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    Hi there. The Winter Holidays are here, so as usual we have got a new recap and status update post for you. Here is the summary of what has happened this year. 📰 2018 in Recap We made efforts towards the new release through the first half of the year, so there was not much to talk about. There was an incompatibility issue with the 360 Total Security software which we advised you about and later in the year, there was a similar issue with McAfee. Late July, we have asked you about your thoughts about refreshing the community.mtasa.com portal. We have received some interesting feedback from you and we are still thinking about ways of implementing it, while considering our current resources. Also in July, we have migrated our bug tracking services to GitHub Issues, making it easier to track specific issues and link them to GitHub commits and pull requests. This has also allowed us to clean up our bug tracker - the old system had nearly 8000 tracked issues, some of which were 13 years old or so. On 7th of September, we have released Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6. This release added support for custom IFP animations among other things, like fixing the input and FPS lag reported by some of our users. Then a few days later, we have advised you to upgrade your MTA:SA servers to the latest version due to a server crash exploit that was discovered. There were some additional issues with this hotfix that were spotted later, but they have been all fixed within few days. If you have not yet upgraded your servers though, we still urge you to do so. 📺 A bunch of interesting MTA:SA-related YouTube videos from this year nX_ Vol.18 - CodeNX™ - 첫 장 - video by ElCrowMvs / map by nX [GTA:DM] Wonder - Interstellar - by Wonder MTA [MTA] Vice City - Map Preview #1 (JStreamer v3) - by Liberty City Roleplay Multi Theft Auto - Tactics - by LoG4nTG Multi Theft Auto - MTA CIT / GTA SA - San Andreas Police Department's 7th Anniversary (Dance Show) - video by PeteyFTW / server: CIT Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Fail + Funny moments #1 - by Mr. Green Gaming Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas - MTA DD - Map: Orgazm Cross - video by Game Master / map by Orgazm MTA:SA Fast And Furious Paradise Trailer ! - by SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 📈 Current player counts and version fragmentation statistics Type Amount of players Date / Time Recent peak number of concurrent unique players 30625 players 2018.12.16 (at 16.30 GMT) Highest recorded number of concurrent unique players 34653 players 2018.02.03 (at 17.30 GMT) Recent number of daily unique players 150390 players 2018.12.01 (Saturday) Highest recorded number of daily unique players 185818 players 2018.02.03 (Saturday) Recent number of monthly unique players 605834 players November, 2018 Highest recorded number of monthly unique players 805903 players January, 2018 Player counts were just slightly lower than last year, but we have also had some nice peak values at the beginning of the year. Good to see that there is still an interest in old but great games. MTA:SA Version or series Percentage of players using that version or series as of 24th of December, 2018 1.6.0 (alpha) 0.05% 1.5.6 97.20% 1.5.5 2.00% 1.5.4 (and older) 0.40% 1.4.x 0.20% 1.3.x 0.15% Similar to last year, two of our most recent releases are used by over 99% of our player base. It means that there is little fragmentation between our releases and that players in general upgrade to the newest release once it is available. Also, there seems to be some interest in the newest alpha version as well - that is nice too. 📟 Status updates Community-wise, our Discord has expanded this year - currently we have got 10 language-specific sections available for you there, as well as the active as usual English ones. We have also opened a new forum section recently to keep appeals for global game bans in one place. Over the next few weeks we intend to refresh our forum rules to better suit the current forum needs. As for mod's development, we will continue working on the next release. We are thinking of integrating a new version of the client installer to reduce amount of issues encountered when installing MTA:SA (as well as to make it easier to investigate the remaining ones). We will also consider adding new features provided by our community members, such as editing collisions and adjusting surface properties by CrosRoad95. That's it for now. 🎄❄Happy Holidays and all the best to you in 2019! 🎉✨ -- MTA Team
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    It's official, MTASA has been bought and we are becoming SAMP. Future MTASA builds will be closed source and half the features removed. Have a nice day!
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    A simple script of dressable characters and deformable faces. You can move every vertex of the head with a simple displacement shader. The script is in test state right now, I'll create a new editor later. Hope you like it.
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    A poor demonstration of custom face morphing
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    Slipe is an open source framework that enables anyone to write scripts for MTA:San Andreas in C# instead of Lua, wrapping all MTA elements and classes and including some .NET Core namespaces. It is based on CSharp.Lua by Yang Huan. Slipe features: Runs on Windows and Linux Built in continuous deployment support with (GitHub) webhooks Object oriented wrappers for all MTA elements Async/await for MTA functions that use callbacks C# style Http requests, sockets and XML methods. Use Visual Studio and its Intellisense Type safety You can find more information about the project on https://mta-slipe.com. Our Discord Our Github The project is still in Alpha, and since it is open source anyone is welcome to contribute
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    السلام عليكم رجعت بعد فترة طويلة من تنزيل المودات وبما ان رمضان قرب فحبيت اسوي سكربت بسيط للسيرفرات والسكربت مسويه علسريع علشان لاحد ينتقده فيديو للمود : معليش علي جودة الفيديو مب حلوة والحين المود انه يجيب الفانوس مع الاغنية والتأثيرات كل دقايق الي انت تحددها من ملف c.lua في اول المود حاط متغير اسمه mins غيره لعدد الدقايق الي تبيه انت ولا نطول عليكم والسكربت غير مشفر للأفادة رابط تحميل المود : رمضان كريم علي الكل ____________________________________________________ الاهدائات : @KillerX @SuperX @Abdul KariM @!#NssoR_) @Rakan# @TAPL @DABL @Kareem Amer @ALBANDER. @iMr.WiFi..! @#Soking @Master_MTA @#StrOnG_,) @NX_CI @[T]|O|[P]George @ibrahim# @[AcM] - Major . @#,xiRocKyz @+Source|>
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    Hi! I am Ciastuuś(Ciastuus) and today I present the construction system, which is visible in the film below. One day I came up with the idea of creating something that was not there. Namely, we wanted to create a server based on Rustie, but due to lack of time and limitations, we created a demonstration script that will exist on the server that we will open if we find the time. What can the script do? We will answer this question! Building on a designated area Creating all available elements visible in the video Removing manually created items Destroying elements by hitting a vehicle or shooting it with a gun And many more in subsequent versions! The visible zone has been modeled in its entirety, and checking whether an element is in the zone is part of the script. Same as effects. The effects are part of modeling and scripting them. If you have an idea what to add, please write in a comment, thank you! Credits: * Ciastuus(me) * Vagos * x0nx * xS3nd * Kavp * ... more
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    This script has been stolen from a server by taking the uncompiled client.lua from the client resources directory while playing there. As this happens to be my server, I took this opportunity to publish the script on community rather than having someone else show off with work that isn't theirs. Said server has been running this script for a couple of years already. You can download the resource at https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15749 now (open source). Topic locked because this practice isn't allowed on the forums Arabic translation (not by me): هذا السكربت تمت سرقته من السيرفر الخاص بي عن طريق سرقة ملف الكلاينت الغير مشفر من مجلد المودات أثناء اللعب هناك, وبالصدفة هذا السكربت خاص بسيرفري لذلك استغليت الفرصة وقمت بنشر السكربت في الكوميونيتي بدلاً من تظاهر شخص بعمل ليس له, هذا السكربت يعمل بالسيرفر لعدة سنين حالياً https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15749 : ( تحميل السكربت ( مفتوح المصدر .هذا الموضوع مغلق لأن هذا التصرف ممنوع في المنتدى
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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته.. كيفكم جميعاً؟ ان شاء الله تكونون طيبين [UIKit] راح يتم الإعلان عن مكتبة واجهة المستخدم الحديثة تحت أسم -: التي هي من تطوير عربي بالكامل تحت طاقم مكون من 3 أفراد الا وهم @iMr.WiFi..! @H25 @#,xiRocKyz المكتبة تم تطويرها خلال اسبوع.. وتعتبر أقل مكتبة استهلاكاً للرام والذاكرة وهذا ماحرصنا عليه في المكتبة وكذلك التصميم الجيد للمكتبة الذي يعطي جمالية للمستخدم المكتبة ولا ننسى التأثيرات الجيدة -: وهنا صور توضح المكتبة وخصائصها وكذلك بعضاً من مميزاتها -: وهنا فيديو على اليوتيوب يظهر تأثيرات المكتبة -: (هذه هي كائنات المكتبة الحالية (سيتم أضافة الكثير مستقبلاً سيتم أضافة جميع كائنات الجيو في المكتبة بشكل فريد من نوعه بأذن الله تعالى.. وما يميز مكتبتنا بقلة الأستهلاك أو حتى يمكن الاطلاق عليها بعديمة الأستهلاك ..وفي الختام نتمنى ان تضعو أجابةً للأستطلاع اعلاه وكذلك وضع الاقتراحات سيتم نشر المكتبة في القريب العاجل
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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء والمرسلين نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة واتم التسليم, اما بعد: أقدم لكم دورتي لـ تعلم لغة برمجة لوا.. ملاحظة: توجد مشكلة في الدرس الثاني الا وهي صغر الخط, وتم حلها ولن تتكرر في الدروس القادمة باذن الله تعالى MTA الدورة لا تتوجه لـلعبة ولكنها تتكلم عن البرمجة بشكل عام بالاضافة لتعليم وتدريس في لغة لوا اذا كان فيه نوع من الاقبال والتفاعل سأتخصص بـ برمجة ام تي ايه بالاضافة لبرمجة الديسكورد وشرح بعض اللغات الاخرى دمتم سالمين في أمان الله..
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    زي ماهو واضح بالعنوان في لعبة قديمة كنت العبها على البلايستيشن وكانت ممتعة نوعا ما ف الي حاب يفتح سيرفر ويتيمز بقيم مود جديد لعل وعسى يستفيد منه شرح مختصر تصادم سيارات طبعا فيه حلبات او مضمار سباق زي مانقول وتتسابق مع ناس تحاول انك تفوز او ماتخلي احد يصدمك wreckfest اللعبة اسمها طبعا الدمج بيكون على حسب السرعة الي تمشي فيها واللعبة فيها نظام تعديل يعني كفرات ضد الانزلاق ونيترو وتقدر تزود السيارة وتركب صدامات كل الي ذكرته قابل انك تسويه باللعبة بسهولة تامه , القيم سهل انك تسويه بس راح تحتاج مصمم مابات يصمم لك وتقدر تضيف غرف او بمعنى تخلي كل ماب منعزل عن الثاني طبعا راح تحتاج الدمنشن عشان تفرد الاعبين بمعنى اصح لو فيه 30 لاعب يلعبون بماب معين واللعبة بدأت وجا زيادة 5 لاعبين يحتاجون يلعبون في نفس الماب انت هنا تحط الماب والاعبين بدمنشن معين وتبدأ اللوبي تستخدم الوظيفة الي طرحتها سابقا عشان تجيب دمنشن فارغ وبس والله , طبعا انا كان ودي اسوي القيم بس قدر الله ماشاء فعل والي عنده زيادة على الفكرة او فكرة احسن يحطها عشان يستفيد الجميع وبالتوفيق ان شاء الله
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    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاتة اليوم الشرح عن فنكشن مهم ومعظم المبرمجين ما يدور عنوا executeBrowserJavascript صفحة الويكي | Wiki Page : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ExecuteBrowserJavascript اولا : ما هو معني الفانكشن ؟؟ html الفنكشن عبارة ينفذلك امر من لغه الجافا سكريبت علي صفحة اكيد ما فهمت شئ بوضحلك ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ملاحظات لاستخدام الفانكشن : 1 - اول واهم شئ انك تكون عارف شوية للجافا سكريبت 2 - لا يمكنك استخدام الوظيفة الا مع الصفحات المحلية يعني مينفعش تعمل الوظيفة دي مع صفحة جوجل مثلا 3 - يجب ان تعلم ان الفانكشن لا يشتغل الا علي الصفحات المحلية المعرفة في الميتا لنتعتبر ان اسم صفحتك call.html meta.xml اذن هنستدعيها كدا في ملف الميتا <file src="call.html" /> تقوم باستدعاء الصفحة داخل السكريبت حقك ( في ملف الكلنت طبعا لانوا متصفح ) url = "http://mta/"..getResourceName(getThisResource()).."/call.html" وبكدا url = رابط صفحتك ( call.html اللي هي ) اولا : تنشا متصفح yourBrowser = guiCreateBrowser(...) ثانيا : تحمل الرابط لما المتصفح يتنشا addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, -- ايفينت عبارة عن اول ما المتصفح يتنشا يحصل الفنكشن function( ) -- فنكشن loadBrowserURL( source, url ) -- تحميل رابط الصفحة حقتنا end -- انهاء الفنكشن ) -- اغلاق الايفينت ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- بس لازم تعرف شرح الساينتكس بتاع الفنكشن bool executeBrowserJavascript ( browser webBrowser, string jsCode ) webBrowser : المتصفح بتاعك jsCode : كود الجافا سكريبت بتاعك ( الوظيفة لو الارقيومنات بتاعتها صحيحة بترجعلك قيمة وهي ترو ولو العكس او حطيت متصفح فية رابط موقع غير محلي بيرجعلك فولس) : ملحوظة _____________________________________________________ تمام كدا فهمنا الساينتكس ونشوف شوية امثلة المثال الاول :اظهار اسم الاعب عند كتابة 1 في اف 8 call.html <html> <p id = "msg"> hello </p> </html> client.lua( او ايا كان اسمة المهم انوا يكون ملف كلينت ) local jsCode = 'var p = document.getElementById("msg") ; p.innerHTML = "hello" + " '.. getPlayerName(localPlayer)..'"' local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize( ) local window = guiCreateWindow( 0, 0, screenWidth-200, screenHeight-300, "Web Browser", false ) local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, screenWidth-200, screenHeight-300, true, false, false, window ) local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser ) addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, function( ) loadBrowserURL( source, "http://mta/"..getResourceName(getThisResource()).."/call.html" ) end ) addCommandHandler( '1' , function( ) executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , jsCode ) end ) المثال الثاني : اخراج الكلام الموجود في مربع الكتابة بتاع صفحة الويب علي شات اللعبه call.html <html> <input id='edit' ; type='text' /> </html> client.lua local jsCode = [[ var editBox = document.getElementById( 'edit' ) function onPressEnter() { if( event.keyCode == 13 ) { mta.triggerEvent("output",editBox.value) } } editBox.addEventListener("keypress", onPressEnter ) ]] local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize( ) local window = guiCreateWindow( 0, 0, screenWidth-200, screenHeight-300, "Web Browser", false ) local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, screenWidth-200, screenHeight-300, true, false, false, window ) local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser ) addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, function( ) loadBrowserURL( source, "http://mta/"..getResourceName(getThisResource()).."/call.html" ) end ) addEventHandler( 'onClientBrowserDocumentReady' , theBrowser , function() executeBrowserJavascript(source,jsCode) end ) addEvent( 'output' , true ) addEventHandler( 'output' , root , function( msg ) outputChatBox(msg) end ) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ المثال الثالث : عبارة عن انشاء وتغير لون الماركر من خلال صفحة ويب داخل اللعبه call.html <html> <p id = "msg"></p> <script> function func() { var c = event.keyCode if( c != 44 && c != 45 ) { if( c < 48 || c > 57 ) { event.returnValue = false } } if( c == 13 ) { mta.triggerEvent( 'createMarker' , document.getElementById("edit_Box").value ) } } function func2() { var c = event.keyCode if( c != 44 ) { if( c < 48 || c > 57 ) { event.returnValue = false } } if( c == 13 ) { mta.triggerEvent( 'changeMarker' , document.getElementById("color_Box").value ) } } </script> <strong><em>Enter Marker Position Here !! : </em></strong><input id = "edit_Box" style = "color:red" ; type = 'text' size = "50" onkeypress = "func()"> </input> <hr> <p id = "msg2"></p> <strong><em>Enter Marker Color Here !! : </em></strong><input id = "color_Box" style = "color:orange" ; type = 'text' size = "50" onkeypress = "func2()"> </input> </html> client.lua local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize( ) local window = guiCreateWindow( 136, 131, 824, 468, "Web Browser", false ) local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, screenWidth-200, screenHeight-300, true, false, false, window ) local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser ) guiSetVisible( window , not guiGetVisible(window) ) visible = guiGetVisible(window) showCursor(visible) guiSetInputEnabled(visible) _Markers = { } addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, function( ) loadBrowserURL( source, "http://mta/"..getResourceName(getThisResource()).."/call.html" ) end ) setDevelopmentMode(true,true) addEvent( 'createMarker' , true ) addEventHandler( 'createMarker' , root , function( position ) if( #position == 0 ) then executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>يرجي كتابة احداثيات الماركر</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( ti ) ) then killTimer( ti ) end ti = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end local pos = split( position , ',' ) mark = createMarker( pos[1] , pos[2] , pos[3] , 'cylinder' , 1 ) if( isElement(mark) and getElementType(mark)=='marker' ) then if( type( pos ) == 'table' and #pos == 3 ) then executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>تم انشاء الماركر بنجاح</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg").style.color="green"' ) if( isTimer( ti ) ) then killTimer( ti ) end ti = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) _Markers[#_Markers+1] = mark else executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>يرجي كتابة احداثيات صحيحة</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( ti ) ) then killTimer( ti ) end ti = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end else executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>يرجي كتابة احداثيات صحيحة</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( ti ) ) then killTimer( ti ) end ti = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end end ) addEvent('changeMarker',true) addEventHandler( 'changeMarker' , root , function( color ) if( #color == 0 ) then executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>يرجي كتابة لون الماركر</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg2").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( t2 ) ) then killTimer( t2 ) end t2 = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end RGB = split(color,',') if( _Markers[#_Markers] and isElement( _Markers[#_Markers] ) and getElementType( _Markers[#_Markers] ) == 'marker' ) then if( type( RGB ) == 'table' and #RGB == 3 and tonumber(RGB[1])<=255 and tonumber(RGB[1])>=0 and tonumber(RGB[2])<=255 and tonumber(RGB[2])>=0 and tonumber(RGB[3])<=255 and tonumber(RGB[3])>=0 ) then executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>تم تغيير لون الماركر بنجاح</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg2").style.color="green"' ) setMarkerColor( _Markers[#_Markers] , RGB[1] , RGB[2] , RGB[3] ) if( isTimer( t2 ) ) then killTimer( t2 ) end t2 = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return else executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>يرجي التأكد من البيانات</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg2").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( t2 ) ) then killTimer( t2 ) end t2 = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end else executeBrowserJavascript( theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "<b><i><u>قم بأنشاء المأركر اولأ</u></i></b>" ; document.getElementById("msg2").style.color="red"' ) if( isTimer( t2 ) ) then killTimer( t2 ) end t2 = setTimer( executeBrowserJavascript , 2000 , 1 , theBrowser , 'document.getElementById("msg2").innerHTML = "" ; document' ) return end end ) bindKey( 'f7' , 'down' , function( ) guiSetVisible( window , not guiGetVisible(window) ) visible = guiGetVisible(window) showCursor(visible) guiSetInputEnabled(visible) end ) addCommandHandler( '1' , function( ) local x , y , z = getElementPosition( localPlayer ) setClipboard( x..','..y..','..z ) end ) addCommandHandler( '2' , function( ) if( _Markers[#_Markers] and isElement( _Markers[#_Markers] ) and getElementType( _Markers[#_Markers] ) == 'marker' ) then destroyElement( _Markers[#_Markers] ) _Markers[#_Markers] = nil local just = { } for i , data in pairs( _Markers ) do if( data ) then table.insert( just , data ) end end _Markers = just data = nil ; just = nil end end ) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ >> { لأي استفسار تفضل في التعليقات في الاسفل } << ____________________________________ المصادر ____________________________________ https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ExecuteBrowserJavascript https://www.w3schools.com/js/ https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientBrowserDocumentReady https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientBrowserCreated ______________________________________________ من قاموا بمساعدتي Who helped me ______________________________________________ @IIYAMA @botder ______________________________________________ الاهداءات @Master_MTA @!#DesTroyeR_,) @Default#^ @#,xiRocKyz @NX_CI @TOUNSI | ا̍ڸــڛۣــ؏ــٰٱ̍دہ @DABL @Kareem Amer والباقي في القلب
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    Olá pessoal. Fiz um vídeo bem detalhado sobre os painéis CEGUI, abordando algumas das principais dúvidas e também algumas propriedades que podem ajudar muito na hora de criar um painel GUI. Recomendo que assistam com fones de ouvido, ou então que ativem as legendas no YouTube. Críticas, sugestões, opiniões, perguntas relacionadas ao vídeo, podem fazer por aqui ou então deixar nos comentários do vídeo. (Deu muitíssimo trabalho de produzir o vídeo, deixe seu like neste post e no vídeo. Se puder, se inscreva no canal e acompanhe a página Lord Henry Entertainment no facebook.) Links e funções que aparecem no vídeo em ordem de aparição: http://static.cegui.org.uk/docs/0.8.7/ guiGetScreenSize guiCreateWindow guiCreateButton http://static.cegui.org.uk/static/WindowsLookProperties.html guiSetProperty http://static.cegui.org.uk/static/WindowsLookProperties.html#FrameWindow http://static.cegui.org.uk/static/WindowsLookProperties.html#Button isMouseOnGUICloseButton Standard_GUI_Font_Names guiSetEnabled guiSetAlpha guiEditSetReadOnly guiEditSetMasked Tenham todos uma boa semana.
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تعديل من لوحة ادمنية اضغط على settings اكتب o هتطلع اسمAdminMsg مثلا AdminMsg [name] [text] ومنها انت تقدر تغير اي اسم ِ وفي هذه البرنامج قمت ببعض التعديلات مثل إضافة إظهارأو إخفاء كلمة السر وتذكرني و اختيار اللغة عربي او انجليزي وهنا في خانة send عند text تقدر تكتب اي نص ولو طويل جدا يمكنك ان تراه باكمله Options وهنا في هذه الصورة عند تحـريك المربع اللي باللون الازرق بأي اتجاه تريده وتكبير وتصغر المربع وكذلك تكبير وتصغير الخط للتحميل من هــــنــــا وشكرا ارجوا ان ينال رضاكم
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اتهامات سرقة السكربتات بدون دليل ممنوعة, لاحظت في الفترة الأخيرة اتهامات بين أعضاء المنتدى بخصوص نشر سكربتات مسروقة وما شابه ولذلك اذا توفر لديك الدليل الكافي بأن السكربتات مسروقة وليست ملكاً للشخص الذي قام بنشرها قم بالتواصل معي على الخاص وسيتم التعامل مع الموضوع. * ملاحظة: ليست لدينا أي صلاحيات تجاه السيرفرات التي تستعمل سكربتات مسروقة, فقط السكربتات التي تم نشرها على هذا المنتدى. تحياتي لكم
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    [TUT] Scaling DX The reason why I am creating this topic, is because there are a lot of people asking this question: And to be honest there is no best practice for. But here you have my recommendation as guidance for display them the ~s~a~m~e~ for all screen formats. There are two important factors while dealing with screen formats 1. Pixel density Indication: PPI(Pixels Per Inch) and some also use the term DPI(Dots Per Inch) They do not have to be the same while talking about printing stuff. This indication tells us about how many pixels are used per inch. Which more or less tells us how sharp/smooth things like text can be looking. PPI doesn't really play a big role, but to display something nicely you need enough pixels to display it. Else it will be either too small or too crispy. So be careful to not scale things (especially text) too small. 2. Display aspect ratio Wiki The difference between resolution X and resolution Y as a ratio. A list of common ratios: 4:3 5:4 3:2 16:10 16:9 So for example if we take: fHD: 1920x1080 Which has the ratio 16:9 that is calculated like this: 1920 / 16 = 120 120 * 9 = 1080 Scaling without ratio Before I am going to explain any of this, I am going to ask you an important question: Like this: (vertical) ▮ Or horizontal? ▅ I assume most people would agree to play MTA horizontal, else you are probably reading a book or document. p.s If you play MTA on a vertical screen, then we developers do not like you at all, sorry. So what does this tell us? You can assume that the X-resolution is never going to be smaller than the Y-resolution. Useful? You will figure it out. Doing the scaling Note: This part is ABOUT SCALING and not positioning. So what we are going to do is: Calculating a scale which can display the same DX on multiple screen formats > without messing with the ratio. Example: A computer runs MTA at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Lets define that! local devScreenX = 1920 local devScreenY = 1080 If this code is used by a different pc, we also need to know on which resolution it is running: local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize() For the next step we have to look at this screenshot: I have cut out of the wide-screen format a square. Squares have the ratio 1:1, which means that we have removed our ratio difference from this screen resolution. It is very easy to do, as our Y * Y resolution makes exactly that beautiful square! The next thing we have to do is creating our scaling value. This value is required for adjust our resolution values so that they match to every screen format. So to use our ratio 1:1, we use the Y resolution to achieve that: local scaleValue = screenY / devScreenY And as last we can create a rectangle shape that is displayed at the center of every screen format, perfectly! local devScreenX = 1920 local devScreenY = 1080 local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local scaleValue = screenY / devScreenY addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function () -- create a scaled size local sizeX = scaleValue * 300 -- 300px local sizeY = scaleValue * 50 -- 50px -- get the center of the screen local centerX = screenX / 2 local centerY = screenY / 2 -- calculate the starting point of the rectangle local startRectangleX = centerX - (sizeX / 2) local startRectangleY = centerY - (sizeY / 2) dxDrawRectangle ( startRectangleX, startRectangleY, sizeX, sizeY, tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) ) end) Lower limit What if we have a resolution of 800x600? And the text is getting too small? Making sure that the pixel density is OK, is very important. So to counter that we have to make sure that the text is not getting too small. Our development Y resolution is 1080 pixels. And we are dealing with an Y resolution 600 pixels. The first thing we are going to look at, is what the scale is going to be at that point. 600 / 1080 = 0.55555555555555555555555555555556 It is not very nice to have your text scaled to 55.5% of the original size, when having low resolution already. But without scaling, the DX stuff might fill up the entire screen and that is just as bad. So what we now need is a limit, in this case a lower limit. scaleValue = math.max(scaleValue, 0.65) The math.max function returns the highest value of all the arguments you put in to it. In this case it contains the: scaleValue: 0.555 And the lower limit of: 0.65 This will make sure that the DX stuff is not getting smaller than 65%. This might make text read able for a 800x600 resolution.
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    That mean s0beit will work?
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    تم جلد الجميع ولم ينجو الا القليل @Default#^ @#_iMr,[E]coo @ibrahim# @#[K]iLLeR<3 @!#NssoR_) @Master_MTA @iMr.WiFi..! @NX_CI @N3xT @Rakan# @ميدوح @#SnpêŘ @KillerX @#StrOnG_,) @SuperX @#x1AhMeD-09 @Anis @[T]|O|[P]George @#BrosS @DABL
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    الله يأخذ من أسس المنتدى .. ويأخذ مشرفين وأعضاء وعضوات المنتدى ....السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ::لو أن السلام مو سنة كان ما سلمت ..!! قولوا ...آمــــــــــــييين الله ياخذ من أسس المنتدى ..ويآخذ مشرفين المنتدى...ويأخذ مشرفات المنتدى ...وياخذ أعضاء المنتدى ...ويآخذ عضوات المنتدى ...وياخذ زوار المنتدى ...وياخذ من يقرأ الموضوع ..وياخذني معاهم ..........:::: إلى ::::...........جنـــــــة عرضها السماوات والأرض ..لا هرم فيها ولا مرض لا تعب فيها ولا نصب ..لا هم فيها ولا وصب .. لا خوف فيها ولا هلعلا سأم فيها ولا جزع ......:: .. بعد عمـر طويـــــل مديــــد على الطاعة بإذن الله ..::.......آمــــــــــــــــــــيين ...
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    ياخي ليه احبك ؟؟ ❤️ ههههههههههههه اياك ان تفهم غلط بالنسبة لي الناس الي اتعرفت عليها من اول ما دخلت اللعبة وهم مب كلهم بس اغلبهم موجودين بالمنتدي هنا @*RayaN-Alharbi. @MR.StoRm @ibrahim# @[T]|O|[P]George @Rakan# @#,xiRocKyz @Master_MTA @#Soking @Abdul KariM @Aln3mani @iMr.WiFi..! @SuperX @#StrOnG_,) @*AnGeL @#SnpêŘ @MrKAREEM @TOUNSI | ا̍ڸــڛۣــ؏ــٰٱ̍دہ @#5Mr'aLMuteRi. والي نسيته بالقلب ❤️
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    ماكنت اسوي صداقات ايام زمان كنت انسان اعزل.. ولكن بعد ما سويت حساب بالمنتدى بديت اكون بعض الصداقات واغلبها مستمرة حتى الآن والله يديم علينا الصداقة الحلوة @Master_MTA @N3xT @</Mr.Tn6eL> @Mr.CoR @#,xiRocKyz @Dr.Marco @Rakan# @coNolel @H25 @#DesTroeyR والي ماذكرته موجود في القلب -
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    السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته اليوم حبيت اسوي مود سهل و خفيف بيساعد المبرمجين في البرمجه بشكل كبير طبعا كنت معتزل و لي سنه ما نزلت شي جديد فحبيت اسوي خير شويه المود عباره عن نظام صلاحيات للحسابات وش فايدته .... ؟ مثلا عندك لوحه و تبي تخليها لكم لاعب فقط تقدر تستعمل السكربت عشان تخصص اللوحه لحسابتهم فقط او مثلا عندك لوحه و بها ازرار كتير و مثلا تبي زر يكون خاص للاعب بكل سهوله تقدر تستعمل السكربت السكربت هدفه توفير الوقت + طبعا عدم استخدام طرق التحققات الشائعه بين المبرمجين الي احيانا تسبب مشاكل للسيرفر --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Export Functions / الوظائف الي تستطيع استدعائها Server Side : createPremission deletePremission addPremissionToAccount removePremissionFromAccount Client/Server ( Shared ) : getAllPremissions isAccountHasPremission getAccountsWithPremission getPremissionTable isPremissionExist Client Side : getClientAccount ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- شرح الوظائف : createPremission تستخدم هذه الوظيفه لعمل صلاحيه جديده Usage : createPremission ( premissionName ) premissionName = اسم الصلاحيه الي تباها deletePremission تستخدم هذه الوظيفه في مسح صلاحيه موجوده من قبل Usage : deletePremission ( premissionName ) premissionName = اسم الصلاحيه addPremissionToAccount تستخدم هذه الوظيفه لاعطاء صلاحيه للحسابات .. Usage : addPremissionToAccount ( AccountName , Permission ) AccountName = اسم الحساب Permission = الصلاحيه removePremissionFromAccount تستخدم هذه الوظيفه في مسح صلاحيه من حساب Usage : removePremissionFromAccount ( Account , Permission ) Account = اسم الحساب Permission = الصلاحيه getAllPremissions تجيب لك الصلاحيات الموجوده Usage : getAllPremissions () الوظيفه ترجع لك جدول فيه الصلاحيات الي موجوده isAccountHasPremission تتحقق اذا كان الحساب عنده الخاصيه او لا Usage : isAccountHasPremission ( AccountName , Permission ) ترجع القيمه boolean getAccountsWithPremission تجيب لك الحسابات الي عندها صلاحيه محدده Usage : getAccountsWithPremission ( Permission ) Permission = اسم الصلاحيه ترجع لك جدول فيه اسماء الحسابات الي عندها الصلاحيه ذي getPremissionTable تجيب لك الجدول الكامل للصلاحيات الجدول كالتالي : Permissions = { PermissionName = { Accounts ...... }, etc........... } isPremissionExist تتحقق لك اذا كان في صلاحيه بالأسم الي انت مسويه من قبل او لا Usage : isPremissionExist ( PermissionName ) getClientAccount تجيب لك اسم حساب اللاعب في الكلينت سايد Usage : getClientAccount ( Player ) لو اللاعب مو مسجل بيرجع لك قيمه guest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- طبعا المود يحفظ الصلاحيات لو وقف المود و اشتغل مره تانيه .. *NOTE : لسا ملاحظ اني كتبت كلمه Permission غلط معلش مخدتش بالي رابط التحميل : PERMISSIONS SYSTEM Ver: 1.0.0 المود مو مشفر للي حابب يتعلم كدا كدا المود مخصص للمبرمجين :- UPCOMING SCRIPT / السكربت القادم Resources Manager ( V3 )
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    سلام عليكم ورحمة الله آخخبااركم ان شاء الله طيبين ------------------------------------- في هذا الموضوع عندي مود نظام البنك ~~` افكاره ليست جديده مره 😅😅😅 ولكن حاولت اجيب افكار عندك مثلا لما تودع فلوس او تسحب يشتغل صوت + يتحرك البيد اللي يشتتغل بالبنك هذا افضل وصف ض2 لمعرفة كل شي عن المود في هذا الرابط / الفيديو  وبالتـــوفييقء ~~  |~ الإهداءات ~| @!#DesTroyeR_,) @MrKAREEM @Mr.Falcon @DABL @KillerX @NX_CI @[AcM] - Major . @MR_Mahmoud @Ahmed Ly @MR.Mosa @N3xT @Abu-Solo @SuperX @#BrosS @iMr.WiFi..! @Mr.CnTroL @Abdul KariM @Hakan @!#NssoR_) @Simple. و جميع أعضاء المنتدى 
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    ســلام عليكم ورحمة الله إييشءء حالكم موضوع اليوم عن مود الايموشنات ~ طـبعـا المود مو حصري لأنه موجود في ونناسه ~ بس انا مسويه بشكل جديد فقط كل شيء عن المود موجود في هذا الرابط \ الفيديو بالتوفيق |~ |~ الإهداءات ~| #BrosS NX_CI iMr.WiFi..! N3xT Abdul KariM KillerX !#DesTroyeR_,) و جميع أعضاء المنتدى
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    ســلام عليكم ورحمة الله أخبـآركم - عسساكـمء بخير موضوع اليوم عن لوحة الإهداءات ~ طـبعـا انا لا احتاج احد يجيني في التعليقات يقولي أن اللوحه تبع لسيرفر طاره ~ | gift | كلمة فتح اللوحه من اف 8 هي لتغيير الكلمة , من ملف اسمه sittingCG كل شيء عن المود موجود في هذا الرابط \ الفيديو وبالتـــوفييقء ~~ |~ الإهداءات ~| @!#DesTroyeR_,) @MrKAREEM @Mr.Falcon @DABL @KillerX @NX_CI @[AcM] - Major . @MR_Mahmoud @Ahmed Ly @MR.Mosa @N3xT @Abu-Solo @SuperX @#BrosS @iMr.WiFi..! @Mr.CnTroL @Abdul KariM و جميع أعضاء المنتدى
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    السسسسسسسسسسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وباركته كيف حالكم يا اخواني يا احبابي لكم وحشه بعد اعتزالي وان شاءالله كلكم بخيـــــــــر ودراسه بخيـــــــــر نخش فالموضوع وعلى بركة الله بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله حسيت حالي داخل لحرب احم احم المهم 🤣 بطرح عليكم شيء ما انطرح من قبل وطبعا هاذا الشيء من صنعي من 0 ومن بداية البرمجة كنت بدي اتعلمه والحمدالله خلصته قبل 4 اشهر - لوق ادمين الكامل - تم صنع هذه اللوحة لى عدم الظلم من بين اللاعبين - واضافة الميوت ، الكيك ، عالم الوهمي ، سحب السيارة ، تفجير السيارة ، سحب اللاعب ، الإنتقال الى اللاعب ، تغيير الشخصية ، الى غيرهـ ويمكنكـ البحث على شيء الذي تريده من خلال اللوحة ويمكنكـ أيضا حذف اللوق واضافة وقت باللوحة على سبيل المثال 16:00-25-10-2018 لـ معرفة الوقت امتى انصك اللاعب الصورة للسكريبت : ❤️ وقريبا الرجوع من الإعتزالي الذي حزنكم ادري انو مافي احد حزن ادري ادري راجع معليكم 🤣 وسيتم تشغيل القناة ونشر مودات طبعا موادت غير الوزارة يمكن انشر مودات الوناسة وسيارتها ومودات كنق طاره وسيارتها 😂أقسم برب العزة انو انا امزح بنشر مودات غير موجوده وتكون تفيدكم بإذن الله وشكرا ❤️ بدي تعليقكم وارائكم ونصائحكم الهامة وبالله عليكم ما ابي اي شخص يخرب موضوعي الجميل القمة الجمال تحياتي لكم : اخوكم MR.TOUNSI #للبيع @ للتواصل واتس اب +21625915707
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    أ، ب، ت، ث، ج، ح، خ، د، ذ، ر، ز، س، ش، ص، ض، ط، ظ، ع، غ، ف، ق، ك، ل، م، ن، هـ، و، ي تصير لي جارية ؟
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    Events tutorial The reason why I created this topic, is that a lot of people are struckeling with them. In this tutorial I will only discus the very basic of them. If you want more, then there is a list of links at the end with more information. If I made any mistakes in the code, please let me know because I am not going to test every part. What are events? (basic description) Events are something custom added by MTA to make it easier to bring scripting(lua) closer to our game. If we do not have events, then the only thing we can do is give instructions to our game. But our code will never detect changes in our game. The same question again: "So what are the events?" Events are a way to communicate changes in our game to our scripts (or from our scripts). So for example my little ped(cat) gets ran over by a car. Then I really want to know about that, don't I? When an event activates, I describe this as: triggered (from the word trigger) Full wiki information can be found here: Event_system Before we can use events, what do we need to know? There are two things we need to know: The reason why it is triggered. <What happens?/when something happens?> In MTA this is the eventName of the event. (Example: you <ran over> my ped) Who is the one using the event? The event system in MTA is using elements as base (baseElement). This makes it easier to combine the what/when happens? with the one who is related to it. In MTA this is the source of the event. (Example: you ran over my <ped>) Trigger an event A scripting example: (this is not an official event) local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped) In this example, a custom event gets triggered to tell you that my new created ped has been ranOver. The eventName is "ranOver" and the baseElement is ped. local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) In this SERVERSIDE example, I am also adding an extra argument drunkDriver to use the player that ran over the ped. This is not required, but it makes it more complete. See syntax. Syntax bool triggerEvent ( string eventName, element baseElement, [ var argument1, ... ] ) TriggerEvent Receiving triggers Receiving triggers is a bit more complicated, because there are a lot of options for it. You can receive events by listening to them. It is like: You know that something is going to happen but you do not know when. The first step that you have to take is related to this question: "Do I want to receive a custom or not custom event?" Custom events are self created events. They only exist when a scripter makes them. Two lists of NOT CUSTOM EVENTS but default MTA events, serverside and clientside: Server_Scripting_Events Client_Scripting_Events Do I want to receive a CUSTOM event? In case of a custom event, you have to register/enable it first. If you do not enable it and trigger it, you will receive a warning/error about that in your debug console. Syntax bool addEvent ( string eventName [, bool allowRemoteTrigger = false ] ) AddEvent The example below, shows you how to enable a custom event only for trigger events within the same server/client side. addEvent("eventName") -- Is the same as: addEvent("eventName", false) If you put the second argument to false or not fill it in, this means that you can't communicate from the other server/client-side. This option is most likely used for security reasons. Some events shouldn't be able to trigger by the other side For example, worst case scenario: (remote events enabled for a default MTA event) Serverside code: addEvent("onPlayerWasted", true) Clientside code: triggerServerEvent("onPlayerWasted", player, 0, localPlayer, 0, 9, false) OnPlayerWasted If this event is enabled for remote trigger events, then it might be possible to cheating kills/deaths score. Of course, it is not likely that players can run their own clientside code, but it is not impossible in case of not trust able community resources. Enable a custom event for trigger events that crossing sides (From clientside to serverside. From serverside to clientside). addEvent("eventName", true) This event can now be used by remote trigger event functions. See list: Client to server TriggerClientEvent TriggerLatentClientEvent Server to client TriggerServerEvent TriggerLatentServerEvent Enable the event from our previous example: addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) If you do not use cross triggering, then I recommend to use the addEvent function in the same resource as where you are going to trigger from. This makes sure that the event is already added and that you will never receive this kind of error/warning "Event isn't added". If you put it in another resource which hasn't started yet, then after triggering you would still receive that error/warning. Start listening The next step is to add the addEventHandler. This function is used to listen to events. When an event is triggered, this handler(addEventHandler) will call the function you have attached to it, in MTA this function is called the handlerFunction. Syntax bool addEventHandler ( string eventName, element attachedTo, function handlerFunction [, bool getPropagated = true, string priority = "normal" ] ) AddEventHandler Resource 1 addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) Resource 2 function handlerFunction () end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", root, handlerFunction) The first 3 arguments, the require ones: eventName attachedTo handlerFunction Making sure that the addEventHandler options are correct set-up. Resource 1 addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) Resource 2 function handlerFunction () end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", root, handlerFunction) There are two conditions for an eventHandler to call the handlerFunction. 1. The event has to be exactly the same. In this case the event "onPedRanOver" is the same in both resources. 2. In both functions, triggerEvent and addEventHandler is an element being used. This element has to be exactly the same. (from where you trigger as well as where you receive) <OR> The triggered element from resource 1, has to be a CHILD of the element in resource 2. The root element is the very top layer of the MTA element structure. It will accept all elements you want to use for your events. See the element tree: If you do not understand the element tree please read this page: Element_tree Source variable The source of an event is the element that triggers the event. This variable isn't passed as an parameter, but it is predefined. This means that it is already created before hand. Some predefined variables do only exist under special conditions. The source variable is one of those, it is a hidden and local variable which is only available when a function is called by an event. List of predefined variables. addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) -- local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) function handlerFunction (drunkDriver) iprint(source) -- ped element end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", resourceRoot, handlerFunction) In this example the ped is the source. See how those two code blocks are connected: addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) -- local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) function handlerFunction (drunkDriver) iprint(source) -- ped element end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", resourceRoot , handlerFunction) resourceRoot In some examples, you see people use the resourceRoot instead of the root element for their addEventHandlers. The resourceRoot is an element created by a resource. This element holds all elements of that resource as (in)direct children. In the example above, the resourceRoot as baseElement will not work, because there are two resources. Each resource has it's own resourceRoot element. The resourceRoot is accessible with the same keyword: resourceRoot, but if you were to inspect the element in multiple resources, then the user data (element identifier) value is not the same. outputChatBox(inspect(resourceRoot)) If we were to put everything in one resource, then it would work: 🎉 addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) -- function handlerFunction () end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", resourceRoot, handlerFunction) -- local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) In case of remote triggering, the resourceRoot in serverside and clientside is considered the same.(As long as they are part of the same resource) Why/when would we use resourceRoot? 1. Limit eventHandlers to the resource elements If you have 1000 markers in your server. One of the resources is for example a trucker mission, where you can get money by hitting markers. The resourceRoot element will make sure that the onMarkerHit event will only trigger for markers created by that resource. addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", resourceRoot, function () -- source element is the marker end) OnMarkerHit 2. Another benefit is that you are able to re-use the same eventNames. Resource 1 addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) function handlerFunction () end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", resourceRoot, handlerFunction) -- local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) Resource 2 addEvent("onPedRanOver", false) function handlerFunction () end addEventHandler("onPedRanOver", resourceRoot, handlerFunction) -- local ped = createPed( 120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545 ) -- my ped local drunkDriver = getRandomPlayer() triggerEvent("onPedRanOver", ped, drunkDriver) These two resources do use the same event, but will not trigger each other their addEventHandlers. Warning: If root was used, then they will!!!! ;@ Lets cross triggering with resourceRoot! Clientside triggerServerEvent("example", resourceRoot) Serverside addEvent("example", true) -- second argument is true! cross triggering enabled! addEventHandler("example", resourceRoot, function () end) getPropagated In this bigger example we will be talking about the option getPropagated. If this option is disabled, it will not detect children any more. Keep reading! After that start code scanning from A, to B and then to C. Syntax addEventHandler bool addEventHandler ( string eventName, element attachedTo, function handlerFunction [, bool getPropagated = true, string priority = "normal" ] ) Example: Clientside -- A triggerServerEvent("onClientPlayerLoaded", resourceRoot) -- trigger an event to serverside --------------------------------------- -- C addEvent("onResponseServer", true) -- first listener addEventHandler("onResponseServer", resourceRoot, function () outputChatBox("getPropagated enabled") end, true) -- getPropagated true by default. -- second listener addEventHandler("onResponseServer", resourceRoot, function () outputChatBox("getPropagated disabled") end, false) -- getPropagated is false. Serverside -- B addEvent("onClientPlayerLoaded", true) -- second argument is true! cross triggering enabled! addEventHandler("onClientPlayerLoaded", resourceRoot, function () --[[ client is a predefined variable, which represents the client/player that communicates with the server More information about predefined variables: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/33407-list-of-predefined-variables/ ]] triggerClientEvent(client, "onResponseServer", resourceRoot) -- first trigger event local element = createElement("randomElement") -- making a randomElement triggerClientEvent(client, "onResponseServer", element) -- second trigger event end) How does this this code works? A. When a client his code has been started, it will execute a triggerServerEvent. (It doesn't wait for any other clientside files to be loaded) B. The server receives the event. And sends two triggerClientEvents back: The first one is using the resourceRoot as baseElement. The second one is using a randomElement as baseElement. Both are using the event "onResponseServer" C. There are two addEventHandlers listening to the event: "onResponseServer" The first one is using getPropagated and the second one is not using getPropagated. The randomElement that is created, is by default an indirect child of the resourceRoot of the same resource. What will happen? When firing the first trigger event, both listeners will call their handlerFunction. But when firing the second trigger event, only the first listener will call it's handlerFunction. The randomElement is an indirect child of resourceRoot, but because getPropagated is disabled it will not call it's handlerFunction. Other tutorials related to this one: See also this tutorial about deeper limiting event ranges within your resource and reducing addEventHandlers https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/100069-tut-addeventhandler-on-a-group-of-elements-small-tutorial/ More information Full wiki information: Event_system A list of more information about triggering events: (Client to client / server to server) TriggerEvent Client to server TriggerClientEvent TriggerLatentClientEvent Server to client TriggerServerEvent TriggerLatentServerEvent A list of more information about receiving events: AddEvent AddEventHandler RemoveEventHandler Two lists of MTA events, serverside and clientside: (warning: not custom events) Server_Scripting_Events Client_Scripting_Events Cancel events CancelEvent WasEventCancelled (warning: custom events ONLY) GetCancelReason (Server only) Cancel latent events and their status GetLatentEventHandles CancelLatentEvent GetLatentEventStatus
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    Olá pessoal. Fiz um vídeo explicando as regras atualizadas do nosso fórum Português, além de como funciona e pra quê serve cada seção. Assistam ao vídeo antes de postar qualquer coisa em nosso fórum, o vídeo também tem algumas dicas pro pessoal que já faz parte da comunidade. Dúvidas, críticas, sugestões deixem nos comentários deste tópico ou então nos comentários do vídeo. Se inscrevam lá pra dar aquela força. Deixe também seu like no vídeo e neste post. Obrigado a todos. Conteúdo do vídeo: 0:53 - Regras e recomendações do fórum 2:01 - As seções do sub-fórum Português: 2:04 - Seção "Tutoriais em geral" 2:25 - Seção "Programação em Lua" * Formatando o Tópico * Criando um bom conteúdo pra mensagem * Conselhos e recomendações gerais * Use o botão <> para postar o seu código com a devida formatação 6:57 - Seção "Mapas Para MTA:SA" 7:09 - Seção "Ajudas relacionadas ao MTA:SA (Cliente/Servidor)" 7:30 - Seção "Servidores para jogar" 7:59 - Seção "Serviços de hospedagem" 8:13 - Seção "Offtopic" 8:28 - Suporte relacionado a banimento em servidores não são aceitos no fórum do MTA * NOTA: Para suporte com Ban global no MTA, seu tópico deve ser postado na seção internacional Ban appeals. APENAS para bans permanentes. Se for temporário, por favor, aguarde até que o ban expire. 8:53 - "Reviver" o tópico 9:18 - Sistema de reputação do fórum 11:03 - Tenha uma boa conduta no fórum 11:16 - Postagens em Português DEVE ser no sub-fórum Portuguese / Português 11:59 - Conselhos para quem ajuda no fórum 12:39 - Boas práticas de programação
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    كيف حالكم عساكم بخير , مثل ماهو معروض بعنوان الموضوع للبيع سكربت اوبر للي مايعرف وش اوبر , تطلب سيارة وتختار مكان ويجي شخص يوصلك للمكان الي اخترته الي انا سويته خليت بيد تلقائي يجي يوصلك للمكان الي تبغاه طبعا هذا اول سكربت اعرضه للبيع تفتحلك لوحة وفيها الاماكن وانت تضيف الاماكن والسعر بيكون على حسب بعدك عن المكان الي تبي تروح له سعر الميل انا حاطه 2 ويمديك تغيره بس تشتري السكربت , الاماكن القريبة لك ماراح تظهر لازم يكون بعدك 150 عن المكان عشان يظهر هذا الحد الادنى وطبعا تقدر تغير البعد تقدر تخلي السكربت يفتح من زر وتقدر تخليه يفتح من امر من اف8 صور من السكربت طبعا في حال استعجالك عشان تروح للمكان تضغط انتر وراح ينتقلك للمكان الي تبيه بثانية الخصائص الموجودة بالسكربت ولو يتبرع واحد من الشباب يسوي فديو ويحطه بأكون شاكر له الي يبي يجرب السكربت وياخذ صورة اوضح منه يخش السيرفر mtasa:// uber او اكتب باف8 m طبعا بس تخش راح يعطيك فلوس واضغط حرف حاب اقولك ماخذت من السكربت الا احداثيات الطرق traffic وجرب لين تقتنع , الي يجي يسوي نفسه محقق كونان ويقول نسخ لصق من سكربت السكربت يحتوي على ملفين كلينت وسيرفر وملف احداثيات الطرق مثل ماذكرت فوق التحميل حق السكربت قليل مره لان احداثيات الطرق سيرفر واغلب الشغل على السيرفر والمعروف ان ملفات السيرفر ماتتحمل على جهاز الاعب الكلينت عليه اللوحة وبعض الامور البسيطة , السكربت مبرمج بأفضل الطرق ومافيه ولا بق ان شاء الله والحين نجي للسعر صراحة انا معطيه سعر مو من حقه مقارنة بالسكربت ومواصفاته السعر بالريال السعودي : 100 السعر بالدولار الامريكي : 26 طرق الدفع واول 3 اشخاص يشترون السكربت بيحصلون على الاصدار الثاني من السكربت مجانا الاصدار الثاني بيكون مختلف جذريا والسعر راح يكون اغلى من هذا واتمنى مايكون فيه ردود خارجا عن صياغ الموضوع واي استفسار بخصوص السكربت حط ردك : طرق التواصل معي وهذا وصل الله وسلم على نبينا محمد
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اعتذر للجميع عما بدر مني في الأيام او الشهور السابقة وأقدم اعتذاري الشديد لـ الأخ كيلر و ديستروير والباقيين مبدأنا نغلط ونرجع عن غلطنا كلنا ناقصين والكمال لله عز وجل اعتذر لكم بما بدر مني من كلام , ساعة غضب وكن عفوا فالله عفو يحب العفو واستودعكم الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه , اراكم على خير ❤️
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    سلام عليكم ورحمة الله آخخبااركم ان شاء الله طيبين ------------------------------------- Wasted في هذا الموضوع عندي مود ~~` بدون اي كلام كثير شوف الفيديو وتفهم المود لمعرفة كل شي عن المود في هذا الرابط / الفيديو وبالتـــوفييقء ~~  |~ الإهداءات ~| @!#DesTroyeR_,) @MrKAREEM @Mr.Falcon @DABL @KillerX @NX_CI @[AcM] - Major . @MR_Mahmoud @Ahmed Ly @MR.Mosa @N3xT @Abu-Solo @SuperX @#BrosS @iMr.WiFi..! @Mr.CnTroL @Abdul KariM @Hakan @!#NssoR_) @Simple. و جميع أعضاء المنتدى 
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    bengines provides custom engine sounds for vehicles. The resource is not focused to be ultra realistic, it is designed to use for casual servers. Not useful for me anymore so sharing with community. Used on old project. Sounds are copyrighted content not owned by me. Features: ready to use, chooses the best engine for vehicle depending on handling! easy to customize & expand for Lua programmers 30 soundpacks for vehicles (buses, bikes, sport cars etc.) stable code with quite high performance used on server with 600 players ALS effect (exhaust flames) Turbo (satisfying whistle and blow-off sounds) Videos: https://streamable.com/n7k40 https://streamable.com/lp14t https://streamable.com/q5e9g Download: Github: https://github.com/brzys/bengines (feel free to send pull requests) Community: to-do For programmers: --[[ Element datas used by resource [array] vehicle:engine - stores basic info about engine type, sound pack etc. (synced) [string] vehicle:type - used for engine calculation, useful for servers. Available: Bus, Truck, Sport, Casual, Muscle, Plane, Boat, Motorbike (synced) [string] vehicle:fuel_type - customized for each engine. Useful for servers. Available: "diesel", "petrol" (synced) You can use setElementData(vehicle, "vehicle:upgrades", {turbo=true, als=true}) to add turbo or ALS. --]] --[[ Exported functions --]] exports.bengines:getVehicleRPM(vehicle) -- returns RPM of given vehicle exports.bengines:getVehicleGear(vehicle) -- returns current gear of given vehicle exports.bengines:toggleEngines(bool) -- true / false, restore GTA engine sounds
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    Hello, I would like to request for Persian / فارسی section for Iranian players. Also i ask Iranian players to help out translating mta to persian. (I've already made lot of progress) -> https://translate.mtasa.com/fa/ With regards. Deihim007 با سلام, اینجانب تمایل به درخواست بخش فارسی برای پلیر های ایرانی رو دارم. همچنین از پلیر های ایرانی میخوام برای ترجمه ام تی ای به فارسی کمک کنند (که در حال حاضر پیشرفت زیادی داشته) -> https://translate.mtasa.com/fa/ با سپاس دیهیم 007
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    O que é? Pra que serve? Um banco de dados é onde ficam salvos diversos tipos de dados que são usados entre as sessões dos jogadores e do servidor, isto significa que mesmo se o jogador relogar no servidor ou até mesmo o servidor reiniciar, os dados salvos no banco de dados não são perdidos. (se o script que salvou lá foi feito corretamente). O que posso salvar neles? O MTA já cria 2 bancos de dados padrão quando vc cria seu servidor, são eles: internal.db - Onde são salvos todos os dados das contas dos jogadores, login, senha, grana do bolso, posição do jogador quando deslogou, vida, colete, skin, armas, munição, etc. registry.db - Onde são salvos todos os dados que são utilizados pelos resources, como por exemplo melhores pontuações das corridas (race gamemode), proprietários das casas, dados bancários dos jogadores, saldo bancário dos jogadores, carros comprados pelos jogadores, roupas compradas pelos jogadores, empresas adquiridas pelos jogadores, etc. Onde eles estão? Estes dois bancos de dados estão na pasta deathmatch do seu servidor, estão na linguagem SQLite. Você ainda pode criar outros bancos de dados externos, para serem usados pelos resources, mas na minha opinião isso não é recomendável, uma vez que vc usaria MySQL, que é mais complexo e exige certos cuidados de acesso e domínio, mas alguns servidores profissionais precisam fazer assim pois fizeram os bancos de dados ficarem fora do servidor em outro IP por segurança, dai é necessário ter bancos de dados externos. Nesse tutorial vamos tratar somente dos bancos de dados nativos do MTA, por serem mais fáceis de entender. Como mexo neles? Para salvar alguma coisa na conta do jogador, isto é, no internal.db, você usa setAccountData, e para obter esses dados depois, use getAccountData. É extremamente simples, funciona da mesma forma que um setElementData, mas em vez de salvar uma data temporária em um elemento, salva uma data permanente numa conta. Porém, para salvar alguma coisa no registry.db, é um pouco mais complicado, uma vez que vc vai precisar criar uma tabela nova para cada resource. Por exemplo, vc acabou de criar um resource de ranking por kills/deaths e você deseja salvar esse ranking no banco de dados para que ao reiniciar o resource ou o servidor, o ranking não seja perdido. Para isso vc vai precisar primeiramente criar uma tabela no banco de dados registry.db, essa tabela será acessada pelo resource, que irá salvar os dados dele lá. Para fazer qualquer coisa neste banco de dados (criar tabelas, inserir, alterar, remover, deletar, inserir colunas em determinada tabela, etc) vc vai precisar usar isso: executeSQLQuery. Aqui, será necessário conhecimento em SQL para fazer isso, mas é mais fácil do que aprender uma linguagem de programação nova, pois suas opções e sintaxes são menores do que uma linguagem inteira de programação, você não vai inventar nenhum sistema novo aqui, apenas criar e gerenciar tabelas e dados. Criar tabela nova no banco de dados: (o Caps Lock não é uma regra, mas é melhor para entender o que é código e o que é nome) [Os seguintes códigos só funcionam server-side] executeSQLQuery ("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS nomedatabela (nomecoluna1 TEXT, nomecoluna2 REAL, nomecoluna3 INTEGER)") TEXT = Valores desta coluna serão textos. Podem ter símbolos, números e espaços. REAL = Valores desta coluna serão numéricos reais. (números decimais, positivos, negativos e 0.0) INTEGER = Valores desta coluna serão numéricos inteiros. (positivos, negativos e 0) (não existe tipo BOOLEAN, use TEXT e insira valor "false" ou "true") (existe valor NULL, é diferente de vazio e diferente de 0. NULL significa ausência de dados. O NULL aparece quando você cria uma linha ou coluna nova sem atribuir valores a elas.) Deletar tabela do banco de dados: executeSQLQuery ("DROP TABLE nomedatabela") Todas as linhas, colunas, células e valores desta tabela são deletados junto. Deletar linhas da tabela: (as células não ficarão NULL) executeSQLQuery ("DELETE FROM nomedatabela WHERE colunaespecífica=?", valorDaCelulaEspecifica) O ? indica que o valor está após a declaração do SQL. Você poderia colocar o valor direto no lugar do ?. Mas por alguma razão, as vezes isso gera erro. Além disso, se o valor da célula estiver em uma variável no seu script, você não pode declarar a variável no lugar do ?. Ali só pode ser o valor direto, pois a declaração SQL inteira se trata de uma string. Por isso o uso do ?, que está recebendo o valor da variável que está depois da vírgula. Obs: Para verificar se uma célula tem valor nulo, não se usa os operadores lógicos de ==, <= >=. Para isso, usa-se IS NULL ou IS NOT NULL. Ex: executeSQLQuery ("DELETE nomecoluna1,nomecoluna2 FROM nomedatabela WHERE nomecoluna3 IS NULL") Isso vai deletar todas as células da coluna 1 e coluna 2 onde a coluna 3 tem uma célula de valor NULL. Se a coluna 3 não tiver nenhuma célula de valor NULL, nada acontece. Inserir nova linha de valores: (ele vai criar automaticamente uma nova linha com novas células) executeSQLQuery ("INSERT INTO nomedatabela(nomecoluna1,nomecoluna2,nomecoluna3) VALUES(?,?,?)", valorCelulaColuna1, valorCelulaColuna2, valorCelulaColuna3) Neste caso, ele está inserindo 3 novos valores, cada valor em uma coluna. Se você não declarar os nomes das colunas, ele vai preencher na ordem das colunas automaticamente. Você pode deixar de declarar uma coluna se não quiser atribuir valor na célula daquela coluna. Se o tipo de valor da variável não for do tipo de dado daquela coluna, dará erro. Atualizar valores de células que já existem em uma tabela: (não é possível alterar os tipos de valores, é necessário editar o tipo da coluna se quiser fazer isso) executeSQLQuery ("UPDATE nomedatabela SET nomecoluna2=?,nomecoluna3=? WHERE nomecoluna1=?", valorCelulaColuna2, valorCelulaColuna3, valorCelulaColuna1) No caso acima, ele vai atualizar as células das colunas 2 e 3 onde o valor da célula da coluna 1 for igual ao valor de valorColunaCelula1. OBS: Nada impede que você coloque as primeiras variáveis junto à declaração SQL, mas para fazer isso você deve "cortar" a string, inserir as variáveis e depois continuar a string, Ex: executeSQLQuery ("UPDATE nomedatabela SET nomecoluna2= '".. valorCelulaColuna2 .."',nomecoluna3='".. valorCelulaColuna2 .."' WHERE nomecoluna1=?", valorCelulaColuna1) Lembrando que o valor destas variáveis também são strings na declaração, portanto use aspas simples antes e depois de cada corte para transformar os valores em string. Os dois pontos (..) significam que estes valores fazem parte do argumento SQL. Da mesma forma, se vc usar "1" .. "1", será igual a "11". (Por isso acho muito mais fácil deixar tudo ? na declaração SQL e colocar as variáveis todas após a string.) Selecionar determinadas células da tabela: (usado geralmente para obter os valores destas células para usar no script, você pode selecionar somente 1 célula ou várias) executeSQLQuery ("SELECT nomecoluna1,nomecoluna2 FROM nomedatabela WHERE nomecoluna3=?", valorCelulaColuna3) Neste exemplo, ele vai selecionar a célula da coluna 1 e a célula da coluna 2, na linha onde a célula da coluna 3 for igual a valorCelulaColuna3. Alterar a tabela (adicionar coluna nova) [SQLite não suporta deletar coluna nem editar tipo de coluna] executeSQLQuery ("ALTER TABLE nomedatabela ADD nomecoluna4 REAL") Devido a limitações do SQLite, ALTER TABLE não pode ser usado para deletar uma coluna nem para editar seu tipo. Para fazer isso é necessário recriar a tabela inteira com as novas alterações. No exemplo acima, ele vai adicionar uma nova coluna chamada "nomecoluna4". Tá, mas como ficaria tudo isso dentro de um script? Fiz um código com vários testes de banco de dados. Cada comando faz alguma coisa. É possível mexer em um banco de dados manualmente sem usar scripts? Sim, é possível. Eu mesmo costumo fazer isso para corrigir algumas coisas rápidas sem precisar programar mais nada. Para poder abrir os bancos de dados (internal.db e registry.db) você deve usar um programa chamado DB Browser for SQLite. Um programa gratuito, leve e bem fácil de entender. Nele você consegue acessar todas as tabelas do banco de dados e editar os valores como se fosse em uma planilha do Excel. Basta ir na aba Navegar dados, selecionar a tabela que deseja modificar, clicar em cima da célula cujo valor deseja atualizar, digitar o novo valor, clicar em Aplicar e depois clicar em Escrever modificações (salvar banco de dados). Pronto! E tem mais! Se você já tiver conhecimento avançado com a linguagem SQL, você também pode fazer alterações avançadas via código dentro do programa. Basta acessar a aba Executar SQL, escrever o comando SQL corretamente e depois clicar no botão de Play. Espero ter ajudado.
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    خطوة جيده منك ولكن لأ انصحك بان تقوم بإستنساخ الفكرة وتقوم بنشرها لأن هذا ليس بـ إبداع , الإبداع هو ان تقوم بإضافة افكار من راسك علي السكربت ليصبح عملك افضل بكثير ومرغوب اكثر من العمل الاصلي نفسه وهذه مجرد نصيحه لك بالمستقبل وبالتوفيق لك يابطل
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    -: اعضاء فريق مجتمع العرب @justboy @#CroSs @NX_CI @ibrahim# @Rakan#
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    After a worrying discussion on Discord last night regarding password storage and remember me functionality I've decided to write a tutorial on how it should be done. This guide assumes you are not using MTA's built in account system, but a custom one. Any code shown in this tutorial is purely for illustrative purposes, and is not finished code, you should use it as a guideline, not a solution. The following topics will be discussed in this tutorial: How to hash and salt passwords (register) How to validate a hashed password (login) How to add "remember-me" functionality How to offer password recovery How to migrate from an older hashing algorithm, to a newer one Using a password policy (Extra) How to handle database leaks (Extra) What even is hashing and salting? For the purpose of this tutorial we expect a database structure which is somewhat similar to this: How to hash and salt passwords When you have a user register on your service, that user expects of you to keep their password safe. Whilst it is generally bad practice to use the same password for multiple services there are many users that still do so. Because of this it's crucial that you save the user's passwords in a way that an attacker will be unable to find out the original password the user typed. This includes if they have full access to your database. In order to do this we do what is called "Password hashing" When a user registers, your server receives the user's intended username, (email) and password. Before you save that password to the database you have to hash and salt this, luckily MTA has a function that takes care of this. If you wish to know more about what exactly it does, there's more information at the end of this tutorial. In order to hash this password you use the passwordHash function. This function is relatively slow (by design), so it is highly recommended you pass a callback to this function, so your entire script doesn't wait for it to complete. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/PasswordHash local mysqlHandle -- we're assuming this value is set somewhere else in code function register(username, email, password) local player = client passwordHash(password, "bcrypt", {}, function(hashedPassword) -- callback function for hashing the password local handle = dbExec(function(handle) -- callback function for storing the user in the database if (handle) then triggerClientEvent(player, "registrationSuccess") -- inform the user that registration was successful else triggerClientEvent(player, "registrationFailed") end end,mysqlHandle, "INSERT INTO users (email, username, password) VALUES (?, ?, ?)", email, username, hashedPassword) end) end addEvent("passwordTutorial:register", true) addEventHandler("passwordTutorial:register", getRootElement(), register) How to validate a hashed password Once you've saved the hashed pasword to your database you need to do a little bit of additional work when authenticating the user. Luckily MTA offers a passwordVerify() function, which is the counterpart of the previously discussed passwordHash(). What this function does it basically hashes the password in the same way, resulting in the same output hash. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/passwordVerify In order to get the account the user is trying to log in to you have to do a query for an account which has the user submitted username, and of which the password matches through passwordVerify. PasswordVerify is also a relatively slow function, thus you should use a callback. function login(username, password) local player = client dbQuery(function (handle) -- callback for the query selecting the user by username local results = dbPoll(handle, -1) if (#results == 0) then triggerClientEvent(player, "loginFailed") return end passwordVerify(password, results[1].password, {}, function(matches) -- callback function for the password verify if (matches) then -- Do anything you wish with the database result to log the player in with the rest of your scripts triggerClientEvent(player, "loginSuccess") else triggerClientEvent(player, "loginFailed") end end) end, mysqlHandle, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?", username) end addEvent("passwordTutorial:login", true) addEventHandler("passwordTutorial:login", getRootElement(), login) How to add "remember me" functionality When users on your server log in, they often do not want to have to enter their username and password every time they want to log in. In order to satisfy this need you can implement a "remember me" function. What I've seen happen in the past, is people would store the user's password (encrypted) on the client. This is NOT safe, and should never be done! In order to properly use remember me functionality what you would do is upon login in, generate a random string. The longer the better. This random string is what we call an access token. You would then allow the user to log in with such an access token, preferably only once generating a new access token each time one is used. To implement this you would generate that token every time the user logs in, whilst they have "remember me" enabled. You will have to save this token in your database alongside your user. For extra security you could also store the user's serial alongside the access token, you can then validate that the access token is being used from the same device. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Filepath function login(username, password) -- This code should be put in the callback to the dbQuery function, but to keep the example clean that's not shown here if (rememberMe) then local token = generateRandomToken() dbExec(function() triggerClientEvent(player, "loginSuccess", token) end,mysqlHandle, "INSERT INTO access_tokens (user_id, token) VALUES (?, ?)", results[1].id, token) end end function rememberMeLogin(username, accessToken) -- this function handles a user's login attempt dbQuery(function(handle) local result = dbPoll(handle, -1) if (#result == 0) then triggerClientEvent(player, "loginFailed") else -- Do anything you wish with the database result to log the player in with the rest of your scripts triggerClientEvent(player, "loginSuccess") end end,mysqlHandle, "SELECT users.* FROM access_tokens JOIN users ON users.id = access_tokens.user_id WHERE users.username = ?", username) end addEvent("passwordTutorial:loginRememberMe", true) addEventHandler("passwordTutorial:loginRememberMe", getRootElement(), login) How to offer password recovery Offering password recovery requires a little bit more than just your MTA server. Generally password recovery is done with emails. So you would need access to an email server / service which you can use to send an email from an HTTP request. (Like you can do with fetchRemote()). When a user requests a password reset, have them enter the email you registered with. You then fetch a user from the database with this email address. You would then store a password recovery token for this user. This token, just like the remember me token, is a random string. Ideally, you would send the user a link with a password reset form that goes to a webpage where the user can reset their password. You could do this with an external service, like a webserver. Or you could use MTA's Resource web access for it, but if you do make sure you handle permissions properly for anything else that uses this. However another option would be to have the user copy paste the generated token from the email into you server's login window. Which of the two solutions you pick is up to you, my personal preference goes to the one with the link in the email. But in either case the server side logic is the same. When the user attempts to perform password recovery, verify that the token they give you belongs to a user, and then change the password to the newly requested password. Make sure you hash this password the same way you do in your login. function requestPasswordRecovery(email) dbQuery(function (handle)) local result = dbPoll(handle, -1) if (#result == 0) then triggerClientEvent(player, "passwordTutorial:passwordRecoveryRequestFailed") else local token = generateRandomToken() dbExec(mysqlHandle, "UPDATE user_data SET recovery_token = ?", token) -- mail the token to the user, mail implementation depends on the mail server/service you use triggerClientEvent(player, "passwordTutorial:passwordRecoveryRequestSuccess") end end, mysqlHandle, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ?", email) end function recoverPassword(recoveryToken, password) dbQuery(function (handle) local result = dbPoll(handle, -1) if (#result == 0) then -- this is only valid if you have the user request password recovery from ingame triggerClientEvent(player, "passwordTutorial:passwordRecoveryFailed") else passwordHash(password, "bcrypt", {}, function(hashedPassword) -- callback function for hashing the password local handle = dbExec(function(handle) -- callback function for storing the new password in the database if (handle) then -- this is only valid if you have the user request password recovery from ingame triggerClientEvent(player, "passwordTutorial:passwordRecoverySuccess") -- inform the user that registration was successful else -- this is only valid if you have the user request password recovery from ingame triggerClientEvent(player, "passwordTutorial:passwordRecoveryFailed") end end,mysqlHandle, "UPDATE user_data SET password = ? WHERE recovery_token = ?", username, recoveryToken) end) end end, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE recovery_token = ?", recoveryToken) end Besides changing the password, it's important you also delete any access tokens that user might have if you're using remember me functionality. It is also good practice to make recovery tokens expiry after a certain amount of times, and not allow a recovery token to be created whilst one is already in prgoress. This prevents a user from sending a large number of emails from your service. How to migrate from an older hashing algorithm, to a newer one Maybe after reading this topic you realise that your password security is not what it should be. So you want to change your old password hashing / validation logic to the ones explained in this topic. And due to the nature that hashes can not be "unhashed", you can't simply migrate your passwords over. So in order to migrate the passwords what you have to do is when a user logs in, first validate their password with the old hashing algorithm. If this matches, then hash (and salt) it with your new hashing algorithm and save it in your database. Make sure to delete the old password otherwise your password security is not any better than before. Using a password policy Passwords policies are important to prevent your users from picking a password that is too easily cracked / brute forced. Many password policies come in the form of "Must have at least one capital letter, one digit and one number". But that discards that fact that the best way to make your password more difficult to crack, is making your password longer. So in the code snippet below is a function that measures the 'search space' of a password. The search space of a password is the amount of possible passwords there are with a certain combination of characters. In order to use this, you would have to set a minimum password search space when a user registers for an account. This minimum is up for you to set, but be reasonable, you shouldn't expect a user's password to be impossible to remember / create. I recomend playing with the function a bit to see what values you get out of it, and pick something you believe is sensible. function getPasswordSearchSpace(password) local lowerCase = password:find("%l") and 26 or 0 local upperCase = password:find("%u") and 26 or 0 local digits = password:find("%d") and 10 or 0 local symbols = password:find("%W") and 32 or 0 local length = password:len() return (lowerCase + upperCase + digits + symbols) ^ length end -- The below function calls are to indicate the difference in search space for a set of passwords print(getPasswordSearchSpace("a")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("abc")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("Abc")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("Ab!")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("Ab!0")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("Mu#9A0h.")) print(getPasswordSearchSpace("This is a demonstration of how easy an incredibly strong password is to remember")) How to handle database leaks If you have reason to believe that your database has been leaked or otherwise compromised, it is important that your first course of action is removing any access tokens stored in your database. Once you have done that you have to inform your users. Whilst when properly hashed and salted it's extremely difficult / time consuming to find out a user's password it is still a possibilty. So you should inform your users of the breach, tell them that their passwords were properly hashed, and they do not need to fear for their passwords immediately. However you should suggest to your users that they change their password either way, just in case. What even is hashing and salting? Hashing has been brought up several times in this tutorial, whilst you do not need to know what it is / does, you might be interested in knowing regardless. I won't be going too far in depth as I simply do not have the knowledge, but the basic idea of hashing is this: When you hash anything, you turn it into a string of characters (or other value) that has no relation to the original input, other than when you hash the original input again, it will always generate the same hash. For example, when you hash the stirng 'banana' using the sha512 hashing algorithm, it will always yield the output: "F8E3183D38E6C51889582CB260AB825252F395B4AC8FB0E6B13E9A71F7C10A80D5301E4A949F2783CB0C20205F1D850F87045F4420AD2271C8FD5F0CD8944BE3" Now hashing can not be reverted, you can not "unhash" a hash, so in order to verify someone's password you hash it again, and see if the two hashes are the exact same. Now this is great, passwords are safely stored. However there is still more to do, salting. Salting is adding some random data to your password prior to hashing it. This prevents when two users (on the same service, or on others) have the same password, that their hashes are also the same. Meaning if one password is compromised, the other password is not. It is important that a salt is random for every user in your application, not one salt for your entire application. Now you might think we didn't do any salting in the code / tutorial above. This is not true, we just didn't do it ourselves. MTA's passwordHash function actually hashes the passwords and salts it, this salt is then stored in the output hash it self, just before the actual password hash. In the case of bcrypt it actually stores a little bit more info in the resulting hash, but you need not worry about that.
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    @#5Mr'aLMuteRi. -- اخوي الي ما ولدته امي @*AnGeL -- اخوي الثاني كمان @*RayaN-Alharbi. -- اختي و اعزها جدا @#DesTroyeR -- صقيقي الصقوق @Rakan# -- اخو ابوي @iMr.Storm -- حيواني الاليف @8HR -- مجهول الشخصية @KillerX -- حب من طرف ثالث @#Soking -- البيج بوس @iMr.WiFi..! -- ماي فاذر @Master_MTA -- اه نايس فريند شيب ويذ هيم ذي عيلتي و الي ناسيه ياريت لا يزعل دايم في مكان بالعيلة
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    ســلام عليكم ورحمة الله كيف الأحــوال ّء موضوع اليوم عن لوحة أدمن ~ طـبعـا اللوحه ليست لوحة الأدمن الأصليه حقت اي سيرفر ~ >>| هذي لوحة مساعده للأدامن اللي في السيرفر اللوحه تفتح لرتب معينه وبكلمه من اف 8 |<< لتعديل كل هذا من ملف اسمه sittingS كل شيء عن المود موجود في هذا الرابط \ الفيديو |~ الإهداءات ~| @!#DesTroyeR_,) @MrKAREEM @Mr.Falcon @DABL @KillerX @NX_CI @[AcM] - Major . @MR_Mahmoud @Ahmed Ly @MR.Mosa @N3xT @Abu-Solo @SuperX @#BrosS @iMr.WiFi..! @Mr.CnTroL @Abdul KariM و جميع أعضاء المنتدى
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    Well, a simple script that show on the screen a grenade indicator, i made it 6 years ago and i no longer uses it so i decided to share it. Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&amp;s=details&amp;id=16021
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    السلام عليكم مبدأيا الي عندو افكار للمشروع يقولها 😅 -------------------------- في الفترة الاخيرة عرفت ان ممكن استخدم html, css, javascript داخل mta sa ----------------------------- جاتلي فكرة اني اصنع اطار عمل لتسهيل استخدام لغات تصميم الويب علي مطورين اللعبة html from تبع input هو ان مثلا لو يبي تنسيق لل يقدر يستخدم كلاس انا عمله يحطه في الانبوت ويسوي احلي تنسيق وبكل سهولة ولو يبي تصميم لرسالة هو مجرد تاج بسيط في كود الاتش تي ام ال واسم كلاس ويسوي له تنسيق الرسالة بكل سهولة والموضوع مش بيقف عند التنسيقات فقط بل استخدام ديناميكية الجافا سكربت وقوتها في اطار العمل و...الخ في اكيد منكم يعرفني ويعرف شغلي وللتأكد https://ahmedessam.info/ ----------------------------- تعامل مسبقا مع لغات الويب في اللعبة lua المهم انا احتاج مطور ويعرف الغير مناسب او بمعني اصح الغير مدعوم من خصائص لغات تصميم الويب او ممكن نجرب مع بعض website docs + github طبعا المشروع راح يترفع علي ونستفيد انا وهو ان في شئ مميز في اعمالنا
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    السلام عليكم اليوم حابب اقلكم ابيكم كلكم تجون سيرفري واتمني تزوروني كلكم تنوروني ❤️ وهذا العدد قبل ساعة ايبي السيرفر : mtasa:// وسيتم وضع بعض الصور من السيرفر في نفس هذا الموضوع قريب
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    @TOUNSI | ا̍ڸــڛۣــ؏ــٰٱ̍دہ -- سفير السلام و النوايا الحسنة 😕 @#StrOnG_,) -- دموا عسل مثلوا @SuperX -- دموا اعسل @Master_MTA -- حبيب الملايين @!#DesTroyeR_,) -- لا كلمة توصف هذا ال *************** جمال @سعد الغامدي -- محترم و طيب @#[K]iLLeR<3 -- حبيب الملايين
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    Since 1 week ago, We was worked hard on this library. Then finally we've finished from it! It will publish soon, But now we collecting all of your suggestions then we'll adding it on our library, Our library is the best on Memory Usage because of it coding focusing to don't take a lot of Memory usage The team are: @H25 @#,xiRocKyz @iMr.WiFi..! Anyways the photos of library:- A video shows effects on library:- Objects in our library (Based as GUI objects):- We'll add more objects in future, At the end please vote on the poll above, and comment below that what do you like/dislike to improve our design