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    New Login Panel Added : New Clan system is added too !
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    Description HeroInventory is a new way to expand a roleplay server's features. This resource allows a server to not only archive items; but organize them appropriately! Adding items, and groups are very simple. Features Ability to organize items into groups. Rather simple to integrate. Ability to support your items with images. Ability to support your groups with images. Ability to easily code what an item does once used. Ability to browse items quickly. Functions Functions found here: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/HeroInventory Screenshots Download Download available here - http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=6310
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    APPENDIX DATA SYNCHRONIZATION. What is it? MTA's synchronization methods. Optimization tips. DATA SYNCHRONIZATION 1. What is it? Since unmemorable times humanity have faced problems caused mainly due to the storage of different ideas in almost each human. But thank God, machines storage methods are different and they have the possibility of having stored the same values in more than 100 machines. Well this is great, but those values must be set by someone, and here's where the server-side and client-side can be used as example of data synchronization. The server-side store's all the values given by each client-side and give's back those values to the all the client-sides ending up into something like this ( Figure 1 ). This is a way to get the same data in all the client-side, but there's also other methods well known like P2P. Figure 1. 2. MTA's synchronization methods. Since data sync it's a base element of every multiplayer game or mod, MTA is not an exception. That's why MTA scripting interface gives us two core ways to sync the server data with the client data or client data with server data. Well this two methods are the following one's. Element Data, it consists of assigning values to an element that are being stored under a key ( the key usually being a string like "health" ). This way is being used by a great amount of scripters in MTA because it's easy to use. But there are also negative points if this way is not being used properly like saving small amount of data in just one key and syncing it with the server or client's. An example of it would be: [[--CLIENT.LUA--]] local value = 0 local function handleStart() value = getTickCount() -- WE GET THE TIME THE SERVER HAS BEEN WORKING WHEN THE RESOURCE START setElementData( localPlayer, "start_tick", value, true ) -- WE SAVE THE 'value' VARIABLE INTO THE 'localPlayer' ELEMENT WITHIN THE KEY 'start_tick' AND WE SYNC IT TO GET THIS DATA TO THE SERVER. end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ), handleStart ) [[--SERVER.LUA--]] local function handleCMD( thePlayer ) local mineTick = getElementData( thePlayer, "start_tick" ) -- WE RETRIEVE THE DATA, THAT HAS BEEN SAVED INTO 'thePlayer' DATA. local resultTick = getTickCount() - mineTick -- GET HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED SINCE THE RESOURCE STARTED FOR THE PLAYER outputChatBox( resultTick, thePlayer ) -- PRINT INTO THE CHAT THE RESULT end addCommandHandler( "mytime", handleCMD ) -- IN CASE YOU WANT TO TRY IT SAVE THE CODE WITH THE NAME MARKED ABOVE THEM. [[--META.XML--]] <meta> <script src="server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="client.lua" type="client"/> </meta> Events, this method is the one that elementData's one bases on, which means this is a 'rawer' method which can also be faster than elementData if it's being used efficiently. An event is just a message that's being send to one or various systems, if these systems handle the message then when the message is sent to the system there's a trigger which calls the functions that are defined like a reaction to that message that has been sent. It's pretty easy to understand, just think of this. You say hello to someone, the message in this case is 'Hello' and the system where is pointed to mainly is the person, the person gets the message and handles it by calling some cognitive functions, these functions at their time trigger another message as result which in the most common case would be 'Hello' or just a strange face motion because he or she doesn't know you. Maybe you will ask yourself about what does a hello to someone have to do with Events in MTA. Well let's convert the situation above into script. We've got to define first the message by using addEvent( "Hello" ), good we have defined our message, but if we stop here then we have made some useless stuff that's not going to be used ever, that's why we have to use this message somewhere and here is when we simulate the action of saying something the message by using triggerEvent( "Hello" ) but... wait who's supposed to say the message? Let's make it look like the localPlayer was saying the message so it would be like triggerEvent( "Hello", localPlayer ), okay we have said the message but do we talk alone? Maybe but it's not pretty normal, so we must find a receptor which in this case will be a ped so we add the a ped to the game by using createPed( 0, 105, 20, 5.5 ) supposing we are located in the position 104, 20, 5.5. Okay we have the receptor now but it won't answer to our message so let's obligate him to answer us by adding a handler for the message to the ped like this addEventHandler( "Hello", thePed ), okay but this way it will do the same as we wouldn't have used addEventHandler that's why we need to pass also a function to call like an argument which in this case is going to be called 'answerToHello' and we would finish up with addEventHandler( "Hello", thePed, answerToHello ). All this and little bit more of code below for simulating an answer to hello from a person in a non-realistic way. [[--CLIENT--]] -- EVENTS addEvent( "Hello", false ) -- LET'S MAKE IT LIKE JUST THE CLIENT CAN TRIGGER IT SO WE MAKE SURE JUST WE ARE GOING TO TALK TO THE PED -- VARIABLES local thePed = createPed( 0, 105, 20, 5.5 ) -- WE ADD THE PED SO WE DON'T FEEL LONELY -- FUNCTIONS -- SAY HELLO local function sayHello() -- THIS FUNCTION WILL BE USED TO SEND UP THE MESSAGE TO THE PED triggerEvent( "Hello", thePed ) -- WE SAY HELLO TO THE PED end -- ANSWER local function answerToHello() -- WE DEFINE THE MESSAGE HANDLER SO WE MAKE SURE THE PED ANSWERS TO US outputChatBox( "Hello to you too!" ) -- THE PED GET'S THE MESSAGE AND GIVES US BACK A MESSAGE THAT WE CAN CHECK INTO THE CHAT. end -- COMMANDS addCommandHandler( "sayit", sayHello ) -- WE'VE GOT TO SAY SOMEHOW HELLO TO THE PED SO LET'S USE A COMMAND -- EVENT HANDLERS addEventHandler( "Hello", thePed, answerToHello ) 3. Optimization tips. Well both methods can be used in large development but there are some tips you can follow to make sure your script will run in an efficient way. Pack reasonable amount of data into one's element data key, don't save values like ( health, armor, money ) into different keys, compress them into an only one by using tables, by using this method we pass 3 values packed in one sync meanwhile separating each value with one key creates upon 3 different syncs which would end up in a greater amount of packets sent between the server and the client. This tip can be used for both methods [ elementData, Events ]. local basic_data = { health = 100, armor = 100, money = 100 } -- COMPRESSED PLAYER INFO setElementData( thePlayer, "main", basic_data, true ) -- WE GIVE 3 DIFFERENT VALUES TO 'main' KEY BY USING JUST A VARIABLE THAT'S A TABLE 'basic_data' triggerClientEvent( thePlayer, "onSync", thePlayer, basic_data ) -- WE SEND A MESSAGE TO THE CLIENT IN ORDER TO MAKE IT SYNC THE DATA OF THE PLAYER TO THE ONE THAT IS BEING STORED IN THE SERVER Lua is a garbage collection language so the reduce the amount of global variables as much as possible in order to make it run faster. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you have any question just feel free to ask it in this post or by PM, Skype ( killer.68x ) or Email ( simple01@zoho.com ) or Discord ( Simple01#1106 ).
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    Welcome to Dynasty Network, Yeah we had a topic before the cleanup but this time we cameback bigger and better. Our topic will be managed way better then it was before and i'll put all my time into keeping this up to date also backups will be made daily. I hope you like this @HAZJ. But that's it about the topic. Now let's head into the server and show what we are currently Developing. We are currently in Alpha state and are testing / optimising everything so you guys won't encounter bugs. This is due the fact we got a strict punishment if it goes about bug abusing and such. Getting caught using bugs etc in your advantage will result in a permanent ban. Feel free to leave a like and reaction, I would really love it since it's showing interest and that you are supporting the development of it. You can find us on our forums which are currently under development. We are using a community theme for now until our new custom made theme has been finished.Go to Forum to make sure you have an account when you try to join our server. Also make sure you join our discord channel on the following link : https://discord.gg/b6vHgb4 , We aren't going to give our server IP yet due the fact we are still developing the server. But as soon as it is done i'll release the ip so you guys can join and checkout our brand new community. Previews will be showcased when I do think it's ready to get spread
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    هو يبغا غير محدود لك عنده
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    قلت لك خادمك 32 بت وماتقدر تشغله على 64 بت اطلب من الي شاري منه الخادم يحوله 64 بت
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    local gate1 = createObject(968, 1544.6999511719, -1623.9000244141, 13, 0, 89.1, 270) local marker1 = createMarker(1544.5, -1628, 13.5, "cylinder",6,225,225,255,25) local isMoving = false local moveTime = 2000 function moveToll(player) if isMoving then return end if source == marker1 then local move = moveObject(gate1, moveTime, 1544.6999511719, -1623.9000244141, 13, 0, -89.1, 0) if move then isMoving = true setTimer(gate2, 4000, 1, true) end end end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", root, moveToll) function gate2() moveObject(gate1, moveTime, 1544.6999511719, -1623.9000244141, 13, 0, 89.1, 0) setTimer(function() isMoving = false end, moveTime, 1) end As for second problem, this should work, i haven't tested it, but you can see how this could be done. You have to save the current movement state in variable, and move the barrier only if it isn't already moving. You cant use moveObject as condition because it's function, it's gonna always return true. You can see that i save function result in variable "move" and check it in if afterwards. The variable "isMoving" is saving current state of movement. the statement "if isMoving then return end" makes it so the function doesn't start if the barrier is currently moving.
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    Fijate en la wiki. En el lado client solo pones true o false. No tienes que poner toggleAllControls (player, true), pones solo toggleAllControls (false) y ya.
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    فيروس تبي تهكرنا ها ؟ امزح شكل القيممود حقك ثقيل مرة او يتصل ب بيانات كثيرة عشان كذا يبي لك x64 اما بالنسبة للفرق فأنو معالج الخادم يمرر بيانات أكثر يوم يكون 64 أكثر من 32 عشان كذا تلقى تقريبا ك الألعاب الجديدة تحتاج نواة 64 أتمنى تكون فهمتني
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    ببساطة هذا هو البت حق خادمك بدون x64 يعني 32 bit x64 = 64 bit اما شلون تخليه كذا . 64 bit لازم يكون الخادم وتحدثه بتحديث bit 64 وهذي احد روابط الي مسويها انا شخصياً عشان تحدث : + اذا حدثته 64 بـت وخادمك 32 بـت ماراح يشتغل السيرفر + اما الاختلاف اكتب في قوقل الفرق بين 32 bit × 64 bit
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    Gracias por la ayuda muchachos, solucionado. Terminé usando la solución de KaR0n!
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    نغير شوي عن الانميات واجيب فلم انمي اسم الانمي انقليزي : Koe no Katachi اسم الانمي بالعربي : شكل الصوت اسم الانمي بالياباني : 声なしかたちません سنة الانتاج : صيف 2016 التصنيف : شونين - دراما - مدرسي التصنيف العمري : +14 >> مابه لقطات ابدا بس عشانه مؤثر بزياده وعميق . تقييمي للفلم : 7.9 رايي عن الفلم : افضل فلم انمي شفته بحياتي , اقصد فلم انمي مو مثل افلام كونان ال 21 وكذا لا ذا فلم له قصه خاصه المهم انه رهييييييييب القصة مع اني م انصحكم تقرونها وانصحكم وبقوه تتابعون ذا الفلم اعدته فوق 16 مره صراحه !
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    Hey there, I am offering to be a moderator in your server but i have to get paid monthly or we can hit up something. I've got Good English, by this i mean it's Understandable and i can understand what others are saying Knowing when to punish this includes (Ban,Kick,Mutes) , and when to not. Please Contact me here or via skype (Malekz5) So we can sort things out.
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    اسم الانمي : Gangsta الاسم بالعربية : العصابات الحالة : منتهي عدد الحلقات : 12 عدد المواسم : 1 الموسم : صيف 2015 الاستوديو : Manglobe التصنيف : اكشن , دراما , سينين , دموي التصنيف العمري : +18 تقييم الانمي : 7.61 المؤلف : Kohske
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    Man just give the god damn resource admin rights else will not work. In order to give it admin rights just go to Admin Panel and Edit ACL and then all you have to do is to click the [Add Object] button and an window will pop up asking you to write something, just write [resource.YOUR GOD DAMN RESOURCE NAME HERE] hit OK and you are done. If it's not working GIVE UP.
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    Please add some more money so when you register you can do some :~. I'd also like to note that i liked your server
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    Suck my :O lol. that server is a copy from SAUR.
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    NBG is just small/simple gamemode (NOT BUGGED) contain from 22 folders , created in the last year and developered by me , and now i have to decide to release its scripts to make something from it and learn from its codes , Information Gamemode type: RPG/CnR Appox. file size: 1MB Version: 1.1.4 Link : https://files.fm/u/yagjhpmx (Click "Download") Scripts Contains
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    i can not find any
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    i think it's the wrong section anyway could you please help me ? when i join a server it comes up with a text '' kicked from the game (SD #20 0410911) This server requires a non-modified gta3.img and gta_int.img please replace gta3.img or gta_int.img ''
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    Where can I find the original gta3.img and gta_int?
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    im afraid you came to the wrong place with this one mate, people wont give support for leaked scripts.
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    Introduction GTW-RPG is the most advanced open source RPG/CnR/Turfs/Jobs/Basic role play game mode started in early 2012, the main goal has been to write something unique, but still not too confusing for players used to other game modes, defining themselves as "RPG". The strict coding guidelines ensure that the code is easy to read and understandable even for people with poor knowledge in Lua scripting. It's also one of the most optimized game modes with this amount of features available, as it was initially developed to work on 20 years old hardware. The project is licensed under the BSD-2-clause license so you are free to download, modify and/or redistribute the full project (or parts of it) as long the original authors names written at the top of each file is left untouched, these are found at the top of each file. Like most open source projects it's available at Github which also makes it easy for anyone who would like to contribute to the project. Back in the past I used to post a new topic for each resource within this game mode, today there are so many resources that it's better to gather them all in this topic including updates, suggestions, bug reports and other news. Download To download and contribute use: git clone https://github.com/404rq/GTW-RPG.git Or visit the project home page to get all the files in a zip archive github.com/404rq/GTW-RPG Useful links: Community support, feedback/suggestions/contributions and bug tracking. discuss.404rq.com/t/suggestions discuss.404rq.com/t/issues Screenshots A collection of 100+ pictures summarizing the game mode can be found at our image hosting site WussIMG wuss.pw/am/F Features The goal is to setup a wiki on Github for full documentation, that means below information is just a quick summary of some of the more important resources included and what they do. Check out Github for more details. GTWaccounts: Graphical login and registration system. GTWanimations: A GUI to choose between all available GTASA animations including some bind able commands. GTWchat: Chat system which adds new chats, supports longer messages and displays chat bubbles GTWcivilians: A system to maintain civilian jobs, GUI to choose skins, tools and display information about the job as well as adding markers where the players can apply for the job. GTWcore: Includes all the core features, saves and load account data such as position, team, weapons, stats, health and much more from internal, SQLite or MySQL databases. It also provides core features such as dealing with lagging players, allow players to go afk in a different dimension adding AFK tags to their names, some location coordinate features, account management and global stats. GTWfastfood: Allow your players to buy fast food in one of the 35 restaurants around San Andreas, including some drive thru's and possibility for players to sell fast food from Mr.Whoopee and the hot dog van GTWgates: Adds gates for bases restricted to team, group or occupation. Gates can always be opened by staff. GTWstaff: A resource to pass ACL groups as a table to clients so that other resources can verify ACL rights in a safe way and find out if a player really is staff or not. GTWhelp, GTWupdates: GUI for in game manual and update news downloaded live from https://www.404rq.com GTWjail, GTWjailmap: Jail system with exported functions, law enforcers and staff can jail players for a certain amount of time, the time is displayed on the client screen and saves if the jailed player tries the classical trick of reconnecting. GTWpolice, GTWwanted: Allow players in the team Government to arrest players with wanted level, wanted level system that allows more then 6 stars (infinity) and adds a level of violence to inform the law enforcers if they can perform a kill arrest or if they have to use their tazer and stick to arrest. GTWphone: Listen to local radio stations, send SMS to other players, (up to 1024 chars instead of just 128 as the chat is limited to). Or call for services GTWtopbar: Used by almost all resources, displays DX messages at the top of a player's screen and fade them out after a while. GTWtrain: Spawns trains controlled by bots on the server, a perfect way for criminals to escape the law, block the way in a police chase, or to travel to another town quickly. GTWvehicles, GTWvehicleshops: Adds over 200 markers where rental vehicles are available at fair prices used to work or to just cruise around. Vehicle shops where all kinds of vehicles can be bought, (including trains) as well as smart GUI's to manage everything (lock, engine, fuel level, damage control, door control, search filet and much more). GTWtraindriver, GTWbusdriver, GTWtrucker, GTWfarmer, GTWfisher, GTWironminer, GTWmechanic, GTWtramdriver: Some of the civilian jobs available, GTWcivilians and GTWvehicles provide these jobs with application GUI and job vehicles. These are the missions within the jobs. GTWhospitals: Respawn at nearest hospital when you die, without loosing your weapons or other important stuff GTWsmoke, GTWrob, GTWweather, GTWplayerblips, GTWsafeareas, GTWtrainhorn, GTWturnindicators: Some of the best misc features. Check them out on Github for more details. For more details, check it out on Github, feedback, suggestions and related comments are welcome in this thread. Demo server A demo server where you can test GTW-RPG live can be found in our community at the following address: mtasa://par-fr.404rq.com:22004
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    Hello! i'm here to present my script called "Killcam" it's inspired by Sniper Elite V2 The script is very simple, when you make a lethal shot with a sniper rifle it shows with slow motion the path of the bullet. The resource is compiled, maybe i will upload an open source version in the future but first i want it to be known because if no one knows it someone could steal it. Usage: 1- Get a sniper rifle. 2- Aim to someone's chest, head or testicles. 3- Shoot! Download: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5362 Changelog: --Second Release: ---------------------------------------------- -Added Moving Kill, Moving Headshot and Moving Testicle shot (when you shoot to someone that is walking or running) -Fixed bullet direction (sometimes the bullet was pointing to any place but not the target player) -Added country rifle -Fixed bug when two player shooted at the same time. (it used to count the kill only for who shooted second, now it counts both) ----------------------------------------------- Video: HD: enjoy!
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته فيديو غيابي عن البرمجة واليوتيوب ولماذا لا أقوم برفع مقاطع الفيديو ونشر السكربتات إلى الناس أتمنى لكم حسن المشاهدة