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    bindKey(player,"m","down","music") replace to: bindKey("m","down","music") (And run this script on client side.)
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    Então executará em outros horários além daquele 17:08 ? É possível também, mas creio que a codificação não será tão trivial quanto para apenas um horário definido. Pensando rapidamente aqui, eu criaria uma tabela com tais horários, percorreria e obteria o getTimestamp* para cada um deles, e com isso faria o cálculo dos milissegundos para criar os setTimers (cada um para um horário). *O trabalho seria verificar se o horário que você ativou o script já é maior, menor ou igual à tais horários definidos, e talvez até precisar verificar quantos dias possui no mês, se o ano é bissexto, para poder mandar valores válidos ao getTimestamp. Caso não queira trabalho, aumente o tempo do seu setTimer de 1000ms, para 60000ms, mas apenas se a verificação dos horários não envolver segundos.
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    شكرا كثر خيرك
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    flags - flag_shot_rand_speed
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    I made that change when HAWK Was offline, weeks ago. I will add both after next hotfix.
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    RPG counts as weapon that fires bullets. It triggers the event atleast at clientside. Not sure if it also triggers serverside. If not, then trigger the event manually. (It is not as if you can fire a RPG rapidly.) About triggering client to server every time a player shoots. This was a part of something I build a long time ago. It was a script that would sending bullet lines over to serverside. And detect if it hit players. More or less how modern games do their damage model. That is for the onces that actually do the detection serverside. But the issue with that was that it strongly relied on fast internet. If this criteria was not met, I was forced to freeze those players(high packet loss) and that made it even more unplayable for those. (onPlayerWeaponFire was not available yet) If those players where not frozen, they would teleport around everytime they shot a few bullets. TriggerServerEvent's are using TCP. Which is not streaming. Only 1 message can be send and received at the sametime. + causing the network to be blocked all the time. Sending Message from client to server Server receives Server sends a message back.(message: yes it has been delivered) Client sends next message to the server. Well that was my issue/story. My advice: Fake the hud information. Do only sync when it is absolutely necessary.
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    @Ren712 has finally released his new deferred lighting resources, i updated the server to support that. The major drawback of this new lighting method is the fact that it needs depth buffer access and shader model 3 support and i guess its not as fast as the old dynamic lighting, but it looks better. It is also not compatible with literally any other shader that is applied to an element, that means it looks slightly worse when sun shader is running but i see no negative effect on water shader. I guess its impossible to make this lighting 100% compatible with sun shader, at least impossible for me. I also tried to fix the collisionless players controlling field guns or mortars, it is impossible to fix. There is a MTA bug that messes their collisions up. I could reproduce the bug and filled a bug report. UPDATE: -Latest MTA nightly together with this update fixes the 1-frame delay when something is attached to a player bone -Latest MTA nightly fixes some issues with animations, players can now toggle between crouch/prone perfectly fine -Renamed SAAW-WW2-v3 to SAAW-WW2, the final version -New staff command: /ability PLAYERNAME VALUE (this command sets the ability points of a specified player for his current team) -Mappers can now select a background sound in the editor gamemode settings -Mappers can now set the preferred nation that a player should have when joining a team on specific maps -Added british and italian nations -Updated german officer skin -Added many improvements for animations (players now keep crouching when doing certain things, like placing mines etc.) -Added new crosshair -Implemented a screenshot mode due to many requests by players, enable it by using "/hud", disable it by using F8 console -Implemented a night mode for the zoom view (Ship, tank zoom etc), can be configured in F6 binds menu, default is "N" key -The upper compass of the submarine periscope now shows the periscope rotation relative to the world, not relative to the submarine -Added another compass when using submarine periscope, it shows the direction of the boat -Updated almost all maps with many fixes or complete rebuilds -Changed vKontakte link to https://vk.com/mtasaaw -Players can now cancel reviving a player by pressing SPACE key but you can bind any key to command "cancelRevive" if you want -It is now possible to spectate backwards by using the left arrow key -It is now possible to use freecam mode for spectating, just press W/S/A/D while spectating -Players can no longer switch weapons while entering / exiting a vehicle, this could fix the "Grenade ammo" glitch -Machine gunners can now re-pack their dropped ammo box and carry it away -Added new sounds for Jet cannons and Type 99 MG -Vehicles with multiple simultaneous firing guns do now have only 1 gun that makes sound -Updated dynamic lighting to new deferred rendering lighting -Added dr_blendshad resource -MG emplacements are now a lot more smooth -Fixed first person mode of MG emplacements causing crazy camera rotation issues -Fixed MG model of emplacements facing downwards instead of the direction where the player aims -Slightly improved appearance of anti-tank mines -Mortars can now fire smoke shells -Players get now moved to spectator team when being idle for more than 2 minutes -Fixed a bug where players had no ability set when auto-spawning after joining the server -Grenade throw force can now be maximized by using the right mouse button together with the left mouse button, releasing the button resets the force to 0 -Ordnance training perk now affects reload time of ships -Fixed a glitch that allows players to instantly reload a weapon while jumping -Maximum amount of characters in the username and password fields is now 29 letters -Updated shader_soft_particles to latest version -Submarines do now receive 50% less damage from vehicle MGs -Torpedo boats and landing boats can now get detected by ship crews -Nerfed howitzer reload time by 50% -Removed funny MLG stuff when killing enemies due to complaints about performance -SSAO and palette shaders are no longer enabled by default when a player did not disable it earlier -Players now keep their velocity after exiting a plane in air -Added secondary/coaxial machine gun key bind to key settings -Airborne class now has a parachute equipped that can be used without any limit -Players do no longer collide with other players when climbing ladders -Dead players do no longer collide with other players and vehicles -The mortar no longer has a speedometer -Fixed a bug where some UI Elements were not fading away when clicking other UI elements too quickly -Moderator rights got seriously nerfed due to massive complaints about abusement -Cugu is now moderator ...As usual: Report any new and old issues, i am 99% sure that small issues have found their way into this update, i could not even test all the map updates...
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    Exato! Você quer executar uma ação quando for x horas ? Caso sim, mantenha o código no lado servidor, mas ao invés de ficar verificando a hora todo instante, basta calcular os milissegundos que possuem do momento que ativar o script até a hora/dia desejado, ai só criar o setTimer com tal valor. Talvez ajude: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/76253-usando-timestamp/
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    اي جرائد عندك مانع ؟ غريبه الناس غريبا الدنية ذيا اعز الناس والله نسيتها الاغنية ض1 على العموم رمضان كريم
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    Que onda gente ! Un día me harté de mi papa con cables así que decidí crear este simple sistema y compartirlo para todas aquellas personas que se hayan cansado de tirar su teclado por la ventana por algún bajón de FPS. La verdad es que este recurso ya lo había subido hace tiempo a la comunidad pero actualmente lo modifiqué un poco. DESCRIPCIÓN: El sistema trae 8 funciones que serán modificadas según el gusto del usuario. También, como detalle, trae un visor de FPS que lo agregué recientemente y funciona a base de la función útil getCurrentFPS. La gui la hice con el recurso GUI Editor ya que así me resultaba más fácil y rápido. Acá les voy a dejar algunas imágenes que muestran un poco su funcionamiento: IMÁGENES: El código está %100 descompilado pero les recomiendo no editar mucho los valores ya que el usuario podría recibir algún daño en su juego. Muchas gracias por su tiempo. Espero que les sirva !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> RESOURCE <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    بتوفيق ي صديقي , ❤️ .