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  2. السلام عليكم يقدم لكم مسوؤلين سيرفرات عشاق , سيرفراتنا للإنضمام لنا 1 - Shooter Server IP : mtasa:// Name : [3Q] x Shooter 3ShaQ | x عشاق الشوتر x | [3Q] x KSA.Shooter Download Size : 15Mb Server Info : قيمود الشوتر العادي , تحميل منخفض , سكربتات بسيطة 2 - Tactics Server IP : mtasa:// Name : [3Q] x Tactics 3ShaQ | x عشاق التكتيك x | [3Q] x KSA.Tactics Download Size : 11Mb Server Info : قيمود التكتيك اصدار 21 , يحتوي على لفل سيستم والعديد من المابات الرائعة 3 - Hajwalah Server IP : mtasa:// Name : [3Q] x Hajwalah 3ShaQ | x عشاق الهجولة x | [3Q] x KSA.Hajwalah Download Size : 25Mb + 560Mb = تحميل مخفي Server Info : مقفل حاليا لإكمال بعض التصليحات 4 - Race Server IP : Soon Name : Soon Download Size : Soon Server Info : Soon 5 - Roleplay Server = Soon Owners ' Developers 1 - HotSpot 2 - FarWay
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  4. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Well. You can use dgsDxGUISetProperty to change the style (color,image,font...). But if you change the code of DGS, plz don't use updatedgs again. Because it will overwrite what you have changed.
  5. [src] Automatic mta compiler using mta services.

    am really like it it's so easy to understand and edit
  6. موضوع للسمآجة

    دجاج ولا خرفان
  7. موضوع للسمآجة

    لحم ولا دجاج #Logout ..
  8. موضوع للسمآجة

    جبن ولا لحم
  9. [src] Automatic mta compiler using mta services.

    there already compile system .-. check mods if you dont want to tradition, good luck .
  10. setPedControlState() Does not work with me.
  11. setPedControlState()

    works with me
  12. setPedControlState()

    ped = createPed(172, 0, 0, 0) car = createVehicle(519, 1984, -2593, 100, 0, 0, 0) warpPedIntoVehicle(ped, car) setElementVelocity(car, 0, 1, 0) setPedControlState(ped, "accelerate", true) setPedControlState(ped, "sub_mission", true)
  13. setPedControlState()

    post your code
  14. setPedControlState()

  15. setPedControlState()

  16. El BitDefender pero acabo de verlo y no sale ningún archivo bloqueado
  17. setPedControlState()

    Se, lo había puesto mal aquí pero aún así no funciona.
  18. setPedControlState()

    sub_mission *
  19. I guess your firewall is blocking. What is the antivirus/firewall product you use?
  20. i need help for error "cl25"

    thank you, you are the best guy. so thanks. problem resolved
  21. [Roleplay] Neptune RP [English]

    So the first server was based in San Fierro, so I'm guessing this one's in Neptune? Anyways, hope you know what you're doing good luck, and none of your domains work, just checked and none of the 2 domains have been purchased both are currently available, you shouldn't do early releases. First get everything ready before you make any announcements.
  22. connection timed out!!!

    I find it hard to believe UAE already unblocked MTA as we had no reports of that so far. So first try using a VPN instead of assuming that.
  23. setPedControlState()

    Buenas, tengo un pequeño problema algo absurdo. Necesito saber si hay alguna función para que el tren de aterrizaje de los aviones se suban, por que intento con setPedControlState usando un "ped" pero no me funciona. Lo que usé fué esto: setPedControlState(ped, "sub-mission", true) Agradezco la intención de ayudar.
  24. [Roleplay] Legend Gaming - Medium RP [English]

    I hope you know what you're doing. Good luck.
  25. SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

    Hotfix: -Doubled medic heal speed once again (Now +1 HP in 5 seconds while being close to a medic) -Test fix for the famous "0 ammo" bug, now there is a cooldown of 0,1s for switching the weapon -Test fix for camera shake not working sometimes -Fixed medic not healing himself -Fixed bug that prevented players from registering -Fixed Shop UI getting messed up by low screen resolutions -Fixed bug that prevented the radar and the "online staff" text from showing if you get spawned by the autospawn timer -Fixed "bug" that allowed players to attach planes to landing boats (U crazy trolls lol) -Fixed a flying bush on El Alamein -Fixed Payday not working at all -Fixed matches always ending as TIE -Fixed german Medic having access to Perception by default -Increased Tickets on Islands and El Alamein to 500 -Removed spawn protection from players that spawn on cap zones My Server now supports 800x600 resolution somewhat successfully, however its really not recommended to play on such low resolutions. And please dont come here and cry because something looks ugly/ is unusable because you are playing on 640x480 or something similar.
  26. Tengo problemas al descargar un servidor me sale que está bloqueado en 0% y después de 10 segundos se desconecta automáticamente y aparece un error en el menú. Error al descargar los archivos solicitados. Se alcanzó el tiempo de espera. "Funcionamiento demasiado lento. Menos de 10 bytes / seg transferidos los últimos 10 segundos" [performancebrowser_client.lua]. Ayúdenme con una solución ya reinstale el MTA, reinstale el GTA San Andreas. y no funciona. SE AGRADECERÍA SU AYUDA CAPTURA DEL PROBLEA I have problems downloading a server I get that is blocked in 0% and after 10 seconds it automatically disconnects and an error appears in the menu. Error downloading requested files. Waiting time was reached. "Operation too slow Less than 10 bytes / sec transferred last 10 seconds" [performancebrowser_client.lua]. Help me with a solution and reinstall the MTA, reinstall the GTA San Andreas. and it does not work. YOUR THOUGHT WILL BE GRATEFUL. TROUBLE CAPTURE
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