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  2. Yes I do. I have around 30 TXD and DFF, and 7 COL. The average size is 2/3 MB (TXD AND DFF)
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  4. O gringo reviveu o tópico sem querer kkk. Já estou na versão 3 do inventario: Fiz exatamente desse jeito que você disse, uma tabela e o slot do item é o índice da tabela, quando loga no servidor é enviado o accountData dos itens do player pro client e eles são inseridos na tabela dessa maneira.
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  6. https://yapx.ru/v/J2Y7kHello, I ran into such a problem that the anti-cheat kicks, although I do not use or use cheats, I downloaded the maximum enb.
  7. This is a trick which i do not recommend. Due of thing mentioned above. Personally i'm using a IIYAMA's way for everything, and it works perfectly.
  8. Bine v-am gasit! Ma refer la voice-ul intergrat direct in MTA, fisierele pe care le-am bagat sunt cele de mai sus.
  9. ciclano

    [HELP] Voice

    Hello, I'm having problems with my voice ;/. Unfortunately for some time it started to get really bad, the voices are breaking too much do not come out clean. How to find out the cause of this?
  10. @Tut Hi I just rechecked and doesn't actually work when I try changing compressions type with other texture, but I have found the notworking.dff you gave me is slightly smaller than what I give you, may I know if you made any changes?
  11. As we all know, MTA forks, also known as the "russian projects" (such as RP BOX, Next RP, MTA Province) have a very limited anti-cheat, so cheating there is much more rampant than on the 'real' MTA. But still, occasionally we help forks reduce usage of specific cheats, reaching out with an alternative type of detection that will cause a ban wave. This is what happened last week, and is still ongoing - cheaters on forks are getting mass banned. We don't need your excuses, no one likes cheaters so as I said, when we can help forks, we won't leave that chance. Temporary bans cannot be a
  12. Don't lie, you are the same person as from this ban appeal: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/128146-ban-appeal/ and the ban on the serial you're appealing for this time is issued as a result of your attempts to evade the global ban. Ban appeal denied, decision will remain the same, no matter if you're gonna try to appeal with your other banned serials, pretending you're someone else.
  13. Hello to everyone, Team-NeO server is back on whoever wants to join, maybe you guys remember the server as it is an old server I leave it here mtasa:// if anyone wants to join! You can find us on www.team-neo.com
  14. السلام عليكم ، أبغى فنكشن حق ضغط مطول لـ مثلاً حرف E زي الي فالألعاب يقولك مثلاً: Hold [ E ] TO GET MONEY . ثاني فنكشن أبغى فنكشن أخلي اللاعب يتبعني شكراً.
  15. @Bekao Nice first attempt. You are currently skipping: screen-ratio It might something to take a look at, since your UI will be stretched(in all directions) when other players have a different ratio. In some cases that is fine, but when you do that with an image, it will not look very nice. You are also skipping: "How to create a User Interface" An image is not a User Interface, but it can be come one with the right methods (which are not explained). Either edit the title or add the missing information.
  16. Hello! I bought this PC day before (because my old PC wasn't working well). The old user said he reinstalled the Windows on the PC and I glad to see there was a clean, new Windows (btw if the windows get reinstalled couldn't be any "chat flooder" on the computer). Today I installed the MTA. I was playing on an MTA server when I restarted the game and when I tried to join to the server I got a ban! My friends told me I need to make an appeal, so I did it. I didn't use any program, even I don't use. I hope you will understand my problem. If need there is the serial: (17CAE6145757407BEF4FF7C
  17. Salutări și bun venit pe comunitatea românească de MTA! În ceea ce privește prima întrebare, nu știu în acest moment cum să te sfătuiesc cel mai bine atâta vreme cât spui că ai deja toate setările date pe low. Nu știu cât de recomandat ar fi să modifici alte setări sau fișiere din jocul standard decât cele oferite de către MTA (platforma oferă mult mai multe setări grafice decât jocul standard). În mod normal acest lucru ar fi o variantă bună (știu că în trecut am văzut anumite modificări care înlătură efectele vizuale/speciale), însă în contextul MTA nu cred că te poate ajuta f
  18. Pentru a dezactiva vegetatia ai direct in setarile mta-ului (Settings - Video - Grass Effect sau cv de genu)
  19. я захожу в игру и мне пишет "AC #4 BAN: Project 414 cheat kicked you" можете пожалуйста помочь разобраться. Я признаюсь что использовал сторонее ПО. Помогите пожалуйста. serial B3902162F3CC669289A2BBBDD3D27C02
  20. Depende do jeito que o seu mod foi feito... Eu colocaria todos os itens em uma tabela e preencheria o inventário colocando os itens conforme seu índice.
  21. Обновление «ТРЕЙД» Встречайте новое обновление с решением множества проблем, возникавших у игроков. Всё делается на основе анализа данных поведения игроков и их спросе. • Новый способ получения предметов, динамичность рынка. • Обновлённая система бонусов/турниров/комплектов/кодов. • Улучшение и доработка многих старых систем. • Больше количество фиксов багов (фикс многих очень старых багов). Все подробности внутри статьи. https://vk.com/@mtami-treid
  22. Hi bfheroes (@Sawyer) You were repeatedly engaged in MTA cheat development-related activities, and as a result you're no longer welcome. We won't take any risks with individuals like you. Ban appeal denied
  23. Thread moved to the Server Support forum for best chances of receiving help. Do you have any mods on your server? If so what is the average size of DFF/TXD/COL, and how many of each type do you have. If you are on MTA Discord please check Dutchman's post on the 0xE06D7363 crash offset for more details: https://discordapp.com/channels/278474088903606273/278521065435824128/639517303163191316
  24. Hello, I AM writing this to ask your help. The players of my server are complaining about crashes (they say that the crash a lot when they are in my server, but when they are in others they do not crash). They sent me some screenshots and the most common errors they got were: 0xE06D7363 ; 0xC0000005 and sometimes the game just stop working without any code... Some people told me that the problem could be memory related ant that I should look at ipb to see if there was any script requiring too much memory, I have took the scripts that required most memory but yet the problem continues
  25. Salut, am si eu mai multe probleme.... Principala problema pe care vreau sa mi-o impartasesc cu voi in speranta de a gasi o solutie este asta: 1. Eu am un laptop mai slab, am toate setarile pe low cu doar cateva moduri activate si imi ruleza undeva la 30-40 de FPS maxim. As putea umbla in fisierele GTA:SA sa scot vegetatia si mai multe? Daca da, cum? Ca am incercat sa bag un anumit fisier si nu am putut, imi dadea o eroare cum ca fisierul .asi e posibil sa afecteze calitatea jocului(dar nu s-a dezactivat). Si daca aveti alte propuneri pentru a scapa de lag, astept! P.S: am un La
  26. Magic TXD work great, but i will give a try
  27. @Tekken Not sure if you already have discovered it, but there is the DxTex tool that can be used to build texture files and compress them with the format you need. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxCreateTexture Download link
  28. Sarrum


    . This crash is a result of out of memory. Your PC is too weak for such servers. 2GB of RAM is not enough for anything these days. So just find another server (with less mods) to play on or upgrade your PC's hardware.
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