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  2. لاتحاول معه ذا بروفشنال مايتفاهم مع امثالنا المنوبة خخخخخخخخخخ
  3. جرب addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", root, function ( ) outputChatBox ( " قد مات x "..getPlayerName(source), root,255,255,0,true) end ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", root, function ( ) outputChatBox("لقد نزلت", source, 255, 0, 0) end ) + @F_F لين تكون متأكد من شيء قول لا تججربه لا تقول اي كلأم بالتوفيق
  4. markerDoor = createMarker( 2673.44019, -836.30035, 59,"cylinder",2, 0, 255, 0, 150) markerDoor2 = createMarker( 2683.51782, -835.22827, 59,"cylinder",2, 0, 255, 0, 150) puente = createObject(5147, 2631.1005859375, -773.7998046875, 78.200001525879, 0, 6.998291015625, 281.99157714844) --entrada function hPlayer( ) if ( source == markerDoor ) then moveObject ( puente, 10000, 2631.1005859375, -773.7998046875, 68.900001525879, 0, -6.998291015625, 0) end end addEventHandler ( "onMarkerHit", markerDoor, hPlayer) --salida function hPlayer2( ) if ( source == markerDoor2 ) then moveObject ( puente, 10000, 2631.1005859375, -773.7998046875, 78.200001525879, 0, 6.998291015625, 0) end end addEventHandler ( "onMarkerHit", markerDoor2, hPlayer2) Buenas ocupo ayuda, el problema es el siguiente el script funciona pero cada vez que paso por el marker sigue moviendo el objeto. La idea es que solo funciones por ejemplo uno para subir el puente y el otro para bajarlo porque que al pasar varias veces no se mueva si ya esta acomodado
  5. بما ان تمت اللإفادة يرجي منك فتح موضوع جديد يتعلق بالمشكلة الجديدة يغلق..#
  6. زي ماشوفتو في العنوان الحين راح اشرح لكم كيف تعرفون نتيجتكم من برنامج نور اول شيء تدخل على الرابط الآتي : https://noorresults.moe.gov.sa/Marksinquiry/StudentMark.aspx ثم تتبع الخطوات الموجودة بصور : ثم مبروك عليك , بتوفيق للكل وعسى كل واحد ينجح : )
  7. sides should be included afaik, my bad for forgetting to mention that. It is untested, so test it with all possible combinations you can come up with.
  8. Today
  9. The one Jayceon posted didn't work. Also, I've tried top, left, bottom and right but it doesn't do what I want it to do. I need the sides too.
  10. ما يحتاج كل اللي تسويه وتدور والخ مود الجيو اديتور يخليك تسويها على اساس مقاس اي شاشة وكمان بدون التعديل على الاحداثيات واخد احداثيات الشاشة والخ تقدر تسوي شي بسيط -- شي تختاره بعد ما تحدد الجيو اللي تبي تسوي في اي شاشة ناسي اسمه الصراحة رح يسوي لك الشي اللي انت صممته عند كل الشاشات
  11. شباب تقترحو لي وش الي جرب استضافات هل فن هوست احلا ولا تابليتو يلي مجرب ولقا اي واحد من الاتنين حلو يقول ب الكومنت من ناحيه الاق وهلمشاكل ومن ناحيه ايضا الحمايه وكذا
  12. Why would you pay that much when MyBB or SMF does provide nearly the same features.The only thing you've to do is basically create a theme and create your plugins.If you can't do this try getting a web developer to do it for you
  13. local posX = posX + sX * 0.025 + 61 Try to play with line 82 a bit. It will not fix all your problems, but it is a start.
  14. local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() -- sX and sY are you screen addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function () dxDrawRectangle(0,0,sX,sY,tocolor(255,255,255,150))-- this will draw a fully white background , because we start in x = 0 y = 0 and the width and the height are the ScreenSize dxDrawRectangle(sX*0.5,sY*0.5, sX*0.05, sY*0.09,tocolor(255,0,0,255)) -- we used multiplication instead of division , it's the same thing. end) try to play with it a little bit to handle it , then it'll come very easy
  15. I feel really close to understanding but sadly not yet
  16. can you tell me how can i rotate a rectangle ? " not talking about dxDrawImage " but dxDrawRectangle,
  17. Main Core Updates Today has been an awesome day, we've peformed several changes in our maincore to optimise the ram usage and network usage plus we've changed a bunch of diffrent things on our forum theme.So let's see what has been changed in the Server itself. -As first we've added username detection by the player's Serial, it's an export so it will be used in many other scripts. -The member tab is now filled with all the required data -The log panel has been updated and now contains logs such as Creation / Invite / Leave / Kick / Rank changes / New Leader etc -The banking panel has been added and is ready to get fully completed -Start of our own custom Browser which will be used by the Login Panel -Security has been updated for the organisations, every feature has it's own permission which needs to match with the player's rank And we're proud to welcome Adistar and Freakout to our Headquarter team.They helped me build this community and made it how it is right now.Special thanks to @Freakout to create the theme and thanks to @Adistar for coming up with the forum theme idea's. This was it for today, we will be back tommorow with even bigger updates so stay tuned and make sure to visit www.dynastynetwork.tk Cheers, Serenity
  18. local rectangleX1, rectangleY1 = 20, -48 local rectangleX2, rectangleY2 = 60, -5 local rectangleSizeX, rectangleSizeY = 50, 50 function isRectangleInRectangle (X1, Y1, sizeX1, sizeY1, X2, Y2, sizeX2, sizeY2) if (X1 > X2 and Y1 > Y2 and X1 < X2 + sizeX2 and Y1 < Y2 + sizeY2) or (X1 + sizeX1 < X2 + sizeX2 and Y1 + sizeY1 < Y2 + sizeY2 and X1 + sizeX1 > X2 and Y1 + sizeY1 > Y2) then return true end return false end iprint(tostring(isRectangleInRectangle(rectangleX1, rectangleY1, rectangleSizeX, rectangleSizeY, rectangleX2, rectangleY2, rectangleSizeX, rectangleSizeY))) try this, untested. It will check if the TOP+LEFT or BOTTOM+RIGHT is inside the other rectangle. (This doesn't work when you rotate the rectangle)
  19. For every drawing (dxDrawRectangle, dxDrawLine et cetera) position use this: screenWidth/2.4566 I used 2.4566 (random number) as an example, which you'd get by dividing the actual screen width you used for making the GUI (800?) with the GUI position number that suited in the resolution. I know I explained it really :~ty, but hopefully this formula helps: x=playersScreenWidth/(screenWidthUsedForMakingGUI/actualNumberForGUI) Hard to explain
  20. طيب لاهنت أبي هذا الكود يتحقق من السريال لان عندي في اللست يجيب جميع اللي أشترو local check = dbQuery( vehDB, ' SELECT * FROM `PlayerSystem` ') local results = dbPoll( check, -1 )
  21. Muito obrigado mano, me ajudou muito, andei pesquisando e consegui abrir muito mais a minha mente sobre servidores
  22. شباب اهلا هاذي اول مره انشر هون وبدي مود شوب لسيرفر تكتيك ضروري
  23. خلاص استلمته من 40 يوم ض وقرب السيرفر ينتهي
  24. Оформите тему подобающим образом
  25. Elementdata: Uses ~7x times less data in comparison with the triggerEvent. (I haven't been able to test it with accurate results, but you can assume it is 7 times less usage.) Automatic send to new joiners, because it becomes part of the element itself. Disable synchronization can be useful for sharing data between resources without wasting the network. triggerEvent: Normal triggerEvent variant sends faster data than elementdata. Latent trigger event can be used. (The latent variable, which makes it possible to send it slowly and without blocking the network) Can be send to a specific player / list. (Which makes it possible to reduce network usage for clients that don't need the data.) Afaik it can handle large amount of data better. For a nametag, elementdata wouldn't be a bad idea. Since everybody in the server need to see that a specific player is admin, right? So it is better to pick the method that suits best for the situation. And it is even better if you mind disabling synchronization when you only need it one side. Elementdata can indeed ruin your server if you use it not carefully enough. Take a look at the mini-mission server, it laggs like hell.
  26. انت ببرستيج ماستر , اكيد انت ماقصرت معي .. كل الي ساعدني ماقصر : )
  27. افا ، انا ما قصرت كمان لا تسولف معي ولا اسولف معك
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