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  2. تبيع مواد سبار القروبات ؟
  3. WebRoot, also, its done after the latest update of MTA.
  4. Test this : Client Side function shoot ( ) local myVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) if ( myVehicle and getVehicleController ( myVehicle ) == localPlayer ) then local pos = { getElementPosition ( myVehicle ) }; createProjectile ( vehicle , pos[1] , pos[2] , pos[3] ) outputChatBox('تم اطلاق الصاروخ',255,0,0,true) end end bindKey ( 'vehicle_fire' , 'down' , shoot )
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  6. الكل
  7. الكود يخلي اللوحة تجي عند اللاعبين بـ نفس مقاس الشاشات حقتهم ولا ؟
  8. اتوقع اني جاي من كوكب المريخ
  9. حياك الله منور الموضوع ياغالي مشكور علي التعليق .. اذا فيه أي شئ فـ المود كلمني خاص وانشاء الله احل اي مشكله تواجهكم واذا تبغون اضافات علموني وبضيفها ...
  10. It didn't work
  11. Она хорошо автоматически работала, при стопинге дайза, когда стартуешь серв этот скрипт сам загружал бд при старте, Но взял эту систему на другую сборку и там не пашет, при старте пишет ошибку в чат и всё, в дебагскрипте нет ошибок на неё когда стартуешь, только в чат пишет синим userdata:0x1 , и всё.
  12. Note: Client side function only works with the server the player is connected to or it will return the error #1006
  13. كذا إن شاء الله ما راح يكون فيه لا تقدم ولا زيادة function aTimerSecondsToMethod ( aMethod,aCount ) assert ( type ( aMethod ) == 'string','[1]Argument method is wrong please make sure it is there and its a string with days or wtf.' ) assert ( type ( aCount ) == 'number','[2]Argument method is wrong please make sure it is there and its a number' ) if aMethod == 'Days' then aCountMS = 86400000; elseif aMethod == 'Weeks' then aCountMS = 604800016,6; elseif aMethod == 'Months' then aCountMS = 2629800000; elseif aMethod == 'Years' then aCountMS = 31557600000; end return aCount*aCountMS; end;
  14. hello guys please an example of FetchRemote Client Side please (images remote ) i tried with that but it's not work addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() local f = fetchRemote("", function(data, err) if(err == 0) then local f = fileCreate(v[3]) fileWrite(f, data) fileClose(f) outputChatBox("Passed") else outputChatBox("error") end end, "", false) end)
  15. addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter", root, function(p) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(p) if getElementModel(vehicle) == 429 then -- Banshee setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "maxVelocity", 400.0) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "engineAcceleration", 25 ) end end )
  16. The skype chat for the server went to utter hell
  17. Have been playing for a couple of days now. Willie and Sarah are cool, but the problem is it is just like the old Implicit, its boring, even the bugged houses arent fixed ($0) priced ones. I would delete all houses and start adding them again, also the old database is just put to a re-use because I got :~ tons of announcements when I logged in that were 200 something days old. Same thing with vehicles, jobs, everything. Its a small server, with small playerbase, why are Delivery markers all around the map? Why is the job so far from LS? Why are there OP Customs garages in IGS? Theres literally 2 big-ass Customs garages right in IGS, witch is really nRP because Customs garages should be a bit further from the "city centre". Also, for some odd reasons the server (wich I assume has just opened) has most of the big businessses bought already, (abusive admins?) wich takes away roleplay from regular players, like me. The maps look terrible, really weirdly placed and ugly. Most of the maps have no use, theyre just some random houses just to fill up some empty space. Aand the same with gates, and other objects in game. As the database is re-used but some of the maps or database has been changed, it has random floating gates, missing objects from structures and overall really weird stuff going on. + People buying houses for 5/15k with gates and custom ints. FIX IT PLEASE. Your fellow player, - Sasquatch.
  18. Tengo esto pero no me funciona function applyVehicleSpecials(vehicle) local vehID = getElementModel(vehicle) if vehID == 602 or vehID == 602 then setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "mass", 1500) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "turnMass", 1500) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "dragCoeff", 2) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "centerOfMass", { 0, 0.1, -0.2 } ) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "percentSubmerged", 85) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "tractionMultiplier", 1.2) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "tractionLoss", 1.2) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "tractionBias", 0.5) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "numberOfGears", 5) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "maxVelocity", 320) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "engineAcceleration", 50) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "engineInertia", 1.5) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "driveType", "awd") setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "engineType", "Petrol") setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "brakeDeceleration", 100000) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "brakeBias", 0.55) elseif vehID == 602 then setElementData(vehicle, "vehicleType", "PremiumCar") local handlingTable = getVehicleHandling ( vehicle ) local newVelocity = ( handlingTable["maxVelocity"] + ( handlingTable["maxVelocity"] / 100 * 40 ) ) setVehicleHandling ( vehicle, "numberOfGears", 5 ) setVehicleHandling ( vehicle, "driveType", 'awd' ) setVehicleHandling ( vehicle, "maxVelocity", newVelocity ) setVehicleHandling ( vehicle, "engineAcceleration", handlingTable["engineAcceleration"] +8 ) end end
  19. Hvala. Sve prezentacije sistema ćemo snimati pojedinačno i stavljati na youtube. Pošto smo mi najpoznatiji server na Balkanu u SA:MPu i jedini sa 1000 rekordom igrača imamo veći utjecaj na cijeli Balkan nego ostali. Prezentirati ćemo sve i normalno da na SA:MPu to nikad nisu vidjeli šta je sve moguće u MTA. Nastojimo napraviti sličan server kao i SA:MP uz MTA mogućnosti. Nadam se da ćeš pratit naš rad u budućnosti i da ćeš biti tu kad bude otvaranje.
  20. setVehicleHandling (y)
  21. Hi, today i was trying to do function which displays players who are online on my website using php_sdk and i have problem with connection to server. HTTP port is opened, user who i'm using to connect has admin rights and it's not working. mta_sdk version 0.4 - downloaded from wiki mta this is php file on my website: <?php include( "mta_sdk.php" ); $mtaServer = new mta( "ip", 20145, "mta_php_sdk", "password" ); $resource = $mtaServer->getResource ( "php" ); $returns[] = $resource->call ( "getPlayersOnline" ); ?> And the error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Could not connect to ip:20145' in /home/users/XXX/public_html/YYY/mta_php_sdk/mta_sdk.php:146 Stack trace: #0 /home/users/XXX/public_html/YYY/mta_php_sdk/mta_sdk.php(79): mta->do_post_request('ip', 20145, '/php/call...', '') #1 /home/users/XXX/public_html/YYY/mta_php_sdk/mta_sdk.php(257): mta->callFunction('php', 'getPlayersOnlin...', Array) #2 /home/users/XXX/public_html/YYY/mta_php_sdk/mta.php(38): Resource->call('getPlayersOnlin...') #3 {main} thrown in /home/users/XXX/public_html/YYY/mta_php_sdk/mta_sdk.php on line 146 If i visit in my browser ip:20145/php/call/getPlayersOnline everything is working correctly. How can i fix it?
  22. ¿Hola, queria preguntarle a todos en esta comunidad si me ayudan con un handling, osea darle mas velocidad a un vehiculo cual ID es 602 el Alpha quisiera ponerle velocidad a ese vehiculo pero e tratado y no puedo me ayudan porfavor!?
  23. At this country we dont recieve medals.the medals recieve you
  24. "give this guy a medal"
  25. Aprendiendo Como Scriptear B|

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