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    Website - Server IP - Discord - Forums History & about new version Limitless RPG was founded in 2014 as a basic MTA:SA RPG modded server, taking over the RPG communities by a storm and averaging 15-20 players in the middle of the week and by the weekends, LRPG was averaging nearly 30 players. In early 2014s Lampard founded a server named Limitless RPG, to entertain the players that were coming to the server and having fun each day. Lampard's decision to open LRPG was mainly affected by his friends and players nearby that were asking him to open a server. As Lampard saw that the server is old and getting more popular, he decided to start a new project, to make the server more modern, which was the 2.0 version of the server (LRPG). 2.0 Version was released in 2015, in this version of the server, the players count decrease and it was not as popular as it was in the 1.5 version. Lampard saw the influence of the 2.0 version and started immediately working on a new project which was 3.0 version. 3.0 version was released in 2016, this version gave the server his popularity back since our scripter ShockWave worked hard for it and gained between 30 players each day, in the middle of the week and weekends. Unfortunately, 2016 was the year that LRPG shut down, due to some unknown reasons. Nowadays, Limitless RPG is back alive with the same 3.0 version and even improvements that will surely play their part in the server. The current LRPG, is coming back better and stronger than ever with a whole lot of notes in order to make the community of RPG servers good again. Server Information: Spawning System & Roles: Choose an area where you would like to spawn from three cities and 2 county's, you can select what your role has to be, such as Civilian, Police or Criminal. Police: Your main job is to arrest the suspects, involved in the criminal activities, however police database can be used to track the criminals and also to find the most wanted criminals of the server. As a police, you have to hit the wanted criminal with a nightstick, and after that the criminal will be cuffed and will follow you. You have to escort the cuffed criminal to the nearest police station immediately as other criminals might kill you to save the cuffed criminal. Criminal: As a criminal, you can kill other criminals which can gain you a wanted level. You can rob ATMs, bank and even start turfing by starting your own gang. At LS Docks, criminals can go the weapon factory and can make illegal weapons at very cheap price, however criminals can also make drugs, and bombs there at low price. The weapons, bombs or drugs made from factory can be sold to other players or can be used by player itself. Civilian: There are numerous jobs for civilians, all the civilian jobs are mentioned below: 1. Miner: You can spawn as a miner, and will have shovel, so that you can break the rocks and precious stones. You will have Dune where you will be able to store the stones, depending on how the precious the stone is, you will get more cash for it. 2. Wood Cutter: As a wood cutter, you will have a Dozer, with the help of this vehicle you will be able to cut the trees, after cutting the trees, you have to get in DFT-30 and transport the trees to the factory. 3. Pilot: To transport the passengers and cargo to other airports, cash depends on how far the airport is. 4. Trucker: To transport the cargo to the factories, cash depends on long the distance is. 5. Mechanic: As a mechanic, you have to repair the player's car and to refuel them, however mechanic has their database which allows them to track the damaged car. 6. Fisherman: Get in the boat, and roam around the water, you will find the fishes of different categories, some may be expensive and some may be cheap. 7. Taxi Driver: Drive the taxi and transport the players to the location that they want, you will be automatically paid the price of the distance traveled. 8. Food Delivery Man: You have to drive a hotdog car and sell the food products to the players. 9. Bus Driver: Drive the bus around the city to the marked bus stations and you will gain money for transporting the people to the stations. 10. Gambler: As a gambler, you have to enter the casino and play Black jack. 11. Farmer: Plant the seeds by using a tractor and wait for the time for the crop to grow, after they are grown, use Combine Harvester to harvest the crops. Military: This server has a Military known as "Task Force 282", this squad is special due to the modern equipment that only it has, such as Tanks, Fighter Planes, and it also goes to war with terrorist at sometime. However to join this squad, you really need to have good skills. Terrorist: This server has a special criminal gang, since it has the equipment's that no other gang has, it goes to war with Military at sometime, to join this gang, you also need to be skilled. SASC: A special group which makes event for the players of the server, they have an access to a building panel from which they can create many objects suitable for event. This group is controlled by owners, and only owner can choose SASC. SAW: A special group of builders, it is mostly used for roleplaying, however the players of SAW has access to a building panel from which can create many objects suitable for construction. Other Important Features: Mobile Phone Every player in this server has a mobile phone, which helps the player to communicate with any single person of the server. With mobile phone, you can send money to different players, look at your bank balance, track other players location, use a camera, use a youtube, play games, listen to the radio, save the notes, use a calculator and also track player's houses. Housing System Our housing system has a features such as Buy & Sell, however you can also spawn at your own house. Vehicle System, Car & Plane Shops You can buy different types of car in the server, such as luxurious cars which costs more but it worth's the money. Cars can be hidden by a car control panel which can be accessed by pressing F2. With your car control panel, you can hide, recover, sell to car shop or sell the car to player. Planes can be also bought from Airports, and same control panel is used to manage the planes. Turf System Every gang can turf the areas, however the only city that can be turfed is Las Venturas. Each criminal gets rewarded for turfing the area. Fuel System & Hybrid car Every vehicle in this server needs a fuel, without fuel the vehicle will not work, however we have got one of the unique feature for the server that is Hybrid car, which does not need a fuel and is available at a car shop. Business System You can buy your own business in this server and it has 5 different levels. Every level has different profit and tax. More higher level gives more profit and has high taxes however it costs more too. In this Business system, a player can even do jobs to earn more profit, there are two types of job in Business system, that is Civilian and Criminal Job. In a civilian job you have to deal with a businessman to gain more products or to improve your business. You can also do criminal job, in a criminal job you have to hack the host of other business which will gain you a wanted level but a high amount of profit than civilian job. Bank System A player can withdraw or deposit the money into his account, however banks can be robbed by criminals and due to this criminals can earn a lot of cash. Gang, Squad & Company Features If you think that your gang, squad or company requires some features, you can apply to get some new features such as vehicle, base, spawn, and even modded skin for your gang, squad or company, however there are some requirements too which you can read at our forums: https://limitlessrpg.us/forums/showthread.php?tid=2&pid=3#pid3 Services Shop In this server, there are a lot of shops for food which can gain you health, and repair shop, that is Pay N Spray to repair your vehicles. Guns can be also bought from Ammunition shop. Gun Skills Every player from starting has no gun skills, so you have to train your weapons at Los Santos Ammunition Shop. Internet Cafe/Gaming Cafe You can visit our gaming cafe in Los Santos to play games, however there is also a game which you can play with your friend together. War System This feature is mostly for players of Military & Terrorist. The war system works when both higher rank player of Military & Terrorist agrees to do the war. VIP System A player can become VIP by inviting people to the server, however VIP has a lot of features such as a VIP has their own modded car, skin, neons, laser & their own pet. Vehicle Tuning System Every car can be tuned in this server, such as car's engine, brakes, and also car's look can be changed by adding paint jobs. Vehicle Mods There are many vehicle mods, such as for racing cars, realistic cars. Server Status: IP: mtasa:// Status: Open Server Website: https://limitlessrpg.us Join us at Discord: https://discord.gg/Ttk3sS8 Gallery:
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    The Scripting Section is meant for asking on-topic scripting development questions. We have a set of rules and guidelines that are outlined below. In order to post a topic in the Scripting section, the topic has to meet the following requirements: It must contain specific question(s) about either: the code you will include that is problematic or you are asking direct support for, or asking for help in finding the best approach to achieve something. For example, asking more experienced scripters if there is a more efficient way of coding your desired script/function. The contents of the topic must focus around on-topic code support or coding methods (as explained above). It needs to follow the Formatting guidelines and Conduct guidelines listed below. Just to clarify these rules, there is no room for any kind of: (resource) progress show-off, recruiting scripters, or polling interest or brainstorming on what kind of project you are up to next All of the above things have their own categories to post them in. These categories are respectively: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/87-resources/ https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/149-looking-for-staff/ https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/140-mta-chat/ If you still post such a topic in the Scripting section mistakenly, the first time it will get moved gracefully to the correct section. Any subsequent repeated mistakes may result in an instant deletion of your topic. Formatting guidelines - It would be highly appreciated if you tag your topics appropriately and use proper topic titles. Although this is not a hard requirement, it helps to maintain overview. Use the following template for this: [BUG] TOPIC_TITLE - for problematic code that will not work or has issues that you need assistance with. This type of topic must always contain a code snippet of the script in question. [QUESTION] TOPIC_TITLE - scripting questions, including (but possibly not limited to): asking for help in understanding scripting principles, function or code usage, or if you wonder whether your approach to achieve something is the most optimal and efficient one. We are all learning and aid from more experienced scripters can be useful. - Use code snippet tags. Always add your code (if applicable) in this uniform way. Click the ''< >'' shortcut in the text editor: Then put your code within the newly created box. Be sure to select Lua for highlighting from the drop-down list in bottom right corner for automatic syntax colouring, wiki links for built-in functions and events and other cool features. Please do not use loose [ code] tags for the sake of readability. - Do not mass-quote code snippets, or else it would fill up the whole topic with repeats of the same code over and over again. Remove the code column from a previous quote before posting or limit your own quote by narrowing down the parts of code you are replying about. Quote selectively. Advice Last but not least, please try to explain your issue or question the best way you can. A clean and detailed topic can increase the chance that someone will sit down to analyse your problem and actually help you. Clear communication and description is also the key to attracting scripters who may potentially take a look for you. Conduct guidelines - Treat everyone with respect, no matter their skill in scripting. If someone posts what you think is low level/''stupid'', remember that you have once been there as a novice scripter yourself and everyone should have a chance to learn. Instead of resorting to humiliating replies, think about how hard it is to learn how to script efficiently, and dedicate yourself even more to help them understand it. You might play a noticeable role in someone's future as MTA scripter (or who knows, maybe an even more prominent role later on too). Long story short, avoid making remarks or rude comments aimed at someone's skill level, incapabilities, etc. It is not appreciated neither by us Moderators nor by regular users of the forums. - The Scripting section is not meant for those unwilling to learn, whose only intent is to try get others to finish the scripts they need, line by line. We see this happening way too often - someone with seemingly zero scripting skills does not react on-topic to the set of functions they can use that other users provide them, and does not seem to take any pushes in the right direction forward; they are just waiting for a collective effort from other scripters to develop what they want. This is what we do not want to see. It is not against the rules, but do not expect all the work to be done for you while you lean back. We tend to motivate you to raise up and at least try to script it by yourself, and the users on the Scripting board are generally happy to aid in every particular issue you come across while coding it. If you still try to let others move the work for you (almost) completely, do not be surprised when you are not getting that much of help from others. In that context, if you see someone who keeps bumping their topic that is clearly oriented at letting his work be done by others, then please report the post. - The bumping policy in scripting section is a bit different from other forum sections, because scripting topics serve as a sort of knownledge-base for those dealing with the same issue/question as described in existing topics. It is often suggested (and usual practise for many scripters) that prior to posting a new topic, someone searches the forums to see if their question has been asked/answerred before. Therefore, you may bump old topics if you're certain your approach or solution/code is better than other posted answers, and if it's a fairly common question (not someone just asking how to have their own code fixed or similar case-specific topics). However, we the moderating team may still review if your posts are really useful bumps with new insights, and even if so, we can lock the topic to prevent derailing of an old topic/continuous posts. So expect your useful bumps to possibly be the last ever made in a certain topic (which means if you do it, do it well). If you believe a popular topic for a really common scripting problem should be unlocked for you to post input, or you wish to improve upon someone's earlier bump after which it was locked, then please use the Report button referring to this part of the regulations. - No support is offered for leaked code or scripts (even if they only partially originate from a leak) and such topics will be locked and trashed on sight. If you notice a topic where something related is being asked, or other clandestine requests (such as questions how to decompile scripts, etc, anything with not-so-noble intentions) then please report the topic and do not reply as it may incite unnecessary arguments. Mention the source proving that it is a leaked code within your report, though you can omit that if you feel that it is fairly obvious that the resource/script was leaked. In the latter case however, keep in mind that we may not be aware of such a leak, so the Moderator who handles your report will have to take his judgement upon it if you do not provide evidence. Still, keep in mind that you should not openly accuse users who post pieces of your (or someone else's) code as per https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/46410-stolen-resource-accusations/. If this happens, simply report such posts. Failure to abide by the Conduct guidelines may result in a forum punishment. We ask anyone who notices a breach of the Conduct guidelines to report said offending post - it just takes a few seconds, yet it greatly benefits the Section and makes it a better place to seek help from.
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    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاتة كيف الحال أهل الخير , في هذا اليوم يشرفني اني ادعوكم جميعاً لحفل إفتتاح سيرفر شيوخ العرب - هوامير وهذي بطاقة الدعوة مع العلم انه سيتم إقامة فعاليات ومسابقات ، وتوزيع فلوس , ورتب وشكراً لكم
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    سلام عليكم اليوم ابي اوريكم شقة فخمة الماب اخدني اسبوع اكمله شوفوا الشقة فيها مسبح كبير و شقتين ومع جراج وبوابة كبيرة برا الماب حصريا للبيع بـ 2 دولار بايبال فقط ولمشتري واحد مع الصور
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    افهمها بالمستوى الذي يناسب عمرك +1
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    This has been discussed before, please try to use search bar next time So here goes your answer, No, you cannot use any of your custom models from your gta3.img, you're only allowed to replace the model by using engineLoadDFF / engineLoadTXD functions in LUA. Why? - Custom skins have been disabled since 1.4.1 version, one of their reasons to block them was because of "small skins" or something like that. You can still use by functions or allow them by your mtaserver.conf, nearly the end, there's a option with <allow_gta3_mods> (something like) and then you pick "peds" value Save the changes, restart the server (if running) install a custom skin and you're done Will they be available in the future? - Nah.
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    افهمها بالمستوى الذي يناسب عمرك تسلم ، حياك الله ملحوظة : السيرفر مغلق حالياً لإحداث تغييرات جذرية الافتتاح كان لإحصاء عدد اللاعبين الي ممكن يدخلو للسيرفر والحمد لله يوم الافتتاح تعدينا ال ٢٥ لاعب انتظروا جديدنا
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    function ss() if source and getElementType(source) == "player" then -- check if it's been called by onPlayerJoin not onResourceStart bindKey (source, "F5", "down", "öv") else for k,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey (player, "F5", "down", "öv") end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot,ss) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",root,ss)
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    Handling Editor 2.1.4 (minor release) (2.1.3 wasn't skipped.) Download here This minor release contains: Minor bugfixes Spanish and Polish languages Minor UI rearrangements Compare the changes here
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    Hello, sorry for late reply, just tried using setElementFrozen, and it just freezes the vehicle and the elevator object goes through the car and goes up Hello, sorry for late reply, tried this yesterday and the problem persists Hello, I fixed it in a funny way, what I did is add a second elevator object, and made its alpha 0 (invisible) and attached it to the original elevator, it works now, I´ll leave the code for whoever needs it local elevatorcolshape = createColRectangle ( 1666, 1188, 30.6, 20.0 ) local elevator = createObject(3115, 1676.9, 1197.8, 24.2) local elevatorclone = createObject(3115, 1676.9, 1197.8, 24.2) attachElements(elevatorclone,elevator ) setElementAlpha(elevatorclone, 0 ) local elevatorSTATE = "techo" function elevator1337(source,command,goto ) local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount( source ) local accname = getAccountName( playeraccount ) local playerx,playery,playerz = getElementPosition( source ) local elevatorx,elevatory,elevatorz = getElementPosition(elevator) local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(playerx, playery, playerz, elevatorx,elevatory,elevatorz ) if (accname == "knight") then if (goto) then if getPedOccupiedVehicle ( source ) then outputDebugString( distance ) -- get the vehicle element local playerVehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) attachElements(playerVehicle, elevator,0,0,1) -- get the current freeze status setElementFrozen ( playerVehicle, true ) setTimer(setElementFrozen, 1950, 1, playerVehicle,false ) setTimer(detachElements, 1950, 1, playerVehicle,elevator ) end if (goto == "piso") then if (elevatorSTATE ~= "piso") then if (isElementWithinColShape(source, elevatorcolshape ) and playerz < 20) then outputChatBox( "[BASE 1337]: NO PUEDES LLAMAR EL ELEVADOR PORQUE TE VA A APLASTAR",source,255,0,0,true ) else -- local isinveh = isPedInVehicle( source ) -- if (isinveh) then -- attachElements(getPedOccupiedVehicle(source),elevator,0,0,15) -- end elevatorSTATE = "piso" outputChatBox( "[BASE 1337]: ELEVADOR MOVIENDOSE A: "..goto,source,0,255,0,true ) moveObject( elevator, 500, 1676.9, 1197.8, 18.2) setTimer(moveObject, 750, 1, elevator, 500, 1685.9, 1197.8, 18.2) setTimer(moveObject, 1500, 1, elevator, 500, 1685.9, 1197.8, 9.7) -- if (isinveh) then -- setTimer(detachElements,3000, 1,getPedOccupiedVehicle(source),elevator) -- end end else outputChatBox( "[BASE 1337]: EL ELEVADOR YA ESTA EN: "..goto,source,255,0,0,true ) end end if (goto == "techo") then if (elevatorSTATE ~= goto) then -- local isinveh = isPedInVehicle( source ) -- if (isinveh) then -- attachElements(getPedOccupiedVehicle(source),elevator,0,0,15) -- end elevatorSTATE = goto outputChatBox( "[BASE 1337]: ELEVADOR MOVIENDOSE A: "..goto,source,0,255,0,true ) moveObject( elevator, 500, 1685.9, 1197.8, 18.2) setTimer(moveObject, 750, 1, elevator, 500, 1676.9, 1197.8, 18.2) setTimer(moveObject, 1500, 1, elevator, 500, 1676.9, 1197.8, 24.2) -- if (isinveh) then -- setTimer(detachElements,3000, 1,getPedOccupiedVehicle(source),elevator) -- end else outputChatBox( "[BASE 1337]: EL ELEVADOR YA ESTA EN: "..goto,source,255,0,0,true ) end end end end end addCommandHandler("elev", elevator1337 ) Thanks for the help guys
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    Here is my luxury map of appartment retextured!
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    ههههههههههههههههههههههه ما لقيت الا ATM ?!? كنت حط صورة اي شئ لو حتي حشيش ي رجل
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    About myself Hi there! I'm William DA SILVA (aka FatalTerror), i'm a 16 years old teenager living in France, from Brasil. I'm a web developer since 4 years, trying to improve my skills everytime I can, I've learn since the Ruby, Python, C++ and other funny stuffs. I play MTA since.. can't remember but I see that there is not major improvements on it, I mean in the gamemodes. The most servers are RPG & Race and that's quite sad. I know that MTA is very powerfull, he just need someone to show his power. What about The Sims MTA ? "The Sims MTA" is a Multi Theft Auto gamemode who's based on the Electronic Arts game "The Sims 3". I want to recreate that univers the most realistic possible but keep some of the GTA univers. That gamemode is supposed to be something new, different from the actual servers who propose a simple RPG or a Race gamemode with a pseudo-multigamemodes. What to do ? I was working on that gamemode before but I've lost the entire project. I've restarted it with some new skills, who helps alot. There is alot of things to do before we could release a first version of that gamemode. I'll try to explain you the best I can, how it would work: Login & Register I was thinking to make the gamemode dependant of his website. The player informations will be stored on the website database. When the player login, we ask his informations to the website and he returns the necessary information to make the gamemode work (last coordinates, profile pic, statistics, ...). Why that? Because in the futur website, I want to use those informations to make a usefull website where the player could check his Sim informations without access the game. Camera The camera on The Sims MTA is a third-person-view camera, where we can see the map in a "pseudo-isometric" way. The camera is fixed to the player by default. We can move the camera around using the mouse_wheel button or by moving the cursor to the screen borders. By right-clicking to the player, the camera is fixed. Using the mouse_wheel we can zoom/dezoom. Mouvement The player isn't controlled by the normal way as in GTA but as the Sims way by clicking to move. On the Sims 3, you need to left click and choice in a menu, to move. Here, all you need is rightclick to move to the click position. I figure out how could we make a path finder so the player doesn't walk into a wall like a dumb. Interaction The player can interact with other players, objects and vehicles. By clicking, we purpose a list of interactions possible. Statistics A player have statistics who evolve by playing. It can be the health, the hungry and energy. The hungry will constantly falling. He can feed his Sim by connecting to the game and feed him or connect to the website to feed him. The energy is used to move the player, if the energy is low, the player move slowly. There is a lot of things to do with that. Non-exhaustive list. I will update the things to do very often. If you have any ideas that could improve the gamemode, don't hesitate to post here or contact me. A preview please? (Those videos & screenshots have been made with the old version of the gamemode, they're outdated) User Interface: Screenshots: Videos: Can I contribute ? The Sims MTA is a new gamemode, who I would like to be a big one, for that, It would be very hard to me to work by myself on it. So I need alot of help from you guys. It was supposed to be a private gamemode, to a private server but thinking about it, it's better to let it open source. If you want to contribute, you can fork the project on Github. There is 3 different projects, the gamemode itself, the website and the worldgenerator. The code may be horrible for you, If you have any improvements to make to the code structure, contact me before so we could discuss about it. The Sims MTA: https://github.com/WilliamDASILVA/thesimsmta The Sims MTA's website: https://github.com/WilliamDASILVA/thesimsmta-site World generator (outdated): https://github.com/WilliamDASILVA/thesimsmta-worldgen Thanks to: 50p for the 3D wall models. Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry for not giving news since that. Hope you enjoy the project and you will contribute ! See you around, FatalTerror.