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  2. Open command prompt (cmd) and enter this command: wmic process where "name like '%rundll32%'" get processid,commandline Show the results here
  3. Open command prompt (cmd) and enter this command: wmic process where "name like '%rundll32%'" get processid,commandline Show the results here
  4. jakson


    @N3xT يرجي اغلاق الموضوع
  5. PUBLIC RELEASE What is Emerald Gaming? Emerald Gaming is a roleplay server game mode initially created back on the 2nd of July, 2016. It was started as a personal development project to better improve scripting and Lua programming skills. Having grown overtime, the gamemode was publicly released on the 31st of March, 2018 under continuous development, however due to lacking of availability and commitment to the project, the official Emerald Gaming community was discontinued a year later, on the 31st of March, 2019. Showcase & Features The game mode was never fully completed as stated, however contains a ton of promising and ready-built resources. The code is well optimized and performs sufficiently. This is an alpha release, there are plenty of bugs that have never been fixed or never discovered. If you are going to use this gamemode, it is up to you to resolve them. Videos List of Key Resources Included: There are a total of 34 custom resources included with this gamemode release, here's a coverage of the essentials: 3DUI - A brief attempt at making 3D interfaces and menus, was never completed. account-system - A fully functional account system for personal account settings, saving and loading account data. admin-system - Contains hundreds of staff level commands, menus and features. animation-system - Fully functioning animation system. blackhawk - Anticheat system to prevent tampering of essential element data. character-system - Fully functional character system. chat-system - Primary custom chat system containing all essential roleplay commands. emGUI - User Interface for all GUIs and menus, a fork of thisdp's dxLibrary. faction-system - Near completion faction system supporting multi-factions. hud-system - Contains all vital HUD elements. interior-system - Near completed in-depth interior system. item-system - Early development version of the item and inventory system. login-system - Full login system for account login and registration handling. logs - Main logging resource to log the work of every other resource and player events. player-system - Contains all player level commands and features. report-system - Player > Staff reporting system. rp-system - Roleplay resource containing all roleplay essentials. teleport-manager - Fully functional teleporter point system. vehicle-system - Near completed vehicle system. Reason For Releasing This gamemode has been under continuous on-off development since 2016, originally started by myself and @Zil. We have spent countless hours and long nights into making it what it is. We made the decision to release it publicly after we closed our own community since neither of us could find the availability or commitment to continue. Writing a roleplay gamemode from scratch is extremely time consuming and requires a substantial amount of time. Currently, there isn't any competition on MTA for English roleplay servers, and we had hoped to changed that in order to create an alternative community for players to come and enjoy; however seeing as we won't be able to accomplish this any time soon, we're releasing it publicly for free in order to pass on the opportunity to do what we weren't able to. We hope that someone or some team of people out there can benefit from this and do something with it, be it amazing, a total failure or simply being used for educational purposes - these are all better alternatives than us simply abandoning it ourselves and leaving the resources sit on our desktop. The reason behind us not taking the approach of selling the gamemode is because it would be simply shooting ourselves in the foot with the goal we aim to achieve; we want more English roleplay servers to exist and succeed, this starts with providing everyone the opportunity, not just those willing to spend some money. Open Sourcing Emerald Gaming is fully documented and a developer friendly gamemode. If you have been interested in creating a MTA server of your own or generally looking to learn Lua, this is the best gamemode to start with. With every essential exported function, resource, event handler, element data and command documented, you'll have everything you need to get hands on and develop the existing resources further. Check out the full wiki on GitHub. While we may be releasing the gamemode publicly, we will not be providing support on how to setup a server, how to adjust the code/customisations, etc. You are responsible for setting up and using the gamemode yourself. Instructions will be included in the README on GitHub, however this is the furthest extent of support we will provide. Download You can get the latest release (Alpha v0.4.0) of the gamemode on GitHub: (README) (Direct Link) (tar.gz) (emerald.sql) Credits Emerald Gaming Development Team for work on gamemode. @Zil as member of the Emerald Gaming Development Team. @Kalevius for all Emerald Gaming graphical work. (Icons, Logos, etc.) thisdp for original GUI interface. Grozz for 3D interface functions. ryden for original superman resource. for Dynamic Sky shader. MTA Community for original car, HDR, roadshine and water shaders.
  6. Can you do this as well?
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  8. I need a system that works with my website for VIP Purchases. what I want to happen, when the player buys the vip through my website, after payment approved it will automatically receive an activation key in the email and can activate it on the server! I want the complete system and I am able to pay for the system. I have website, hosting, etc. (if in case I need more stuff I also buy if necessary, I just want the system to work!) Written with GOOGLE TRANSLATOR PORTUGUESE to ENGLISH
  9. bray023

    Gta map to MTA

    Hello guys! I can not convert gta maps to mta, so I need anyone's help! btw these maps are from Initial D anime. There is some map: Hakone Route 1:!TSBGkAba!Xz4cRj1eVYKYXjIA0f7FkQ Myogi:!2PRyyQAJ!Q79-XSjHiyE3kKyraTbDhQ Usui:!eTZQxAaD!7NwLupsAK4m58T_puVQq5g Thank you!
  10. I don't think it was a joke, we saw multiple players using an "aimbot" application which turned out to be fake, and actually a njRAT created by you. So it looks like you advertised something as cheat, persuading some players to download it and infect themselves with a virus. Please don't lie. Illegal activities like this on MTA are always rewarded with a ban. You can call yourself lucky, unban will be in 2 months.
  11. The procedure is that banned players can only ask/appeal for themselves. So please point here and let them make their own topic.
  12. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .. شباب كان عندي استفسار او مشكلة مع الدي اكس .. مثلا انا صممت لوحة دي اكس على مقاس الشاشة الكبيرة .. بس اجي اصغر الشاشة .. اللوحة تخرب . ادري اني اقدر اسوي صورة شفافة وكأنها دي اكس . بس ابغى اسوي زر لما احط عليه الماوس يسوي تأثيرات . ذي اقدر اسويها بس بالدي اكس .. كيف اسويها مع الصورة ؟
  13. From my friend -
  14. Sousx

    Unban request

    Hey,i was banned for sharing a RAT as a joke to my friends,and i got banned I promise this won't happen again if you unban me. Serial:68282AA53AC63DBA1313C8A6D28397A3
  15. للحين عندك اخطاء ..
  16. 1) Run MTA 2) Close MTA 3) Run MTA-Diag again and post the pastebin link here
  17. NX_CI


    ليه ماعدلت عليه طيب local words={ --[[ word1 = الكلمه replace1 = البديل ]]-- ["word1"]="replace1", ["word2"]="replace2", }; addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",root, function(Message) for word, replaces in pairs(words) do if Message:gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x",""):find(word) then cancelEvent(); outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." : "..Message:gsub(word," ")..replaces,root,255,255,255,true); break end end end )
  18. jakson


    مشكورين احباي في الله <3 ظبطت
  19. الي مسويه خطأ اول خطأ هو انك حطيت ال cancelEvent في اللوب ثاني شي حاط ال outputChatBox في اللوب و عندك اخطاء في السطر 16 و في اند زيادة و قوس ناقص
  20. I scanned with Dr. Web about 40~ minutes ago. Like i said above, killing rundll32.exe helps, after MTA starts or quiting game.
  21. Which anti-virus do you have installed?
  22. Does the CPU usage drop when MTA is closed?
  23. My PC is clean, after running MTA it can't start normally, i need to kill MTASA.exe, after it runs, but when playing/joining any server, i have much FPS loss. No matters, which server. After quiting game, CPU usage it's still high, not a single case. My log: Another log: One more log: Me, and my friends have Windows 7. EDIT: Killing rundll32.exe helps. This is temporary solution.
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