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    Draw distance v1.0.2 This resource improves the draw distance of all your resources that make use of map files. It makes your maps 10x more beautiful in my opinion! Greatly improves the draw distance of map objects Maxed out the draw-distance for peds and vehicles. (See MTA settings > video: Render vehicles always in high detail + Render peds always in high detail ) Multi-resources support (this effect is applied on every mapRoot element) Parallel loading method is used, but the loading speed is in that case reduced to improve performance. The effect is not only applied on resources that are starting, but also resources that are already running. Download here This resource is uncompiled! Repository: https://gitlab.com/IIYAMA12/draw-distance Video - Created by @Anx1ty Comparison Starting at 200 units distance 400 units distance (this is the distance where a lot of objects will be unloaded, but in this case switched with lowLOD objects) And even on 600 units distance, it is technically visible -> (while the fog is slowly eating it up... ) Download here Can all hardware run this? --> I have no idea... most likely 😷. Just give it a try.
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    I'm excited to show you my latest tool. This time it is something different than my previous tools. It is a bigger project which came to my mind over 2 years ago. I failed at first time because I had trouble with rotations (built in mta function doesn't work well so I had to use quaternions which caused problems as well). Moreover one of devs was working on new editor and he was going to add multi selection option but he cancelled the project. After 2 years I decided to finally write it and also add few additional features. Many hours spent on the tool, thousands lines of code but here is it. I hope you like it and find it useful. Personally I think it should speed up your mapping a lot. Few features might look complicated (actually they are easy to use) so I advice watching or reading tutorial carefully. Features Let's see what this tool is capable of! Create groups of elements using various selection tools and element filters a. edit their position and rotation around all axes b. change their properties - all popular element types are supported c. clone / delete options d. large group support enables you to move / edit whole parts or even maps Duplicate 2 groups Change pivot position Add groups to library a. browser with search and sort options b. loading big groups enables you to join many maps into 1 c. import option which adds all MSTU groups from a given map Cover groups a. create your own cover variations or object compositions b. default cover settings makes covering even faster Customize tool settings on your own needs Download More info and full tutorial you will find here: https://www.thecrewgaming.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2467&pid=12255#pid12255 Support me If you want to support me leave feedback and also you can buy me a coffee so I won't starving. Thanks a lot! Buy Coffee Feel free to ask questions below or via PM/discord. I'm also opened for script requests. I will keep updating the tool in case you find some bugs. Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/C4TRxr8
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اسعد الله اوقاتكم بكل خير ، وأسأل المولى عزوجل أن يقينا ويقيكم شر كل داء ويحفظنا بحفظه .انه لمن دواعي سروري أن اكتب موضوعي هذا مبينا فيه السلسلة التاريخية لسيرفرنا والتي قد مرت بأزمات وصعاب ولكن بفضل من الله ثم بعزيمتنا تصدينا لها ولا أخفيكم انه من اهداف موضوعي هذا اود ايصال رسالة شكر لكل من ساهم في نجاح السيرفر منذ تأسيسه الى وقتنا الحاضر وكلنا نعلم أن من لايشكر الناس لا يشكر الرحمن . بداية تم تأسيس السيرفر ع يد -Mr-Wael -EBDA3 حيث أنهم قد استمروا الى حين انضمام المبرمج @Mr.Talal07 ولايخفى عليكم انه كان شمعة من شموع البرمجه واسم لامع حيث قاد هؤلاء الثلاثة السيرفر الى ان اصبح سيرفرا منافسا بعد ذلك بسبب ظروف المؤسسين فقد تم اعتزالهم وقمت انا محدثكم MAX-511 باستلام السيرفر سنتين انضم خلال هذه الفترة وبعد اعتزال المبرمج انذاك mrdk-ly @Do_De<3 حيث انهم قاموا بمجهودات عظيمة يصعب ان يتم جحدها او نكرانها بينت وفائهم لاصدقائهم وصدقهم واخلاصهم توقفت انا بسبب تخرجي وعدم القدرة على التفرغ الى تسليم ia7bk حيث كان مثالا للصبر والحكمة ولكن بسبب الظروف نفسها للسابقين فقد اعتزل وتسلمت الامور الى Howlywood والذي هو مستمر في فترته الحالية دون توقف في هذه الفترة انضم المبرمج نصور والذي هو السبب بعد الله في نجاح السيرفر هذه الفترة وذلك لما يقدمه من مودات وبرمجه ولمسات سحرية يعجز اللسان ان يصف جمالها كما لا ننسى شخصين من افضل مصممين المابات M3LM SHB7 تصميمهم الابداعي ولمساتهم الجميلة في المابات تزيد جمال السيرفر فلذلك ان كل مادفعني اليه الامر الى ايصال شكري لهؤلاء الاشخاص الذين حق لي فخرا ان اذكرأنني قمت بالعمل معهم حيث كانوا كالرجل الواحد وبالكلمه الواحدة حيث انني اريد رد الجميل لما يقدمونه ويسهرون ويتعبون ولكن لكل منهم دعوة اخويه في ظهر الغيب لا يعلمونها وفي النهاية اعتذر عن الاطاله ونوعدكم بالافضل دام مبرمجنا نصور ومصممينا موجودين مع احتمالية عودة صاحب السيرفر وائل والمبرمج السابق انكسار ضض والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تقبلوا تحياتي
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    Good morning / afternoon or evening respectively, today I am releasing a Panel made with DGS, the panel contains animations and others. If you find a bug or if you want a panel made to order, you can contact me at: Discord: ingen1us#6990 Or you can contact on the Discord of BroothsGames: https://discord.gg/P5wWSt Credits: BroothsGames Video: https://streamable.com/yq8cu4 Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sezjmpdt350o16c/DGS-Panel.rar/file
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    Even though you misrepresented (and lied about) a lot of things in this appeal, I won't waste more time arguing with you as we've been through this process, during which the true situation surrounding the things you misrepresented became obvious, and also that you kept trying to twist it. That is to say, we've been there, and just because you're now writing another essay doesn't mean that our decision will change. It will not. You're not welcome on MTA, and you have to start accepting that we rejected your ban appeal and told you that the original ban was extended for further illegal activities on MTA. The combination of all of your activities make it clear that you're a really malicious person, and also we won't buy your lies about FFS clan member account (+ a few other player accounts) hacking. We know for a fact, that you didn't only test the access, nor did you do that yourself (you sent an Austrian hacker to do it, one that MTA happens to know really well). Even worse, you misused stored credentials for said FFS clan member account from your old Vultaic server database (he used the same password), it's really not "just testing what you found somewhere". This is actually a recent attempt from the aforementioned guy that you hired for the intrusion, to apologize to the victim (FFS): For the scamming part, in private messages we carefully established why (and which of) your and DizzasteR's actions were considered financially scamming, and explained the reasons MTA would want to put a halt to this, as there were exceptional circumstances during which you spotted a weakness in a person and decided to take advantage of it. We also clarified why we assisted said person to get what he paid for (the contents of your backdoored files) as he had the full ownership rights to it since the sale was for full source code and not providing this for everything means you scammed him in yet another way. We also don't believe the purpose of backdoors. We really got a lot of illegal activity on MTA from you like I said; - Hacking activities (against FFS) - Misuse of DB from your server to compromise account in the hacking offense (your plain-text account storing was probably intended, with future malicious use in mind) - The huge scam with particular reasons for MTA to put consequences to it - Selling gamemodes with backdoors (commands to grant admin access, etcetera) - I really don't believe "its just in case", even if it was, then intruding any server that would use said gamemode using your backdoors would still be a malicious act in itself. You didn't even disclose the existence of backdoors to the buyer(s), nor did you say anything about it when they asked why there's some compiled files despite your promise to provide full source when sold. Anyways, I ask you to accept that your ban appeal is denied, and that you will never be able to get unbanned. I know more about the type of person you are and the extent of your illegal actions that target MTA users and communities than you think I do. Ban appeal denied. Please do not return. From now on, there will be banning on sight.
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    الاجنبي تعب معك وهو ينقل مواضيعك هههههه
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    السيرفر الوحيد اللي اشوف كل واحد يجي يقول مود الوزاره كأن اللعبه مافيها غير السيرفر دا 😅
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    pDownloader version 1.0 Better looking progress bar and players can play while downloading files. Video: https://streamable.com/bedf40 How to use If you wan't to enable pDownloader for a resource. (for example for the vehiclemodels) 1) Open vehiclemodels/meta.xml. 2) Add <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> tag to enable it. 3) Disable downloading for every file, which you want to download with pDownloader, instead of the default one. Example: (vehiclemodels/meta.xml) <meta> <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> <!-- STEP 2 - enable pDownloader --> <script src="client.Lua" type="client" /> <!-- STEP 3 - disable downloading with download="false" attribute --> <file src="files/infernus.txd" download="false" /> <file src="files/infernus.dff" download="false" /> </meta> (IMPORTANT) You can load models just after when every file was downloaded. (when pOnDownloadComplete called) Example: (vehiclemodels/client.Lua) Note: use resouceRoot for event's source addEvent("pOnDownloadComplete", true) addEventHandler("pOnDownloadComplete", resourceRoot, function() local txd = engineLoadTXD("files/infernus.txd") engineImportTXD(txd, 411) local dff = engineLoadDFF("files/infernus.dff") engineReplaceModel(dff, 411) end) Thats all, now if somebody connect to your server, selected files are downloaded by pDownloader. Events pOnFileDownloaded (client) Called when: file downloaded successfully. Event's source is: root element of the resource that downloaded file. Parameters: - path: File's path. pOnDownloadComplete (client) Called when: every file downloaded successfully inside a resource. Event's source is: root element of the resource that downloaded file. pOnDownloadFailed (server) Called when: file download failed and player get kicked. Event's source is: player who can't download the file. Parameters: - path: File's path. Download Priority You can set the priority in meta.xml by replace true to a number. Resources with higher priority are downloaded before others. Note: default priority is 1 (when value is just `true`) <pDownloader>10<pDownloader> ⬇️ Download from Community Please rate the resource on community.
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    NEW/CUSTOM WEAPONS This resource allow you to add weapons, you can add new type of weapons, for while its just for rifles that replace M4 V1.0 8 Weapons ( Rifle ) Different sounds. HOW TO USE F2 open panel, you just need to select the weapon. How to add weapons. Open both scripts client and server Add the name of weapon that you want in table {"AUG",4394} > Name, and Object ID that you will replace it Take the skin of weapon put in models folder and in meta.xml The name of dff and txd must be the same of weapon in table ( without space ) in table you can put space. Make the same with the .wav sound. FUNCTION TO EXPORT giveNewWeapon(player,WEAPONAME) --Example. function givewep(player) giveNewWeapon(player,"M4A1") end DOWNLOAD: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18149
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    Truth - MTA Wiki Discord Bot Since i was in need for a wiki discord bot on a discord server, I decided to make one. I have also created a dashboard to manage the bot's setting on your guild. This bot is open source so feel free to submit PR's or issues. There is a new wiki coming soon(?), so i am planning to convert this bot to use the new version once it releases if there's no official wiki bot available at that time. I hope this bot can be of use to you. Features Wiki article fetching like on MTA's official discord Wiki article searching Function/Event examples Customizable bot output set via dashboard (hide syntax, hide description etc) Links https://truth.afusensi.xyz/ https://github.com/AfuSensi/truth-mta-wiki-bot
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    Primarily, I’d like to start with an apology for what has happened. I regret what I did and if it’s possible I want to turn a new page. As I contributed to this game before, I’d love to have the second chance to keep contributing to this game by developing stuff, creating gamemodes and scripts to make players’ gameplay more enjoyable and easier. That is because I’m here starting my second appeal. As there are plenty of correct information going around, there are also a lot of misunderstandings. Accordingly, I want to explain what I’ve gone through and my banning process in this appeal. Everything started with Vultaic, I was one of the leaders of Vultaic along with Divi and Dizzaster. After sometime DizzasTeR and I wanted to close Vultaic and yet Divi didn’t want to shut it, which is why we seperated our ways with Divi. We needed money at that time, so we thought of selling the scripts we made. Then we found a possible interested customer named Firestrike (StealthGamer or GreenX) and we had a negotiation. He agreed to buy our scripts with a price of 800€ (400 for me and 400 for DizzasTeR). We gave the scripts and prepared a server named Aurora (also the name of the clan). After sometime Firestrike wanted to buy the Vultaic 2.0 scripts that we were working on. Tons of times I told him that 2.0 scripts were not done, but still he wanted to buy them all. So after a 3-4 months lasting negotiaton, we agreed with a price of 1000€. We made a deal with DizzasTeR as well by giving him some part of the money. I got 800€ from Firestrike. I gave him the unfinished Vultaic 2.0 scripts, and told him the scripts will be done after some months, I don’t really have time to continue for a while, I’m going through very hard and busy school and exams period. He started to message me all the time like when will you guys begin, when will it be done, I was so busy that I didn’t have that five seconds to answer those questions, and didn’t answer some of his questions intentionally. After some time when I had time, started to work on scripts, everything I made was being found bugged or broken the day after I created them, by Firestrike. For instance I made map manager work with async loops on client-side, the day after he texts me that it’s broken. When I took a look at it, I realized that it’s broken due to his misusage. Still, I fixed it and gave it back to him again. He deleted his server for at least 2-3 times, we re-installed all the scripts again. Even though that wasn’t in our deal in the firstplace, I didn’t want to upset Firestrike so I helped him as much as I can yet I got in another very busy school life period so I realized that 2.0 scripts will not be done by time so I offered him to make Vultaic 1.0 with edits and a lot of different features. He accepted, so I begin to make it. First day, as he wanted, I edited the login panel, second day I designed and edited lobby and just then my exam period hit me and I couldn’t text him for 1-2 weeks. He reported me accusing of scamming him. Dutchman told me either return his money back or to complete scripts. So I continued making scripts but he kept on asking me to do stuff. According to the agreement I just need to complete the scripts and give them to him yet I was the one also creating the server, creating the database. After sometime, it became a real burden on my shoulders, I couldn’t keep up to his requests so I stopped working on it. That is why Dutchman banned me permanently from MTA. One of the other reasons I got banned is said to be hacking into FFS Gaming. Because 2 weeks before that Firestrike incident, I logged in one FFS member’s and one normal player’s account on FFS forum. I just wanted to know if these passwords or real or am I being fooled, there is no way I wanted to hack FFS, or even getting near to that. Because of those incidents I’m banned from MTA since December 2019. On March 29th, I started my first ban appeal, yet directly after 10 minutes of starting it, Dutchman replied my appeal with “Your ban will never be revoked.”. He didn’t even let me defend myself and banned me on forum as well. He also accused me of actions that some other players took whose names are ProGear and Bootje hacked into FoXX Gaming’s mapping servers and deleted players’ maps that they created by spending a lot of time and month of efforts. There is no way I’m related to this action taken against FoXX. Dutchman, decrypted the codes of the scripts and also deleted some backdoors which I created in case of scripts getting stolen. Even though plenty of people in MTA does that, it’s an illegal move which I didn’t know about to be honest. He gave Vultaic scripts to Firestrike as fully decrypted. My only purpose was to make these scripts have value, otherwise my codes that I coded myself would be everywhere which is like that now thanks to Firestrike, he scattered all of the scripts. In conclusion Vultaic scripts have no value right now. I think this is wrong but I stopped scrutinizing it. Also I sent a message with an intention to apologize to -ffs-Sniper who is the owner of FFS Gaming but he didn’t reply, maybe ignored or he just didn’t see it but yes he didn’t answer me. I assume I did everything I could by myself. As I stated in the first place, I admit the fact that what I did was wrong. I’m apologizing to everyone to whom I did bad things. I tried to explain everything with every unknown details. I hope you do what is necessary, I do not want to cause harm or damage to this game. Thanks for reading. (I am so sorry for creating a 3rd account but both of my remaining accounts are banned therefore I had to create this one.)
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    About the community: UDC is a project which has been developed since probably 3 year. It's a CnR/RPG/RP project, in this server we're trying to make things as much realistic as we can, we try to give the player the best RP experience in a RPG/CnR server. We can say this server is based on CIT (Community of Integrity and Transparency) but we got our unique ideas and code. Our goal is the make a completely enjoyable atmosphere for our players to enjoy and not get fed up. Nevertheless, we won't hide the truth that we got some scripts from MTA community (not more that 3 tho). Objectives: Reach a decent amount of players. Make realistic scripts and improve the gameplay. Make this community to the top. Create a funny and enjoyable atmosphere for the players. Features: Login panel: An advanced UI and simple interface to make it easier for the players. Vehicles System: An advanced and Realistic vehicles system that hasn't been used in any other servers before. Spawners System: An advanced vehicles system, it's not really realistic but does the job. Jobs/Employment System: An advanced employment system which contains "SOME" of the jobs as we're still developing the rest of the jobs, you can find jobs all around SA marked with blips in the map. Groups System: DGS UI that allows players to understand the system faster, it contains a lot of features for the leaders, and will be improved in further versions. Rules Panel (F1): DGS UI which contains all server rules, commands and jobs information. Banking System: Realistic banking system, which offers different payment methods (using UDC Card) which is a unique idea that hasn't been used before, the banking system is synchronised with players' accounts using a specific PIN Code that the player should enter. Turfing System: for a better CnR experience we offer you the best choice which is turfing, actually it might be only for criminals since police officers can't turf, but this feature is well designed and has a lot of perks. Fuel System: We tried to make this as much realistic as we could so we made a fuel system which synchronizes fuel refilling with vehicles type (i.e: a truck pays more than a bike to refill) Customs Shop (Credits: Al3grab): While searching the community to gain time, we found this epic modshop resource made by @Al3grab Housing System: Make your own real estate, or have your own house, this system isn't finished, but V1.0 is ready to be launched (in further versions you'll be able to buy apartments and add your own furniture). Fast Food: Heal yourself by buying some pizza hot. Drugs System: Improve your health and movements. Animations: Make some animations by pressing F7 Phone System: Transfer money, send PMs, Take a selfie, Clock, Weather, Note, GPS, Calculator and settings Other Features: Criminal Boss Police Chief JFM Bankrob Stores Rob Civilians Job (Taxi, Pizzaboy, Bus Driver, Fisherman, Rescue Man, Pilot, Ferry Captain..) Vehicles Repair System Stats Panel Settings System HD Radar Walking Style System VIP System Ammunation Teleport System Drugs Store Medkits Repair Kits Armed Robberies LAW/Gangsters Skills Safe Zones Score System Skin Shop Taser/Arrest System Quiz System Social Links: Forums Discord Official Trailer:
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    بسم الله , شوف يا ماكس . انا ما راح اكذب عليك ويلي بقوله صح والله من ساعة ما صديقي قلي علي هاي اللعبة من سنين كثيرة قول من 2011 وسويت نفسي ابله ما سمعت شئ بس جيت في وقت والله مليت وطفشت وحملته علي سنة 2012 اي في وقت التأسيس يدوب شوفت اول سيرفر وكان اسمه وناسة تايم هجوله وحرب وبدأت قصة حياتي في السيرفر والله ضليت حياتي كله في السيرفر هههههههه يب كان نفسي اقفل الرتب واكون شئ في وناسة او اكون اداري او اي شئ حلو في وناسة , لكن الظروف تحكم الحين انا بكل جهدي ساعي لهدفي احب اشكر السيرفر علي كل عام بيفرحنا فيه وكل عام بيتطور اكتر احب اشكر اخويا وصديقي في المجال المبرمج نصور افضل مبرمج رأيته عيناي , احب اشكر الاونر هوليود , احب اشكر الاونر , رامي احب اشكرك انت شخصياً يلي جيت تقرا تعليقي وجيت تسوي رد علي افضل سيرفر بحياتي احب اشكر الاخ شبح علي كل ماب قام بتصميمه احب اشكر كل ادمن في وناسة اشتغل بمضيره في السيرفر وشكرا , ويارب نكون دايماً متجمعين علي افضل الاحوال ♥
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    Ok we need to get the vice city servers back up and running my god them days where fun god only knows if any of the old players are still on here but give me a shout out if you are
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    first thx for your help second i know that already but am telling him to update it in the GitHub project so when am trying to update the dgs after that there is no need to edit it every time i update it that's why am spamming here cuze my project totally depending on the dgs lib +_+ ah by the way my solution was like that function dgsGetVisible(dgsEle) assert(dgsIsDxElement(dgsEle),"Bad argument @dgsGetVisible at argument 1, expect a dgs-dxgui element got "..dgsGetType(dgsEle)) if dgsElementData[dgsEle].visible then local p = FatherTable[dgsEle] for i=1,5000 do if not p then break end if not dgsElementData[p].visible then return false end p = FatherTable[p] end return true end return false end he just forgot not word on this line if p then break end -- so i edit it to be if not p then break end
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    The functions that @Tut provided are the way to go to achieve that. You can find here an example resource on how to use the second function:
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    For setting high LOD model's distance: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineSetModelLODDistance For setting an object as the low LOD object (which can be rendered maximum 1500 units away): https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetLowLODElement Given I'm not into coding, this is probably the most I can help.
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    You've vertex painted lighting onto your model, but noticed how it really lacks depth. It's too bland... What do you do now... In this short tutorial for Max users, I'll teach how to add facet shading into your model, giving it back its San Andreas look. I also have a more in depth guide on everything to do with vertex colors: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/121674-basics-of-vertex-color-and-alpha/
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    thePlayer na linha 22 irá retornar nil; o valor não foi definido em nenhum lugar. Você deve usar o primeiro parâmetro do evento para obter o hitElement (elemento que encostou na marker). Além disso, vai precisar também verificar se esse elemento é um player, faça isso com getElementByType(source) == "player" em uma condição if. E nunca use source como parâmetro; este é uma variável predefinida do MTA e que dependendo da ocasião pode gerar erros no seu código. Fora esses problemas na sua função, você também irá precisar adicionar o evento para cada marker que for criada, e isso não vai acontecer pois o loop está armazenando as markers numa só variável. Isso vai fazer com que só a última marker do loop continue salva. Uma solução seria o seguinte código: local tMarkers = {} function markerInicial (x,y,z,Painel_droga) for i, v in ipairs (markers) do tMarkers[ createMarker (v[1], v[2],v[3], "cylinder", 255, 0, 157, 50) ] = i -- armazenar o índice referente ao da tabela dos locais end end Função Open_Painel: function Open_Painel (hitElement) if tMarkers[source] and getElementType(hitElement) == "player" then if isPlayerInACL(hitElement, "trafico") then triggerClientEvent(hitElement, "Abrir_Painel", hitElement) else outputChatBox("Você não faz parte de nenhuma gang!", hitElement) end end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", resourceRoot, Open_Painel) -- adicionar esse evento só para markers neste resource Edit: O erro que você menciona, ocorre porque a linha do evento "onMarkerHit" irá chamar assim que ligar o resource, e nesse momento o valor da variável ainda não foi definido; só será definido quando a função 'markerInicial' for chamada. Edit #2: Você não precisa criar a sub-tabela com uma variável na tabela 'markers', assim já basta: markers = { {352.43173217773, 2540.5510253906, 15.72790145874}, -- sub-tabela 1 {x, y, z}, -- sub-tabela 2 } Isso na verdade faria seu loop com ipairs falhar, já que este é um loop para índices numéricos.
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    function removeHex(str) local nString = str while string.find(nString, "#%x%x%x%x%x%x") do nString = string.gsub(nString, "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "") end return nString end Código correto que deve ser usado, para que os jogadores não possam burlar, usando duas cores.
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    An alternative is to save an specific part of the element tree. Pick the method that works best for you. local file = xmlCreateFile ("map.xml", "map") local baseElement = createElement("temporary") --[[ ]] local element = -- createObject, createVehicle, etc. etc, setElementParent(element, baseElement) --[[ ]] saveMapData ( file, baseElement ) xmlSaveFile ( file ) xmlUnloadFile ( file ) destroyElement(baseElement) -- destroy every element, parent as well as the children thanks to propagation Pro's Flexibility, you do not have to write specific code for other elements. Cons: Serverside only No custom properties with special characters, for example : notations and code comments on the fly. All properties are copied, you do not have fully control which ones are saved.
  24. 2 points
    Loop trough all objects, get details and write it to a file, like any .map editor file. You can check the syntax in an existing .map file. Something like that -- CLIENT SIDE local objects = getElementsByType("object") local file = fileCreate("clonedmap.map") fileWrite(file, "<map>\n") for i = 1, #objects do local obj = objects[i] local x, y, z = getElementPosition(obj) local rx, ry, rz = getElementRotation(obj) row = ('\t<object id="something (%d)" breakable="%s" interior="%d" collisions="%s" alpha="%d" model="%d" doublesided="%s" scale="%d" posX="%f" posY="%f" posZ="%f" rotX="%f" rotY="%f" rotZ="%f"></object>\n'):format( i, tostring(isObjectBreakable(obj)), getElementInterior(obj), tostring(getElementCollisionsEnabled(obj)), getElementAlpha(obj), getElementModel(obj), tostring(isElementDoubleSided(obj)), getObjectScale(obj), x, y, z, rx, ry, rz ) fileWrite(file, row) end fileWrite(file, "</map>") fileClose(file) Save file to mta_folder/mods/deathmatch/resources/YOUR_RESOURCE_NAME/clonedmap.map
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    Project trains This resource creates multiple trains driving around the map and make them drive automatic. It makes San Andreas a little bit more alive. You can set-up how much trains are created, how fast they go, minimal/maximal amount of trainscarts they are pulling and some more. Versions Version 1.0.0 Serverside time synced trains for multiplayer Admin panel settings Version 2.0.0 Uncompiled Better optimised than previous versions. CPU (3,5-3,9 GHz) 4 trains +/- 1.22% usage 40 trains +/- 7.05% usage Overkill Cleaned up a lot of the old code (I wrote this in 2015.. , never the less it is still ugly :C) Added some custom train-cart designs. Fixed all known bugs. Trains won't stop, even in this version. But you can try to make that yourself... Improved bandwidth You can design your own traincarts in the map editor, see documentation after clicking on the lazy download link Bugs: GTA spawn bug: Incorrect train spawn, see documentation. Repository Lazy <you> transport Armed to the teeth Admin panel settings Building your own traincarts with the map editor Download here - project trains 2.0.0
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    You got banned because MTA detected your serial isn't authentic (it got generated after you successfully used a serial changing method). This method consists of multiple steps, and really isn't as simple as the things you mentioned that you did. We know that you did it deliberately, and the MTA detection for this act is accurate and has so far only resulted in bans for people that were trying to change their serial. So yeah, don't lie.. MTA is smarter than you think, and serials are more reliable than you think.. the current situation means that you succeeded half way but that MTA still stops you from doing it by making the 'new' serial unusable. Which in turn means, that you can only get unbanned if you undo the steps you've taken (which you damn well know) and this will restore your old serial, which hasn't been banned. Thanks for understanding!
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    Hyper-script gaming سكربت خاص لسيرفرات الالعاب للحياة الواقعية يمكننا توفير الاستضافة مجانا من سيرفرات جوجل فقط الدومين عليك يجب الحصول علي ترخيص لتسطيع استخدام السكربت حتي وان كان معك ملفات السكربت سعر الترخيص الواحد 65$ | التقنيات المستخدمة | React.js, Redux, Google Firebase, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap grid system | المميزات | اي عند تصفح الموقع سأتجد الموقع سريع جدا بالتنقل بين صفحاته المختلفه SPA السكربت يعمل بتقنية تصميم السكربت متجاوب مع كافة الشاشات والمتصفحات المختلفة لوحة تحكم تصل اليها رسائل تقديمات الخادم والتحكم في اغلاق او فتح كل التقدمات. .وبعض التقديمات كا فريق اليوتيوب تصل لرومات تحددها مع السكربت discord webhook السكربت مرتبط بال بعدد الاعبيين واسمائهم وحالة الخادم والمدينة الحالية FiveM, MTA SA امكانية عرض معلومات سيرفرك سواء. تستطيع اعطاء لكل متقدم لفريق خادم السيرفر نتيجة تقديمة من لوحة التحكم وايضا يستطيع المتقدم رؤية نتيجته. امكانية عرض السيارات المميزة داخل الخادم واعطاء سعر وايضا يستطيع الزائر تصفية السيارات من حيث السعر..الخ قسم لدعم الخادم بالمال يمكنك عرض خطط مختلفة للشراء والطلبات تصل اليك لمعالجتها. | بالنسبة للحماية؟ | مهما كانت قوتها ddos attack السكربت يستطيع التصدي لاي هجمات ! client side لا مجال للثغرات في السكربت لانه عبارة عن جاهزة حتي مع لوحة التحكم APis اي انه يعتمد علي كل ما يتقدم له من خلال | معاينة | لوحة التحكم واشياء اخري: معاينة مباشرة للسكربت: https://hyper-sv2.web.app/ للتواصل عبر الديسكورد للشراء: el8rbawY#5102 *ملحوظه: تقديم دعم فني للسكربت مدي الحياة وايضا سهولة التعديل علي السكربت من خلال ملفات JSON
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    الأجنبي طفش فالاسبوع 4 مرات يحول للقسم العربي ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ^ + إذا قصدك تغير مكان المود فـ جرب مثلاً حط ليبل فوق الشاشة وجيب احداثياته وحط الإحداثيات فالمود ذا
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    Com o crescimento de qualquer projeto, seja de MTA ou o quê for, cresce também a inveja de muitos e a preocupação dos principais concorrentes. É muito comum tentarem desacelerar e inibir o crescimento do outro perante o medo. O quê muita gente não sabe é que na maioria das vezes, os servidores não são derrubados por DDoS ou DoS. Ataques DDoS demandam grandes quantidades de dinheiro investido, e nessa guerra digital, vence quem tem a melhor infraestrutura, ou seja, quem gasta mais.. Mas se a maioria das quedas ou interferência nos servidores não acontecem por ataque de negação de serviço(o famoso DDoS), então onde e como eles são feitos? Em primeiro lugar, tem a talvez mais conhecida maneira de deixar algo instável: 1 - Flood É importante saber que existem vários tipos de floods, o mais fácil de identificar, é aquele flood por chat. Ele não é o único, existem floods que são um pouco mais complicados de identificar. O flood via chat é muito prejudicial ao servidor, portanto, é recomendável que cada jogador tenha um tempo definido entre as mensagens que podem enviar. Além do flood via chat, existe o flood por comando, que é possível fazer com qualquer comando que qualquer servidor tenha. Por isso, também é recomendável que exista um intervalo de tempo entre os comandos feitos pelo jogador. Principalmente os comandos verificados por ACL são prejudiciais ao servidor. Alguns comandos que com flood são muito prejudiciais são: restart, refresh. Mesmo que o jogador não tenha permissão de executá-lo, o servidor verificará toda vez em que ele digita esses comandos protegidos. Uma solução para isso é bloquear esses comandos por serial, assim, mesmo com o flood deles, o CPU do servidor será menos estressado. O bloqueio desses comandos por serial aliado ao tempo necessário entre um comando e outro, fará com que o servidor não fique sobrecarregado, gerando menores consequências. 2 - Scripts maliciosos Infelizmente pessoas que já tiveram bom nome na comunidade de MTA:SA no passado, acabaram perdendo toda a sua reputação e começaram a fazer o mau, disfarçada por vários nomes. Muitas vezes (deixando claro que não é em todos os casos) as pessoas vendem scripts compilados nos quais possuem códigos maliciosos para gerar estresse no servidor e atrapalhar a conexão, às vezes a ponto do servidor ser reiniciado automaticamente. Muitos desses scripts maliciosos funcionam perfeitamente, mas o código malicioso é acionado por algum comando. Então, você pode verificar os comandos existentes em cada script com o comando commands disponibilizado no nosso script logo abaixo. Existem também casos em que há um backdoor que possibilita o programador malicioso de quebrar toda segurança do servidor e fazer tudo o que está ao seu alcance. Pode ser: Redirecionar jogadores para outro servidor, criar um código o qual lhe dará vantagem no servidor, ganhar acesso restrito ao servidor, fazer ligações externas (com fetchRemote) afim de afetar o servidor com por exemplo, um vírus. 3 - Scripts mal otimizados Também é possível, e infelizmente ocorre com muitos servidores, de ter seu desempenho afetado por scripts mal otimizados. Muitos scripts da internet e não só eles, até scripts que o dono do servidor paga, pode afetar e muito no servidor (quanto mais jogadores, mais é afetado). Dependendo do código produzido, pode conter centenas e às vezes milhares de atualizações de ElementData simultâneas - o que afeta o servidor de modo que não há nem mesmo dedicado para intervir. Essa função em questão, é extremamente prejudicial tanto para o servidor tanto para o client, que é o usuário final - o jogador. Para saber se algum recurso está consumindo mais do que deveria, você pode utilizar o recurso IPB, que já vem com o MTA. Se você não tiver esse recurso no seu servidor, você pode baixá-lo dos resources oficiais do mta e colocar no seu servidor. Obviamente, não são só os ElementData's que podem prejudicar o desempenho do servidor. Um script pode ser mal otimizado por várias questões que englobam a programação. O ElementData foi citado por ser muito comum e muito prejudicial. Se você tem ou está montando um servidor, coloque além das suas idéias de novidades para ele, sua preocupação em relação ao desempenho de cada resource que irá rodar na máquina. Para saber como anda o desempenho dos resources no servidor, você pode verificar olhando o painel do resource ipb. Para isso, ligue o resource e digite o comando no chat "/ipb" ou no F8 "ipb". Selecione a categoria Server, alterne entre as opções de monitoramento e você saberá qual script está consumindo mais e afetando o desempenho do seu servidor. 4 - Múltiplos caracteres no login Talvez esse seja o mais bizarro dessa lista. Não limitar os caracteres no qual as pessoas podem escolher seu usuário ao se registrar. Isso, aliado ao flood de muitos logins com muitos caracteres, pode sim afetar o desempenho do servidor e até mesmo derrubá-lo. Esse é um exemplo de script com falhas deixadas pelo seu criador, que alguns servidores acabaram utilizando. E como não acaba aí, tem também códigos para fazer qualquer bom programador cair em desgosto que fazem aumentar muito o uso de cpu, de memória gráfica e ram. Problemas em geral por uma grande falta de preocupação do criador ou até mesmo a indiferença por ter aquela máxima "se está funcionando, tá bom" e "o que importa é terminar e receber meu dinheiro" (no caso de Scripter pago) acabam fazendo com que se proliferem péssimos tipos de scripts os quais muitos servidores grandes acabam utilizando. Link do script citado acima: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18156 Também não posso deixar de agradecer ao @DNL291, que me ajudou a criar este tópico.
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    We are still up running, feel free to join us at our: Discord: https://discord.gg/C6gBnTZ IP: mtasa:// Forums: https://creativegamingrpg.com/index.php
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    Olá e bem-vindo ao fórum. Para manter o local organizado temos os respectivos sub-fóruns, por isso, sempre que criar um tópico por favor crie-o dentro do sub-fórum Portuguese / Português. Você pode encontrá-lo pela página inicial do fórum da forma mostrada abaixo: Isso evitará o trabalho que os moderadores têm diariamente de mover posts para os locais certos. Sempre que criar um novo tópico, certifique-se que esteja na devida categoria. No sub-fórum Português ficam todas postagens na linguagem portuguesa, enquanto que fora da categoria Other languages só é permitido posts em inglês, por isso, sempre que responder um tópico, preste atenção a isso.
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    Hello there,today i bring an inventory script,as the name suggests it's an inventory to store all your items from weapons to food/repairkit ,to use an item it is easy as just pressing use within selecting the amount .It is very easy and stable and was built using SQL,hopefully it is up to standards. You still have the option to use commands : ./use weaponname amount ./use itemname ./store weaponname amount ./drop weaponname amount (need to be stored) Current Items: Food: Boosts the player's health by 10 if he's low. Repairkit: Gives the vehicle 100 health (only if it's too damaged) Exported functions which you can use them in other scripts : (server side) getPlayerItem(player,itemname) updatePlayerItems(player,itemname,value) TakePlayeritem(player,itemname,value) Download link : https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18155
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    Please provide your CPU details including RAM,SSD,Processor, CPU Core etc. 3.9 GHz + will be perfect for gameservers.
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    Il a juste changer l'interface de l'inventaire de Owl Gaming, je suis même sûr qu'il a pas été faites par lui
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    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله بركاته . نحمد الله ونشكره على وجود شخص مثل ماكس معنا برغم كل الصعوبات وانت اخونا الكبير يلي نفتخر فيه ونعزه بلتوفيق للكل..
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    Hi there, what are you looking at? Ah this, I have uploaded V1.0.2 of the draw distance resource. This resource helps with displaying objects that are normally streamed out. Your maps (even if you are not a mapper) will become a lot more beautiful! Enjoy the resource as well as your well deserved WEEKEND!!!!
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    https://github.com/Vadya963/50pSublimeText3Package download from here you can read how to install it below
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    I want to share this tool and method to optimize PNG files, which are used a lot in gamemodes. This topic will focus on a tool called ZopfliPNG (which I built from source and will provide a file download for) - refer to the bottom of this topic, step 2 for that. https://github.com/google/zopfli Because of the intensive usage of PNG in MTA, optimizing them will benefit total download size for players and performance. 1) use Paint.NET software (https://www.getpaint.net/) to resize your image's resolution (CTRL + R), for example half it with the power of 2, like 256 x 256 to 128 x 128. Depending on the type of image or how far whatever script zooms it, you can go beyond that and make it even lower. Use default settings for saving it, you don't have to worry about size optimization yet. Drawing a lot of high resolution images or textures will affect client performance, and cause lag on low-end PC's. So following this step is highly recommended. You can always gauge the quality outcome while you're saving it using a lower resolution. Note: you can skip this step, if you care more about file & DL size rather than client rendering/memory performance, or if the type or usage of your image(s) result in rapid deterioration in quality upon resizing. By not doing this, and sticking to the main subject of this guide, ZopfliPNG from step 2, you will keep the same quality but only get a file size reduction. After doing the initial optimization with Paint.NET, which is the part that matters to client (rendering) performance, you'd usually think that is the end of it, that the file size Paint.NET outputs (on the various saving profiles, like bit depths, you compare) is the best you can get. But you're wrong, since advanced software like ZopfliPNG can squeeze more out of it, notably most of all without any quality decrease. It's software that assembles PNG format compression from scratch, with all pixels matching 100%. So there's no reason not to do it, also if you didn't initially use step 1) about Paint.NET resizing/actual image tweaks. So, to get a lower size, it's not neccesary to compromise more of your image quality using editing, like resize even more in Paint.NET. So now to get to the point of this guide; 2) ZopfliPNG Download it from: LINK (click) Usage instructions are in the README.txt files in either 32-bit or 64-bit version folders. It's a command-line utility, you can use it in the simplest way by entering this into cmd from the binary's location (after copying your png files): This will optimize the file using default configuration, which guarantees 100% matching pixels (absolutely no worse quality) and usually a huge reduction in file size. As I mentioned in one of the notes, you will benefit also if you won't "pre-process" your PNG's using Paint.net, but only use ZopfliPNG, to not possibly impact your quality but still get a lower resources download size. As you can see here; I made sure to document its usage (README.txt) and included mass optimization (multiple files at once) .bat files, their usage also explained in README.txt. Unfortunately this is as close we can get to mass-optimizing files, because i built zopflipng.exe from original ZopfliPNG source code (https://github.com/google/zopfli) and it doesn't currently feature it in a more convenient way (without having to edit/specify ranges of file names to optimize). Here's some additional information on ZopfliPNG and why it is so groundbreaking over other compression tools: https://ariya.io/2016/06/using-zopfli-to-optimize-png-images https://blog.codinghorror.com/zopfli-optimization-literally-free-bandwidth/ No other tool can theoretically achieve this, let alone with 100% quality preservation. It's state-of-the-art technology. Edit (25th Dec 2019): updated ZopfliPNG binaries (re-built from latest official repository version)
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    ما فهمت وش تقصد , لكن إذا قصدك ربط الملفات مع بعض فإستخدم ال meta لكن إذا قصدك نقل المعلومات من ملف إلى ملف: triggerServerEvent -- إستخدامه فالكلنت triggerClientEvent -- إستخدامه فالسيرفر
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    haveOtherNick sempre retorna true pq ele ta passando o for em todos os players, inclusive o proprio que acabou de setar o nick em si mesmo, pra comparar vc precisa excluir o player que deu trigger, antes faz essa alteração de source pra client, na wiki diz o seguinte: Atenção: vc deve usar a variavel global client no serverside ao invés de passar localPlayer ou por parametro ou source, Senão falsificação de evento (passar outro player invés de localPlayer) poderia ser possível (triggerServerEvent) ps: essa alteração source pra client é só no server, o script client fica igual tava o script server ficaria assim: function haveOtherNick (myName) for i, player in ipairs (getElementsByType("player")) do if player~=client and (getElementData (player, "checknick") and getElementData (player, "checknick") == myName) then return true--se todos os players exceto eu não tem elementdata checknick igual a myName end end return false end function checkNick() local nome = getElementData (client, "checknick") if (nome) then if (haveOtherNick(nome)) then outputChatBox ("Já tem alguém com esse nome online.") removeElementData(client,"checknick")--opcional: remover o elementdata de quem nao foi aprovado pra nao ocupar o checknick em 2+ players else triggerClientEvent("successNick", getRootElement()) setElementData(client, "playername", nome) end end end addEvent("checkNick", true) addEventHandler("checkNick", getRootElement(), checkNick)
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    Hi! I want to sell my lightbar editor. You can add lightbar(s) (or custom siren sounds to your vehicle) with a simple panel and you can set the lightbar position with a 3D editor. Contains: Models Sounds This resource has 4 variations for sell: You can add only 1 lightbar: BUY HERE (VIDEO) You can add only 1 lightbar and custom siren sound: BUY HERE (VIDEO) You can add multiple lightbar: BUY HERE (VIDEO) You can add multiple lightbar and custom siren sound: BUY HERE (VIDEO) If you want to buy this script(s), please PM me or send an email: hexondev@gmail.com Discount code: welovelightbars (-15%) (Only 2 people can use it!) Other scripts HERE Thanks for reading! (Variation 4:)
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    اي شريط ؟؟؟
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    pickuproupacj = createPickup ( -1637.6564941406,1411.2716064453,7.1875, 3, 1275, 1000 ) -- Cria o Pickup. function pegarroupa ( source ) local skin = getElementModel(source) -- Verifica skin de source if skin == 0 then -- Verifica se a skin de source é igual a 0, se for executa: addPedClothes ( source, "field", "field", 0 ) -- Adiciona uma camisa em source (modifique a seu gosto...) setElementData ( source, "zombie", true ) -- Seta o elemento (source) na data 'zombie' como true; setPlayerTeam ( source, teamzombie ) -- Seta o elemento source no team 'teamzombie' else -- Se a skin de source não for igual a 0, executara: outputChatBox("Pegue a skin do CJ primeiro!", source) -- Aviso para o mesmo pegar a skin 0 primeiro. end end addEventHandler ( "onPickupHit", pickuproupacj, pegarroupa )
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    تمت م لوحه فيها جميع معلومات السيرفر يطريقه جديده ... لفتح لوحه اف10 كلام يطلع من تحت لفوق صوره
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    بالتوفيق انشاء الله ومن احسن ل احسن
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    I think this is it setFarClipDistance
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    first try setOcclusionsEnabled if doesnt work use: engineSetModelLODDistance(object id, distance visible) this is client side. if the object you are using dont have a lod (some objects dont have lod), you will need to create one and place in the same position/ attach it to the original, use the same object, same scale, and the last argument true, (to set as the lod) set it to setLowLODElement and then use engineSetModelLODDistance too
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