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    This resource warns other players about the maneuver you are performing with BEEPS. The resource has a server-side, The beep is not just for you, it will look for players who are close and who are near will hear the BEEP from the vehicle. The default vehicles are the commercial and heavy vehicles. DOWNLOAD MTA COMMUNITY https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=13798 Rewrite and optimized by the myth @Walid
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    Creating a new VPS/VDS/storage server has never been easier and further improvements can be expected soon, here's a preview from our game ready VPS deployment configuration panel. On the software side we've also added CentOS beside Ubuntu and Debian.
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    I wouldn't say "not oversold" if I didn't mean it, here's some benchmark results from a blank $6 / month VPS performed just a few hours ago: wget http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test 100mb.test 100%[=====================>] 100.00M 140MB/s in 0.7s 2016-10-17 08:56:50 (140 MB/s) - ‘100mb.test’ saved [104857600/104857600] Bandwidth: 1Gbps is the specification on all plans, 140MB/s is 1120Mbps which is bigger than 1Gbps (1024Mbps) dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum1024+0 records in 1024+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.82977 s, 379 MB/s cd573cfaace07e7949bc0c46028904ff - CPU: To measure CPU performance I'm using the `dd` command to calculate md5 checksums of 0 to see how much data is processed in a certain amount of time. As you can see, the result is 379 MB/s for a single 2.4GHz vCPU core. According to this site you get 469 MB/s on a 3.6GHz AMD Phenom II CPU by running the exact same command. Conclusion of that, our vCPU cores are 17% more efficient than they should be according to specifications. dd if=/dev/zero bs=4096 count=256k of=1gb.bin conv=fdatasync 262144+0 records in 262144+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.66317 s, 403 MB/s SSD: This is where it all becomes interesting, no matter what type of disk you use for a VPS it will always be shared somehow, this disk is no exception and what you see here is a 15GB virtual hard drive running on a 120GB physical SSD and I'm still getting an average I/O of 403 MB/s which is good even for a physical local SSD drive. Feel free to try it out yourself @Adolf_T, our service is a pay-as-you-go service so a few hours of testing won't cost you more than a few cents. www.99stack.com/pricing/vps
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    www.99stack.com Welcome to 99Stack™, the affordable and reliable cloud hosting provider located in the sunny town Karlstad in Sweden. Our vision is to make cloud hosting simple, affordable and transparent without overselling or hidden fees. Today we're connected to 28 cloud data centers with worldwide availability, and we are constantly looking for new markets. Choose between 32 different server plans, 24 operating system images (Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD etc..) or 30+ application images. Select additional features such as dedicated DDoS protection, IPv6, backups, live snapshots and many more. Pricing Compute VPS, from $0.009 per hour. VPS plans with extra processing power SSD Cloud VPS, from $0.009 per hour. Balanced and generic VPS plans Memory VPS, from $0.18 per hour. VPS plans with extra memory (up to 256GB per server) Dedicated servers, from $0.09 per hour. Dedicated cloud, without noisy neighbours. Storage servers, $0.009 per hour. Affordable small VPS plans with large SATA disks. Domain name, via Namecheap Shared web hosting, by GreenGeeks (100% powered by wind energy). Multi Theft Auto server hosting advantages These are some of the benefits you will gain by hosting in our cloud instead of a typical shared plan. Pay as you go with hourly billing, no setup fees, no period of notice, start and stop at any time, pay only for what you use. Run as many mtasa servers as you want without extra charge Pick as many player slots as you want without extra charge Use any ports you'd like and enjoy your own dedicated IPv4 address Dedicated DDoS protection available within the same data center, to avoid increased latency. Full encryption on everything from control panel to remote terminals and file transfers via SFTP/SSH Database and community website can all be hosted on the same server Dedicated environment We use 100% KVM virtualization in our cloud and all system resources are mapped in a 1:1 scale. The specifications listed on our pricing pages shows what you are paying for and that's exactly what you get. Thanks to this we don't need any "fair use policies". If you need to load your CPU to 100% you can do that. If you need to use all your RAM, use it. If you need all your disk space, use it. If you need all your bandwidth, use it. All system resources can be fully used all the time. Resources Learn more about us and our services on our website: Website: www.99stack.com Community: forum.99stack.com Privacy: 99stack.com/legal/privacy Terms: 99stack.com/legal/tos SLA: 99stack.com/legal/sla Contact: 99stack.com/contact Support: support.99stack.com
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    كيف أبدا تعلم البرمجة ؟ من أين أبدا ؟ وماذا أتعلم ؟ لتعلم البرمجة ويتمحور الفيديو عن جميع مجالات البرمجة و كيف تتعلم و كيف تبدأ وما اللغات البرمجية اللتي يجب عليك تعلمها هذا الفيديو أول خطورة لك لتعرف الطريق الصحيح في اللغات البرمجية وكيف تبدأ و تسير في الطريق الصحيح حتي تصبح ناجحا في المجال ومحترفا و الفيديو يتكون من :- كيف تصبح مطور ويب - Web Developer كيف اصبح Front - End Web Developer كيف اصبح Back-End Web Developer كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للهواتف الذكية كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للاندرويد كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات لل IOS كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للويندوز فون - Windows Phone كيف أصبح مبرمج الالعاب كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات سطح المكتب Desktop تعلم لغات قواعد البيانات ورابط الفيديو :- here روابط للانتقال السريع في الفيديو لمشاهدة الفقرة المححدة و التي تريدها فقط :- كيف أبدا تعلم البرمجة ؟ من أين أبدا ؟ وماذا أتعلم ؟ كيف تصبح مطور ويب - Web Developer here كيف اصبح Front - End Web Developer here كيف اصبح Back-End Web Developer here كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للهواتف الذكية here كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للاندرويد here كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات لل IOS here كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات للويندوز فون Windows Phone here كيف أصبح مبرمج الالعاب here كيف أصبح مبرمج تطبيقات سطح المكتب Desktop here تعلم لغات قواعد البيانات here موقع فيه اكثر من 500 لغة برمجة here
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    Ссылка та же, перезалил архив https://mta-servers.ru/united/mtaserver.zip, база данных в архиве
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    Optimized the whole code for you, Fixed some bugs etc ... ( I think you need to release the next version :P) Client side local beepTimer = {} local vehiclesBeep = { [485] = true,[431] = true,[437] = true,[574] = true,[525] = true,[408] = true,[552] = true,[416] = true,[433] = true,[427] = true,[407] = true,[544] = true,[428] = true,[499] = true,[609] = true, [498] = true,[524] = true,[532] = true,[578] = true,[486] = true,[406] = true,[573] = true,[455] = true,[588] = true,[403] = true,[423] = true,[414] = true,[443] = true,[515] = true,[514] = true, [456] = true } function TruckReverseSound(position) local x,y,z = unpack(fromJSON(position)) local sfx = playSound3D("sfx/SFX_REVERSE_BEEP_2.mp3", x, y, z, false) setSoundMaxDistance( sfx, 30 ) end addEvent ( "doReverseBeep", true ) addEventHandler ( "doReverseBeep", root, TruckReverseSound ) function detectDirection () local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) if theVehicle then local matrix = getElementMatrix ( theVehicle ) local velocity = Vector3(getElementVelocity(theVehicle)) local DirectionVector = (velocity.x * matrix[2][1]) + (velocity.y * matrix[2][2]) + (velocity.z * matrix[2][3]) if (DirectionVector < 0) then triggerServerEvent ( "onReverseBeep", resourceRoot,theVehicle) end end end function truckSound(thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == localPlayer then if(seat == 0) then if eventName =="onClientVehicleEnter" then local model = getElementModel(source) if vehiclesBeep[model] then beepTimer[source] = setTimer ( detectDirection, 1000, 0 ) end elseif eventName =="onClientVehicleExit" then if isTimer(beepTimer[source]) then killTimer (beepTimer[source]) beepTimer[source] = nil end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", root,truckSound) addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit",root,truckSound) Server side function doBeepNextToPlayers (theVehicle) if theVehicle then local vehicleX, vehicleY, vehicleZ = getElementPosition (theVehicle) local position = toJSON({vehicleX, vehicleY, vehicleZ}) triggerClientEvent ( root, "doReverseBeep", root, position) end end addEvent( "onReverseBeep", true ) addEventHandler( "onReverseBeep", resourceRoot, doBeepNextToPlayers )
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    Пакую обновление. В основном - перевод, перевод, и еще раз перевод. Убран лишний мусор, порядка 20 ресурсов, не пригодных для сервера Оптимизация запросов MySQL, в некоторых местах ошибки, из за которых сервер мог адски нагружаться и падать при наличии онлайна. Новые работы Фикс кодировки, теперь только UTF-8, и ничего другого. Полностью поддерживает русские символы везде. Проверено. Фикс нескольких систем, дающих постоянные сбои в работе. Работы по оптимизации клиентской и визуальной части, в большей части проседаний FPS больше нет Радар, HUD элементы, экран смерти и куча других элементов переделаны, и так же скрываются в режиме кино "F5" Показ курсора теперь осуществляется на F6 В большей мере вырезаю систему языков где только можно, без потери функционала (кто пробовал просто так вырезать например в той же системе чата - поймет, после этого чат не работает у других игроков, и не виден им). Исправлено. Часть скриптовых NPC перенес в БД (загружаются, берут инфу о себе через бд). Ну и кучка изменений, о которых я уже забыл за время работы. Возможно будет полезным: При импорте бд - используйте исключительно UTF-8, никаких win1251 или дефолтной latin, если конечно хотите избежать "каракулей". Если и качаете скрипты, то адаптируйте их под мод, так как в отдельных случаях у него есть своя система (на примере денег), деньги, хп, бронь и прочее - нужно выдавать через функции сервера, иначе мод их расценит как "читы", или вообще никак не обработает. Новый транспорт добавляете через /vehlibs (F10 > Модели авто), там же изменяете хендлинги, название и айди транспорта в !СИСТЕМЕ МОДА! (/veh создает тачки по id системы транспорта в системе мода, а не айди транспорта в mta). Для изменения уже самой модели транспорта, идете в ресурс mishakonsta, и по примеру подключаете необходимую модель (тут уже указывается айди транспорта в mta). Добавить автомобили для фракций - /makeveh, добавить автомобили для работ/гражданские - /makecivveh Фракции - F3 (Основная панель, предварительно дайте себе лидера), управление фракциями - /factions, дать лидера - /setfactionleader В ближайшее время еще поработаю над модом, и залью ресурсы отдельно на гитхаб, у кого будет желание помочь с переводом, милости прошу. Но тут тоже свои камни. Нужно уметь понимать, где текст надо перевести, а где он в дальнейшем используется в проверке (на примере того же "Taxi Driver"), или вообще это оказывается функция
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    Bloody hell.. Alright, as far as I remember (I don't have the source code for this), I didn't use guiGridListGetItemText, but I used guiGridListGetSeleceted, I didn't use GetItemText because I used an index for the selected row, that's what I remember, unfortunately, there is not way to decompile the code to find out exactly what I've done.
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    ولية تبي تحفظها؟ وتقدر تستعمل قواعد البيانات : executeSQLQuery وش اللي تبي تسوية بالضبط؟
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    :3 How did you know ?? i think you need to undrestand the resource before you start asking questions.
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    Please do the following: 1) Start MTA 2) Press F8 3) Type command: ver Show output here 4) Type command: serial Show output here
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    اصلن لاتستخدمه , لأنه مو نفس طلبك الحل الافضل انك تعدل علي لوحة الادمنية
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    @!#NssoR_) صحيح كلامك فيه طريقة عن طريق ملف اللوق حق السيرفر بحيث يوم يكتب الاعب بأف8 كلمة ستارت مثلا يحدد الكوماند ويتصل بالملف ويحطه على اخر سطر ويظهره بالشات لاكن خبرتي بـ فنكشات الفايل ضعيفه والموضوع مايستاهل اصلا كلها سطر بلوحة الادمنية
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    كيف راح تجيب اللاعب اذا خليت الحدث بالكلنت ؟ لنفترض انك بتسوي كذا addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement( ), function ( startedRes ) outputChatBox( "Resource started: " .. getResourceName( startedRes ).." By "..getPlayerName(localPlayer) ); end ); (هالطريقة اذا شغلت المود راح يظهر بالشات ان تم تشغيل السكربت بواسطة ( وكل لاعب بيشوف اسمه بالشات ولو فيه عندك فكره ثانيه بإستثناء إضافة بعض الاكواد ع لوحة الادمنية ياليت تفيدنا
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    Good job, personally though I would've used collision spheres instead of markers. It would make it feel a bit more dynamic.
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    أعتقد اني جاوبت في الموضوع انا أربح ولكن ليس من العميل سوف أشرح بأدق تفاصيل فور اطلاق الخدمة تحياتي
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    I am happy to inform you guys that we have appointed new moderators for your section - _sEEk_ & Axel.
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    In the shared environment we allocate a certain amount of performance to a certain amount of player slots in relation to other plans. In reality this means that if you buy 50 shared slots for $1/month you can expect at least 128 MB RAM + 256 MB SWAP, 2GB SSD storage including backup and 15% of 1 CPU core running at 3.6GHz reserved. If you buy 350 shared slots it'll cost you $7 / month and the reserved performance would be almost the same as in our currently cheapest VPS plan. We do not oversell but the shared environment has it's disadvantages too such as missing features, i.e you can't install any additional features such as a web server for your community website, shared plans lacks in security and reliability as we can't sandbox the servers the same way we do in our other plans. When you choose a VPS or dedicated server you are guaranteed the performance you pay for while in the shared environment it's only a recommendation to stick to the limits within a fair usage policy. Based on that I would recommend a VPS or dedicated server unless you need something really cheap.
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    Design is so bad, but gm is nice. Good work