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    Sua linha 5 está errada. Em vez de source, use v
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    Eu reinicio o a resource volta normalmente, eu saiu do servidor e entro de novo e volta normalmente, o problema eu eu desligar o servidor e liga de novo [2019-07-17 18:17:29] SCRIPT ERROR: [FW]Score/Arc_s.Lua:36: '(' expected near '�' [2019-07-17 18:17:29] ERROR: Loading script failed: [FW]Score/Arc_s.Lua:36: '(' expected near '�' no caso essa linha function setLevelLogin (_, account) Escrevi novamente a linha agora deu Certo Obrigado
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    Troque isto: function setLevelLogin () local account = getPlayerAccount(source) if ( account ) then local Level = (getAccountData(account,"Level") or 0) local minutes = (getAccountData(account,"minutes") or 0) setElementData(source,"Level",Level) setElementData(source,"minutes",minutes) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(),setLevelLogin) Por isto: function setLevelLogin (_, account) local Level = (getAccountData(account,"Level") or 0) local minutes = (getAccountData(account,"minutes") or 0) setElementData(source,"Level",Level) setElementData(source,"minutes",minutes) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(),setLevelLogin) O primeiro argumento da sua função getAccountData está incorreto. O evento onPlayerLogin já fornece a conta do jogador, não é necessário usar getPlayerAccount. Aliás, esta função não retorna a conta, e sim o objeto dela, no caso o jogador responsável. Se você quer obter a conta do jogador, use getAccount.
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    You are having some serious system issues. The offset you're reporting (AcLayers.dll @ 0x00026D55) is memory heap corruption. You are the only player on MTA that is getting this crash. I saw that besides the crashes listed in your diag pastebin, you're also crashing on modules like ntdll and nvd3dum (component of your graphics driver). Steps: 1) download https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat and rightclick it > Run as Administrator. Wait for it to finish, it will close itself and then reboot your PC. 2) open command prompt (cmd) from start menu (rightclick > Run as Administrator) and enter this: after it passes 100% and finishes, reboot your PC and again open cmd using step 2). Now, enter this: when it's completed, reboot your PC. Then, download and install these drivers (only for the PC of @totenfamoso😞 1) https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/148584 (Nvidia driver) 2) https://downloadmirror.intel.com/28888/a08/igfx_win10_100.6912.exe (Intel HD driver) 3) https://mirror.mtasa.com/files/RealtekHD-driver.zip (Sound driver) 4) https://downloadmirror.intel.com/28182/eng/chipset-10.1.17.zip (Chipset driver) After that, uninstall MTA completely and re-download and install from http://multitheftauto.com/ - before launching it, right-click Multi Theft Auto.com and go to the Compatibility tab, remove any custom settings there (so it has no compatibility mode at all), since AcLayers.dll (Windows Compatibility DLL) crash may somehow be affected by it. If none of these instructions fix your problems, then run a full anti-virus scan and also stop/remove autostart of other random software on your PC that might interfere with MTA's execution. Then after that if the issue persists, and you think it's worth it, you could completely re-install your OS and otherwise run Memtest86 to see if your RAM sticks are physically damaged, because as I said, we're talking about memory heap corruption in SA process and it's not originating from MTA itself.
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    Note that setting game speed affects everything around them and not just walking, as well as worsening sync (everything around them will appear badly synced, and others will see that player as moving around badly synced) This is a reason why I personally would never touch setGameSpeed. It's not really a feature designed for multiplayer SetPedAnimationSpeed also cannot be used, because it doesn't support active walking styles (the player movement anim group and ID instead of a static anim) and also would only support slow-downs (speed 0.0 - 1.0). You will have to use custom animations; find (or create) IFP walking style that has a speed you desire. @Lergen
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    local string = "12345678" local encrypt = sha256(md5(string)) outputChatBox(encrypt) Exatamente dessa forma.
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    كود في خطا متغير زياده عدد مرات تغير الأسم بيزيد كل مره اي لاعب يغير اسمه
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    You're welcome! Yes. You may use getPedAnimation
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    Have you tried to use 'setGameSpeed' in client side once you give a walking style to a player? That'd change the speed of a certain player but not for everyone.
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    Hello I've started this map 4 years ago but only finished it in these months. It's based on Journey which is only playable on ps3/ps4 yet, but Epic Games will bring it to PC soon. I tried to create the atmosphere that the original game has, though it could be much better but I didn't use any custom modell or mods. Special thanks to: rayhassiutokepesJackob - for editing this video for meHazy - for recording the mapnGear - for making scripts for me 4 years agoKrzysztof - for making scriptsBriaN - for helping in the track at a few partsRizom - for advicesKuTya - for trying to record my map although I didn't use his video Download link: http://www.solidfiles.com/v/jX7gQv5R82YdB
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    It's been a while since I released my v3, but I'm back with my latest/last map based on the movie Interstellar. I've tried to make a smooth track that is enjoyable for everyone, I hope I succeeded. Enjoy! ======================= Downloadlink =======================