns ) if ( teles ) then setElementData(player,"inPVP",true) setElementData ( player, "SavedTeam", getTeamName ( getPlayerTeam ( player ) ) ) setElementPosition(player, unpack ( spawns [ teles ] )) end end function redirecionar_team (thePlayer) playerTeam = getPlayerTeam(thePlayer) i = i + 1 if i > 4 then i = 1 end if pvp_1 and pvp_2 and pvp_3 and pvp_4 then if i == 1 then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer, pvp_1 ) end if i == 2 then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer, pvp_2 ) end if i == 3 then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer, pvp_3 ) end if i == 4 then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer, pvp_4 ) end end end function retirar_team (player) local t = getElementData ( player, 'SavedTeam' ) setPlayerTeam ( player, getTeamFromName ( t ) ) setElementData(player,"SavedTeam",false) end addCommandHandler("stop123", function (player) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( player ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Owner" ) ) then if event_iniciado >= 2 then for k , v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(v,"inPVP") then retirar_team (v) end end for i, team in ipairs(getElementsByType('team') do destroyElement(team) end removeCommandHandler ( "pvp" ) event_iniciado = 1 else outputChatBox("Não possivel parar, porque não foi iniciado", player, 255, 0, 0) end end end) Try this *UPDATED*
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    SAUG:RPG Verison 4.8 has been Released General UPDATES: New Bussines System has been ADDED , You Will recieve 10% of Money From ur own shop Now, GrandeLauncher Switched with Teargas,Grande,Molotov VIP Flags has been Added In-Game Event System : Free For All has been ADDED Fallout Event has been UPDATED Level System : Added Sound Effect , UI On Level UP Police Job : Has been UPDATED Taser : You Can't Tase Player with Red Head VIP System : Tag Has been Added only for VIP Premium Clan System : Added Own Blip and NameTag For Clan Members New TDM Has Been Added on LS, Feel Free To Host TDM with ur friends Bases : From Now you can't break any glass Chat System : Alliance System has been Added Player List : You can see ur Kills If u aren't in Top List Now u able to Change Hydra Colors Ammunation / Weapons : MP5 Became like UZI , Tec-9 You can now buy Gas Masks ($2,000 each). Ban System : Has been UPDATED Toll UI : Has been UPDATED You can now view your own punishment list using the '/mypunishments' command. Now You Able to Change ur Custom Title color for 1m and Titles for 100k UCP : Added Skin Shaders , PaintJobs , Clan Shaders on it UCP : You can send Request from UCP To change PAINTJOB OR SKIN SHADER UCP : Added Pages For Settings Tab UCP : Added New Achivements , There are 35 Achivements has been Added Job System: System:Will get msg when u Rank UP Job System: Gangster has been changed to Criminal Job System: From Now, Only 7Members able to take Thugs Job Trade System : Has been UPDATED Trade System : You Can Trade Masks Player Click Menu : "Give Money" has been added on Menu Vehicle Click Menu Has been Added [ Lock , Hide , Turn on Light , Doors , Specifications ] There Are Some Missions has been ADDED: Assault AmmoTransport Androma Missions Prasdient WarZone : We Had to edit Somethings on it Law Side , Crim Side has own Skins when join Rewards now work on this way: Reward1 = 1000$ for killing an enemy inside a warzone ( must count as kill for kill-list ) Reward2 = 25,000$ per zone owned at end of the event Only Military , Terrorists Can Take The Zone Turf System: Disabled turfing while warzones are going on You Will get Message While ur turfs getting Attack Added More Turfs in Each City LV , SF Inventory System : Click Menu has been Added From Now, You Able to wear Gas Mask Spawner System : Thugs / Terrorists Able to Use Criminal Spawner Added Pages on Spawner/Owned Vehicle Spawner every 5 Vehicles u will get new Page. Respected Turf Has been Added on LS You can buy masks from F10 Xmas Event has been ADDED, T/xmasevent Added New Clan Blip with NameTag New Support Chat has been Added on F7 You Able to use command t/selldrugs New Login has been Added Phone: Youtube/ Translate App has been Added New DrugEffect Has been Added From Now, Youn can eject glued Player New Aimming System has been added New Vehicle Mods with New Mods System Now, You Able to use *ColorName Text in Chat Job System has been Changed Respected Group Able to Spawn From Spawner of Own Side You Can use /lock command while u are out of vehilce Added New CJ Clothes System New Walk System has been added For Combat Tag System Added Able only for Premium VIP New Clan Ranks Permissions has been Added New Mechanic Shop Has been added New Bank Robbery/ Casino Robbery Has been Added ,enjoy Bugs: You can't use jetpack while turfing Fixed Trade Mask Bug
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    Se for dayz na função playerGetDamageDayz e pedGetDamageDayz
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    Você vai precisar de um sistema de ID, daí basta usar getElementData para retornar o id do player. Aqui no fórum tem tópicos relacionado e com esse script e funções de ID.
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