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  2. pa3ck

    Save and load data with JSON

    There are couple of questions that need to be answered first... you only mention client side, so you don't care whether the blinkers are same for everyone? If so, you can use XML or JSON string in a client file - remember that fromJSON takes a string and converts it into a LUA table and toJSON converts a LUA table to a string that you can store in a file, once you converted the string back to LUA table, you can handle it as any other table.
  3. عشان تسويها تقدر تستخدم الصورة ذي على حواف المستطيل العادي وتعدل زاوية الصورة عن كل حافة للمستطيل أو تقدر تسويها بإستخدام لوا فقط لكن ما راح تطلع بنفس جودة الصورة
  4. Abdul KariM

    Top 5 , Data

    "onClientElementDataChange" مع متغيرات
  5. ععيونككء اخخر امممأليء ^

    Widgets System - بمميزات وتصميم أنيق

    والله حلو بالتوفيقق حسسونن
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  7. ccw


    Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you
  8. rufian mta


    help my MTA will not let me in because it sends me anti-cheat error (SD # 16021A)
  9. جميع ما فـ السيرفر للبيع طرق الدفع تحويل راجحي أو باي بال PayPal : 65$ Bank : 260 S.R فيه اشياء جديدة طرق التواصل واتس اب 0549496455 اي بي السيرفر للي حاب يخش mtasa:// أتمنى مايجي غير الجاد وهاذي الاسعار وشكراً لكم , وفقكم الله جميعاً ..
  10. checkbox رجعت old style حقها لكن مع شوية تعديلات وافكتات خفيفه انا جالس اكثر من الافكت زي ما وصى الاخ @H25 عالعمووم كذا انا باخذ اجازه اليوم هههه
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  12. AriosJentu

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Give me example, where (or on what widget) you moving mouse and CPU usage is overloads. Is it on all widgets? Cuz I have i5-7200U, and U series are for laptops, and I haven't loading more than 20% of this resource.
  13. ccw

    Client error

    Try this version of MTA:
  14. Angel Carvajal

    [help]Caer piso

    Bueno pues tengo un script que lo que hace es que si estas en el team de policia te tira al suelo con una sola bala yo quiero que cuando tengas poca vida ocurra la animacion crack y sin ser policia que todos puedan usarla trate de usar root para que todos puedan pero aun asi solo los policias pueden clientside addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, function(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) team = getPlayerTeam(attacker) if (attacker and getElementType(attacker) == "player" and weapon == 30 and team and getTeamName(team) == "Police") then -- Policia triggerServerEvent("police:crim", localPlayer, attacker) -- Manda el Evento hacia el serverside end end) serverside addEvent("police:crim", true) addEventHandler("police:crim", root, function (police) if ( getPlayerWantedLevel (source) >= 2) then --- mayor de 2 wanted tiene que tener el jugador para usar el arma setPedAnimation ( source, "CRACK", "crckidle2") else outputChatBox ( "No es muy buscado", police, 0, 0, 255, true ) -- Dee lo contrario si no tiene 2 wanted end end)
  15. iMr.WiFi..!

    طلب تصحيح كود , getRandomPlayer()

    ماقصرت, هذي تستاهل تحطها في الوظائف المفيدة .. بس كان اكتفيت بالكود حقي وعدلت سطر واحد لاغير وانحل الموضوع . function getTwoRandom(Data) local player1, player2 = nil,nil; if( #getElementsByType('player') >= 2 ) then repeat player1, player2 = getElementsByType('player')[math.random(1,#getElementsByType('player'))], getElementsByType('player')[math.random(1,#getElementsByType('player'))] until getElementData( player1, Data ) and getElementData( player2, Data ) and player2 ~= player1 return player1, player2; end end وايضاً لاحظت ان راعي الموضوع لمح انه تمت افادته مايحتاج نطول النقاش اكثر من كذا : )
  16. اهنيك والله ابداع وياريت لو ما تسحب عليه وتكبروا اكتر اكتر
  17. ولا كذا احلى new effect for button افكد جديد للزر
  18. Rynosce


    No! You did not understand me! I do not have the opportunity to install
  19. @R8ZOM: I could not reproduce that japanese sniper skin bug. It looks good on my PC. But i found out that sometimes animations dont work as intended... UPDATE: -Updated Server to new MTA version 1.5.6 -New minimum client version is 1.5.6 r14334 -Changed near clip distance to 0.1 -MTA Team fixed the bug that made it difficult for water planes (Arado 196) to take off (r14403 required) -Added dynamic lighting based on material3DLight, thanks to @Ren712 for the shader (Screenshots: ) --> Dynamic lighting is emitted by gunshots, flares, explosions, vehicle lights, objects (lamps) and searchlights (Destroyers etc) --> Headlight position is wrong when using MTA version below r14403 --> Screenshots: -Added the ability to manually toggle vehicle light on/off (default key is F) -Added object_light_fix resource by Ren712 -zlimit does no longer affect depth charges -Increased anti-vehicle mine damage by 25% -Many top bar informations have never been displayed, this has been corrected -Ordnance training does now reduce reload times by 15/30% instead of fixed 0,75 / 1,5 seconds (fixes too fast firing rocket launchers) -Fixed missing gun reload sound of vehicles -Fixed explosions ignoring friendly fire on all vehicles except ships -Projectiles/tank shells that are flying into spawn areas will now get deleted from the game -Revived players will now get their "death" count reduced by 1 -Fixed a bug that displayed a strange submarine killmessage when a map with submarines got changed -Added sonar to submarines (Caution! Sonar may be very precise, but it gives away your position!) --> Submarine sonar can detect surface ships, destroyers can still only detect submerged submarines! -Added sonar decoys to submarines (default key "G" can be changed in key settings menu, F6) - they create a fake sonar target for 60 seconds -Added hydrophone to submarines (default key "H" can be changed in key settings menu) - this feature needs testing! --> Hydrophone only works while the submarine is submerged! -Marine captains will now see the direction where another Sonar ping came from -Marine captains will now see the course of objects that have been scanned with own Sonar -Added missing chimney smoke to ships when "Ship detail" is set to low -Fixed exploit that allowed submarines the accurate firing of torpedoes in any direction without visual contact to a target --> Submarines can now fire aimed torpedoes without visual contact by using sonar, but it gives away your position and it works only to the front -Fixed too fast reverse speed of submarines -Slightly increased submerged top speed of submarines by ~ 1 knot -Submarine periscope is now a lot darker (Makes it harder to spot, searchlights negate this effect) -Increased periscope length of both submarines by 50cm -Increased draw distance and brightness below water surface -Players that are prone do now take 50% less fire damage (suggestion from R8ZOM) -Improved transition between prone - crouch for players using nightly versions, an upcoming MTA update will further improve this -Removed background video of main menu -Fixed a bug that prevented a change of the enabled/disabled status of the godray shader -Fixed a bug that prevented the ladder animation from playing (It will still occur sometimes, i made a bug report because this is partially a MTA issue) -Fixed a bug that made headshots impossible with PPSh-41, Suomi M31, MG 81, Lewis Mk 1, Beretta 686 and Winchester Mod. 21 even at close range -Fixed vehicle shop of "D" capture zone not working on "El Alamein" map (And probably fixed some other vehicle shop bugs) -Removed stupid looking car rollout animation and too long stand up animation after getting hit by car -Added the sandy ground to LODs on "El Alamein" because it looked terrible without LODs -Custom tank turret numbers will now immediately get applied after changing them, no re-entry of the vehicle required anymore -Updated KDB and Cologne (Fixes for dynamic lighting) -Many other some small improvements/code cleanups
  20. MrDadosz

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Nevermind, there were commented lines in meta.xml. Really nice, but my i5-6500 can't handle it. 100% core usage when I'm moving my mouse on GUI from this resource
  21. @H25 رايك انا ما رضيت اخليها دائرية عشان لا تقول اقلد المهم انا كنت مسوي نصها اللي فوق دائري واللي تحت لا لكن مش مشكله الصوره وقولي رايك ووش التحسينات اللممكنه اليسار بزر اغلاق والثانيه بدون
  22. MrDadosz

    [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    It looks much better than CEGUI on screenshots, but example file isn't working from same resource (0 errors in debug): + there's missing test.lua
  23. #,xiRocKyz

    طلب تصحيح كود , getRandomPlayer()

    للحين وظيفتك غلط وتسبب infinite loop لنفترض ان هناك فقط لاعب واحد في السيرفر انت كذا عرفت اللاعب في المتغيرين player1 و player2 وأنت تتحقق اذا كانوا مختلفين وهم نفس اللاعب ف بيسبب لوب لانهائي سويت وظيفة افضل للي يبي يستفيد: function getRandomElementsFromData(elementType, dataKey, dataValue, maxElements) if type(elementType) == 'string' and type(dataKey) == 'string' then local elements = getElementsByType(elementType) local maxElements = type(maxElements) == 'number' and math.max(maxElements, 1) or 1; local dataElements, randomElements = {}, {}; local currentIndex = 1; for index = 1, #elements do if getElementData(elements[index], dataKey) == dataValue then dataElements[string.char(math.random(97, 122))..index] = elements[index]; end end for index, value in pairs(dataElements) do randomElements[currentIndex] = value; if currentIndex >= maxElements then break end currentIndex = currentIndex +1 end return randomElements end return false end مثال: addEventHandler('onResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() local numbers = {'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five', 'six', 'seven', 'eight', 'nine', 'ten'}; for index = 1, #numbers do setElementData(createElement('randomElement', numbers[index]), 'randomData', true) end end) addCommandHandler('getRandomNumbers', function(player, cmd) local results = getRandomElementsFromData('randomElement', 'randomData', true, 3) for index = 1, #results do outputChatBox(getElementID(results[index]), player) end end) المثال هذا اذا كتبت الكوماند getRandomNumbers راح يجيب لك 3 ارقام عشوائية (من الواحد للعشرة) وطبعا تقدر تستخدم الفنكشن للاعبين
  24. Veo

    LUA Resolution Problem

    #Fixed by a Friend. But Thanks for Helping guys.
  25. MrKAREEM


    اقترح انك تخلي اللوحة كلها باكواد الجوي العادية او تسميها كلها
  26. IIYAMA

    check this code

    addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[15], fly, false) The table reference inside of the variable GUIEditor.button[15] doesn't contain the reference of a button[element]. With other words, the there is no button (yet) created when the line 12 is executed. This might solve the problem, if the issue is caused by a wrong code execution order: addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[15], fly, false) end, true, "low") If the button doesn't exist, this code will not solve your problem.
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