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    Hello! Today I am bringing you a new part/update of the Advanced Vehicle System project I am currently working on. This part of the project contains a simple, yet nice and effective reverse light system. It is not fully finished yet, still need some improvements and features, but I managed to get it done "partially", so I can show it to you. This is compatible with every vehicle that has the "vehiclelightson128" texture, which most of the time happens with modded vehicles. But it definitely does with default vehicles. [RED] = Unaffected lights [GREEN] = Affected lights In action: Currently this script has 3 custom functions and 2 custom events, these are: setVehicleLightsOn(vehicle, state) - This is a workaround for the default setVehicleOverrideLights function. [server] setVehicleReverseTexture(vehicle, state) - With this function you can toggle the reverse light texture on/off. [shared] isVehicleReversing(vehicle) - Returns true if the vehicle is reversing, false otherwise. [currently server only] onVehicleStartReverse - Parameters: driver, lightState [server] onVehicleStopReverse - Parameters: driver, lightState [server] driver: The player who drives the vehicle lightState: The light state of the vehicle (true/false). This returns the value set by setVehicleLightsOn function. Always returns something. The source of these events is the vehicle that starts/stops reversing. These events are triggered when a vehicle starts/stops reversing. More updates coming soon! I always like to read suggestions, so feel free to comment your thoughts and what should I add/remove! Thank you for reading, hope you like it! Part of the Advanced Vehicle System project.
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    Hello guys, I know how hard it is today to create a working MTA 0.5 server in linux environments, so I've created a docker image, which is very easy to use. It is on docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/andrasszell/mta05-server/ I've also started a dedicated server in EU Frankfurt: I'm also planning to create a simple web-based server browser, stay tuned.
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    @!#NssoR_) الحمدلله على السلامة ، والله يحفظ اخواننا العراقيين والكويتيين
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    i'm ask u ask me ? wtf ..
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    The problem is that in function localRoot the radar is local which means the addEventHandler doesn't "see" it. Remove the local and it should work. Btw I sent you a message, you can write if you need help.
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    addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hitElement) if (getElementType(hitElement) == "object") then -- TODO here end end )
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    onMarkerHit returns the hitElement. Get it's type with getElementType
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    هههههههههه الصوره مضحكه تسلم يدك
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    بصراحة اشوفه سيرفر مظلوم بعدد الزوار .. واذا كان بالفعل كل المودات مصنوعة من قبلكم بيكون شدة الظلم اقوى : ( تقدر تتفاهم معي عشان ارفع سيرفرك ويجيك زوار أكثر ( : وبالتوفيق <3
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    مرهه حلو ورائعع واهنيكك الي مخربهه شيئين اللوان غير متناسقه ومركب شكل بيوت مدري وشش مخرب عليه احلى شي يكون شكل بسيط لطيف جميل خفيف :)
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    Update dgs, and you can switch the edit with "tab".
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    يعطيك العافية , نقدر وجهية نظرك , لكن احنا الى نصنع المستقبل , امزح مسوي حكيم الزبده بنحاول نسوي الى نقدر علية و متفاءل مع التحديث الجديد ان شاء الله بيانات التجديث في الموضوع الجاي , شأكرين لك #
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    Hola gente, se que es algo tarde mi comentario y disculpen mi ignorancia pero como se instala todo? quisiera saber que va en el mtaserver y en el acl, porque en el winrar no esta el text masterserver ni el acl. Desde ya muchas gracias!!!
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    pero xq el start , stop ,y restart si eso viene incluido en el mta?