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  2. Mulholland safehouse custom map

    What then?
  3. How to make this script?

    Hi guys. I have a doubt. I want to make a script in which according to the "zombie kills" an image is created on the screen of that player. Now, to get the account information I need to use "getAccountData" and "getPlayerAccount", but these functions are only "server side", while "dxDrawImage" is a client and I also have to use "onClientRender". The question is .. How can I make this script?
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  5. Re-visiting and status updates

    ah, looks good. Looking ahead for new community hub
  6. Re-visiting and status updates

    Right! Its the time to re-new that community website into something modern. I will surely give some suggestions when I have them ready and good job finishing the custom IFP animations system!
  7. so 1.5.6 coming soon , keep on mta team
  8. Hi , My Friend Tried to hack with NJRAT by spamming in a server the link who is dangerous and he can control your computer . I hope you Unban Him from MTA SA if there is a solution it's the first time that he do this .. His Serial : 070E40130988E35EF62D98DBB431DB84 I Hope You Help Him He Is Playing Mta From 2012 So I think you can give him the last chance . Goodbye,
  9. DayZ Server | سيرفر دايز

    جميل جدا , بالتوفيق
  10. سيرفر دايز عربي حياكم الله mtasa://
  11. Hi there! Time sure flies fast, doesn't it? It has been a while since the last post from us so we would like to give you an update on what has been going on recently with MTA:SA. We have got two highlights for you this time. The community Do you remember our Community website? It has served us well over the years but has also caught some rust in the process. Therefore, we would like to re-visit it and improve your experience with discovering and publishing resources. Our plan is to build a new community website from the ground up using modern technologies, and we would like to hear from you what you would like to see on the new platform. Please respond to this thread with your ideas and suggestions. Technically inclined users can take a look at the first pass of our specification document. Development progress As for the mod itself, we have received many pull requests (patch contributions) on our GitHub from open source contributors lately. One of such contributions is a brand new feature: custom IFP animations support, coming from one of our community members, Saml1er. He managed to get this to work nicely in MTA:SA, while ensuring that our coding standards are met so we could include it without too much hassle. Saml1er even made a video which showcases what this feature is all about. You can find it below: We intend this to be a part of our upcoming 1.5.6 release which we hope will come soon, but you can try it out now by using a nightly build: Tips for using this can be found on our wiki: That's all for now. Take care and enjoy the summer! — MTA Team
  12. الخطأ؟

    TAPL مشكور مادري كيف نسيت لوكال
  13. Help in linux VPS

    Most likely you need to install this module:
  14. Client و Server حرك حرك انت شغلك عندي
  15. الخطأ؟

    addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted" , root , function ( _ , killer ) if ( killer and isElement ( killer ) and getElementType ( killer ) == "player" and killer ~= source ) then local name = getPlayerName ( source ) local killer = getPlayerName(killer) outputChatBox("#c1c1c1* #ffffff〓 #ff0000[ #ffff00" .. name .. "#ff0000 ]#c1c1c1 Has Been Killed By #ff0000[ #00ffff".. killer .."#ff0000 ] #ffffff〓", root, 255, 0, 0, true) end end )
  16. الخطأ؟

    addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted" , root , function ( _ , killer ) name = getPlayerName ( source ) killer = getPlayerName(killer) if ( killer and isElement ( killer ) and getElementType ( killer ) == "player" and killer ~= source ) then outputChatBox("#c1c1c1* #ffffff〓 #ff0000[ #ffff00" .. name .. "#ff0000 ]#c1c1c1 Has Been Killed By #ff0000[ #00ffff".. killer .."#ff0000 ] #ffffff〓", root, 255, 0, 0, true) end end ) الخطا؟
  17. [HELP] Teleport System

    teleport_s.lua addCommandHandler("gotobeach", function(player) if isElement(player) and not isPedDead(player) then setElementPosition(player, 343.20026, -1780.60388, 5.22299) outputChatBox("You have been successfully teleported to the beach.", player, 0, 200, 0, false) else outputChatBox("You must be alive in order to use this command.", player, 200, 0, 0, false) end end) meta.xml <meta> <script src="teleport_s.lua" type="server"/> </meta>
  18. testing script

    addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", root, function(weapon, ammo, ammoInClip, hitX, hitY, hitZ, hitElement) if weapon == 38 and isElement(source) and isElement(hitElement) and getElementType(source) == "player" and getElementType(hitElement) == "vehicle" then local r, g, b = getVehicleColor(hitElement) outputChatBox("".. getVehicleName(hitElement) ..": ".. getPlayerName(source) ..", why you shooting me? :(", r, g, b) end end) (untested) but try that. Also, the only problem on your script was the capitalization on "V" when you wrote getElementType(hitElement) == "Vehicle" and for events like that, I don't think is necessary to add a name to it since you won't be calling it from anywhere.
  19. >>>>> الموضوع العام <<<<<

    ماعليك منهم , يخربون علاقتنا
  20. testing script

    When i shoot a car i don't get that message
  21. testing script

    All right.
  22. testing script

    just testing myself what's wrong with this addEventHandler ("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", root, function onClientPlayerWeaponFireFunc(weapon, ammo, ammoInClip, hitX, hitY, hitZ, hitElement ) if weapon == 38 and getElementType(hitElement)=="Vehicle" then outputChatBox ( "You are now shooting a car", 255, 0, 0 ) end end )
  23. وي كاين مشكلة ؟؟
  24. Cześć wszystkim, jestem młodym i kreatywnym webdesignerem. Do każdego projektu podchodzę indywidualnie, staram się wykonać go precyzyjnie w miarę moich umiejętności. Jako początkujący grafik, nie biorę dużych kwot za wykonaną usługę. Cena za każde zlecenie jest przystosowana indywidualnie pod dany projekt. Dlaczego akurat ja? - Precyzja i dokładność - Szybka realizacja projektu - Wsparcie techniczne - Konkurencyjne ceny Co mogę zaoferować? Webdesign (z ogromną przyjemnością, zaplanuje i zaprojektuje dla Ciebie szatę graficzną) Identyfikacja wizualna (jestem w stanie zaprojektować profesjonalny wizerunek dla Twojej firmy lub działalności) Materiały reklamowe (z chęcią podejmę się wykonania banerów, plakatów, ulotek, wizytówek i wiele więcej...) Grafika pod Social Media (oferuję też pakiet grafik pod Twój instagram, facebook, youtube i inne...) Grafika użytkowa (wykonam dla Ciebie grafikę użytkową, między innymi awatary, sygnaturki, tła i wiele więcej...) Grafika pod gry (zaprojektuje także grafikę pod Twój serwer i nie tylko. Wykonam logo, panele logowań, hudy i wiele więcej...) Jaką przyjmuje płatność? PayPal Przelew Jak się ze mną skontaktować? Adres e-mail: Discord: devPasti#7195 Gadu Gadu: 65727047 Dodatkowo, zapraszam również na media: Portfolio: Behance: Facebook:
  25. Client و Server

    الشرح الوحيد لي فهمني مشكوور اخي
  26. Hello, I need a system of machines for deleting through the command / rcar [id vehicle]. I just can not figure out how to do it. In theory, you need to replace the standard spawnvehicle function with custom, where the information about the machine is stored in the spawncars [id] array. Attention! Do not id models of cars, but id idle cars. With the command / rcar [id] the car should be cleaned after I go. The administrator should be displayed on the top of the machine: Vehicle [id], train track (only for trains). Thanks in advance.
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