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  2. Hola, buenos días. Tengo un duda ya que estoy empezando en el tema de scripting en MTA:SA y bueno, si es posible que me ayudarais os lo agradeceria mucho. Bueno, el problema viene aqui (Uso la gamemode paradise) : Que cuando intento crearme otro personaje, al poner edad, nacionalidad y estatura me dice siempre Tu edad minima solo puede ser de 18 años. ¿Tengo, una pregunta más, seria posible que solo se puedan escribir nacionalidades especificas? Muchas gracias en caso de contestar y leer esto.
  3. السيرفر قفل نظرا انة يومين كان الزوار 0 وانا معرفش حد يجى يلعب وانا استحالة انشر السيرفر فى اى تيم سبيك او اى مكان واسحب لاعيبة سيرفر تانى السيرفر كان تجربة وفشلت يرجى قفل الموضوع
  4. I'd like to see this mod, amazing project bro! I don't know if you have seen it, but there is one called TrueFPS, if not, here's the link:
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  6. Hi, I want just to change the value of DepthBias by Lua So here, I have defined a parameter which I named parameter1, and the rest is just for replace.fx texture gTexture; float parameter1; technique TexReplace { pass P0 { DepthBias = parameter1; Texture[0] = gTexture; } } And now, we gonna go to Lua File : (the shader is working etc...) dxSetShaderValue(shader, "parameter1", -0.0006) So here, it doesn't work, DepthBias doesn't take the value of parameter1 as I wrote in the .fx file ! Any help please?
  7. Já removi, instalei, baixei tudo de novo e continua a acontecer
  8. تفضل يا غالي جرب local taple = {} function nickChangeHandler(oldNick, newNick) if ( taple [ source ] ) then outputChatBox("لا يمكنك تغير اسمك الا مرة كل دقيقة",source,255,0,0,true) cancelEvent() return end plr = source taple[plr] = true Timer = setTimer(function() taple[plr] = nil end,1*60*1000,1) end addEventHandler("onPlayerChangeNick", getRootElement(), nickChangeHandler) هادا بيخلي ماحد يقدر يغير اسمه الا كل دقيقة مرة وممكن تعدل المدة , عشان لاحد يسوي سبام تغير
  9. Ugh yea that's true. I've tried it with onPlayerChat and it worked so I thought it could work with onPlayerJoin as well. Thanks for the correction tho
  10. Taking your example of addEvenHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() It will trigger whenever a player connects because you used 'root'. But if you for example replace root with a specific player it only trigger when THAT player connects. An example: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getPlayerFromName("HassoN"), function() outputChatBox("HASSON IS HERE", root) end) The outputChatBox will only be triggered if a player called HassoN joins. Got it?
  11. lets pick up the addEventHandler function. I've read all that crap that wiki offers me about element tree and other related thing but i still can't really understand when i need to use, lets say, the root or the rootElement. i understand that if i want to create a guiWindow that will pop up when player connects my server i need to do smt like --> addEvenHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() end) but i have no idea what root really makes and why i use it beside the fact that this event fires up when player connects. so, please, if you really understand it, help me) thank yoy in advance,
  12. اليوم أحبائي الأعزاء, أخواني الكرام كل من في المنتدي : - كنت أعاني من مشكلة أن الاعبين في السيرفر يغيرون أسمهم بسرعة وذا سببلي أنا لاق مع ان سيرفري سريع وخرجني منه فقمت بالبحث عن المود في جوجل ولاكن كل الروابط الي فيه مو شغاله :\ فحبيت أطلب المود منك وبكون ممنون .. ياريت المود يكون للباند 20 دقيقة إذا الاعب غير أسمه مرتين في اليوم وشكراً لكل مساهم
  13. تم العثور علي الجسم الشفاف بفضلكم وشكراً لكم جميعاً.. :)
  14. Very well then, looks like I need to restart my server. I'll check your script again tonight. Thanks!
  15. Well, checked them all, HassoN's script isn't working, same problem as mine. Rockyz's script is working, however, thanks Holuzs for helping, but I guess, Rockyz script is more stable to use, however, I would like to see if HassoN's script is fixable too, as his scripting style matches with mine the most, would be easy for me to make further changes in future. Thanks all! Good work, Rockyz.
  16. replace "skin" on line 23 to "model" I know that the position is not going to change but if the position is not changed then his code is working already so he must have another script that changes the position
  17. يمكن المستطيل ذا صوره وهو مخليها شفافه او alpha = 200
  18. Player's position isn't going to change if the player dies, unless you spawn him somewhere else. So nope. My code should work.
  19. You must get the player position when he dies not after the timer starts
  20. Hypobil

    Mouse problems

    Hey bro, finally i we fix this i have problem with simulator joystick or wheel however VJOY driver and this :~s he was bugged and i uninstall all programs who can made this :~ like remote joystick and i fix it maybe it help u
  21. @HassoN Check your code again @holuzs That's not what he wanted Try this
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