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GUI Skin

Postby aboudmad on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:19 pm

How to create my own custom MtA SA GUI interface?

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Re: GUI Skin

Postby Lloyd Logan on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:23 am

aboudmad wrote:How to create my own custom MtA SA GUI interface?

You mean edit the .img or using the GUI creator?
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Re: GUI Skin

Postby xXMADEXx on Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:34 am

These files (with default MTA installation path):
(64-bit system):
C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.3\skins
(32-bit system):
C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.3\skins
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